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  1. Alpha 13 Test US Grenadier Sights

    A reasonable solution for sure.
  2. Alpha 13 Test US Grenadier Sights

    Credit where credit is due this does work okay but this is a hassle that could be easily avoided given a choice of optics.
  3. Alpha 13 Test US Grenadier Sights

    That would work also, I just try to advocate for options wherever they could possibly be added. Especially in this case because of how OWI is trying to give the other classes more options for optics in the current test.
  4. Marksman Changes.

    Adding that would prove my point even better than adding bipods to the one class I mentioned, but aight.
  5. Marksman Changes.

    Compromise is fair, I still don't see how variables would be so OP that it would imbalance the teams on the section level though. The Russians have optics and frag rounds on their LAT and HAT classes, Refleks ATGMs in their T-72s, and an automatic rifleman class that can pretty effectively double as a normal rifleman class if needed. They have their advantages and the NATO teams will have their advantages, this is the nature of the game.
  6. Alpha 13 Test US Grenadier Sights

    I get that this may not be final but this sighting arrangement is pretty bad. That is supposed to be the 150 meter position but... 1. I can't see the front sight at all. 2. I can't see the rear sight at all. 3. This position is the minimum range meaning I have to straight guess where to hold for 50-100 meters. (which is the range 99% of my GL engagements are within) I propose giving the option to go back to the old Aimpoint optic so that you can sacrifice combat effectiveness with the rifle to get a better sight picture with the M203.
  7. Marksman Changes.

    Quality input, I obviously also couldn't agree more. Also damn dude 39 kills? I gotta start playing more invasion.
  8. Marksman Changes.

    You're pitching this to a tough crowd dawg. The most infantry kills I have ever gotten in one game was with the L86 marksman class on Kamdesh. As I said before that class is a powerhouse and damn near everybody in a British section rushes for it.
  9. Marksman Changes.

    "git gud" responses are an absolute cancer to any discussion in any game forum. I could also live with just bipods, but it would do you some good to read through the rest of the thread where I've already made some good responses to these points at length.
  10. Marksman Changes.

    They're obviously talking about IRL shooting but the same principals apply in Squad.
  11. Marksman Changes.

    1. Deploying a bipod is a choice. You can have a bipod and just not deploy it if you don't need it. 2. I have made it very clear that shoot & scoot is a good tactic for marksman to use, however the marksman having the choice of supported or unsupported fire for the few shot's he's going to make before moving again is nothing but a positive. 3. Shoot and scoot tactics are even more necessary for the machine gunner than the marksman because of how exposed they are.
  12. Marksman Changes.

    Tbh I think my definition of underpowered is the same as as the opinion you're describing here. Yes, ARs and LMGs are going to be more powerful. That's why I agree it should be no problem at all to add more kit to the class to try to bring it closer to the high bar that the AR and LMG classes set.
  13. Marksman Changes.

    The same will happen to a marksman dawg, that's why you always shoot and scoot. 90% of the time if you are firing within a few hundred meters you will be found within at least 1 magazine of consistent aimed fire. Someone will watch bullet impacts, find concealment, and pop you in the head because your weapon is loud and you obviously have direct LOS if you're shooting at them at all.
  14. Marksman Changes.

    A machine gunner in Squad is not going to typically engage in long range fire accurately at all because by the time you start shooting at ranges that a marksman would engage you're accuracy has gone out the window and you're just guiding the pretty light show over the enemies in hopes one of the bullets hits them. Despite this if you shove a M240B into a "marksman" role and have them position and engage from the same ranges that a marksman should be more effective at the M240B will wipe the floor with the marksman rifle every time. Supression mechanics are so strong, bipods are so effective, and the volume of fire is so big that Ivan over in the corner with the SVD is still trying to wait for his stamina to regen and his scope to stop swaying so that he can get his first ranging shot out.
  15. Marksman Changes.

    A classes capability in certain aspects and lack thereof in other aspects determines a lot of things. Knowing this and keeping in mind the characteristics of the current marksman class and the current "meta" as a whole it seems like the marksman's kit is failing to deliver a good effect on target for what it's designed for. It's goal is to put repeatable accurate fire at long range to provide fire support to an infantry section. And as of right now the SAW and LMG classes demolish the marksman classes at doing those things. My proposed equalizer in this situation is to add a bipod and fully flesh out the optics on the existing rifles so that they can more effectively provide that fire in the same way the other fire support classes do.