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  1. List of Suggestions (with justifications) on FOB building system.

    how would you view that feature as fun though?
  2. you definitely have a point however so do I. It kinda depends on context. what I'm getting at is more along the lines of using a dug in position where you'll know you'll have first shot at the enemy as they try to scan for your body. running and gunning may be your playstyle but i guarantee you've had your fair share of deaths because you couldn't clear all your angles and got shot from god knows where.
  3. patience usually trumps running and gunning. staying in a good prone position waiting for the other dude will usually snag you kills more often than deaths. pay attention to the sound of gunfire (eg m4 vs ak). once you get used to it, you'll be able to pinpoint general direction and distance accurately. then decide whether to bum rush them or not. hipfire is pretty awful. use ADS 99.99999% of the time. use sidepeaks whenever possible. and finally, know the map. there are just some elevated spots that are just damn great for killing things down below. think of the 7 story apartment complex in al basrah.
  4. I ''like'' being SL as it either gives me the creative ability to make strategies happen or play a fortress sim when making FOBs. What I don't like is telling people what to do like driving logi trucks or digging my shit up. Communication really boils down to one guy telling another guy to do something telling another guy to do something. sl 1 ''yo i need help'' sl 2 ''ima tell my squad to do this for you'' sl 2's squad ''no''
  5. Does The Game Needs Organized Squad Branches/Hierarchy?

    it will make the game shittier imo. already, often we reach a stand still in pub matches where people just want to join in shoot a couple of folks in the *** and disconnect in half an hour. last thing on their mind is full scale communication and driving logi's all game. truth is i probably have more fun driving goddamn LMTV in real life than in Squad. but I do feel like we need to feel some loss of resources if we cant requisition a vehicle dropped in the middle of nowhere. I suggest implementing a point system for buying vehicles.in real life, tactical assets like the bradley or armed UAVs can only be dispatched by the brigade commander or above. maybe implementing a leadership heirachy where the top leadership role can employ those assets would be cool.
  6. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

  7. Marksman Changes.

    although I'm less supportive of the bipod as I am of the enhanced optics notion, a bipod would be a reasonable supplemental because SDM is supposed to deliver CONSISTENT accurate fire of which any MG with optics does better simply because of the bipod (and tracer rounds). M40B really justs kicks ass over what the marksmen should be doing because of the bipod alone (and that it's default ranged to 300m). in response to that just because good ol Font can hit shots over 600m with an ACOG does not mean the average player (including me) can. In fact, I usually don't even bother calling out people who make debunkable claims like scope sway doesn't matter or enhanced optics won't make the marksmen class more viable. Also, in reference to your irony, there is literally no other way to buff the marksmen rifle other than making recoil more manageable or to enhance the zoom level. Quite literally none beside making the DMR a one-shot kill and I think everyone can agree this game is not call of duty. So if it's already as you say, marksmen class is just quite useless all across the board and no buffs whatsoever would make it any more competitive or viable. The things you say irk me on a balancing basis.
  8. List of Suggestions (with justifications) on FOB building system.

    Crew served weapon spamming costs a crap load of resources, which in itself, would be a deterrent toward putting up a million MGs. However, in those once in a blue moon games, I can definitely see someone trolling and putting a shit ton of crew served weapons in inappropriate positions for the novelty of it. But I still strongly suggest that the cap of weapons be increased even if we have to put certain caveats or strings attached to limit weapons. Thus, I propose that to increase crew served weapons cap, you need multiple SLs (atleast 2) to drop a radio on the same position. You lose out on the capability of two regular sized fobs for a super fob. I always hate speaking about hypothetical practicality so I believe balancing on a quid pro quo basis is justified.
  9. 1. Remove or increase FOB item construction cap. Let the playerbase decide how much resource should be invested into a fob instead of an artificial cap of two machine guns on a tripod. Having a cap on construction limits does not circumvent trolling, it instead only limits functional effectiveness of capitalizing on defensive posture. And not to mention, creativity. If we really need to put a cap on things...then let's atleast increase the cap with a caveat like needing to upgrade your radio by needing another SL to put one down right next to it to increase cap. 2. Be more lenient on the construction placement of items in reference to terrain clipping. It's insanely infuriating when a sandbag or ladder can't be put on a particular surface that would be justified in common sense and reality but can't because it's one micron out of the model box. 3. Reduce cost of certain defensive structures such as HESCO barriers. Why does 8 boxes full of sand cost more than the spawn bunker itself? It's almost disincentivizing building defensive materials since they cost so damn much. Greatly reduce ammo crate costs. Following from a materials handling standpoint, why does simply moving the ammo physically from the truck cost construction points? Does the small wooden pallet (that the ammo sits on) really cost 100 construction points? 4. Expand the current selection of defense structures. There's a crapload of ingame props that I guarantee would make for good FOB structures like the blown up cars could be used for INS as torso high cover. Or maybe the deer stand in Belaya could be available to Militia as like a makeshift guard tower. Possibilities are quite endless. EDIT: Hit enter earlier while writing this making a half finished post. Didn't know how to delete it.
  10. Marksman Changes.

    I think a buff to the DMR/ Sniper scopes ,for the marksmen role, is quite necessary. It's niche is supposed to be long range precision fire but (what I believe to be) the greatest deficiency holding the marksmen role back is the actual magnification levels of the scope. In reality, the M110 paired with the GI Leupold scope has an effective range of 731m. In game however, you'd be quite skilled or lucky to hit an enemy past 300m since the total pixels visible on the target could probably be counted on three hands. You throw stamina management and moving targets into the mix and hit percentage drops even lower. From my experience, anything except the most experienced of marksmen usually should be swapped out for something either fills a necessity role ( eg AT) or a more niche role (grenadier). I believe a buff to the magnification levels of the marksmen rifle scopes are in order to flesh out it's viability as one of the specialty classes and highlight it's niche as a long range precision fire role.
  11. Marksman Changes.

    most definitely considered. the thing is..typical infantry columns or squads don't have a dedicated sniper for engagements past the range of what their prescribed weapon doctrine says...at that point, it's usually up to crew served weapons to start nailing people past what the small arms can't hit. so where would a bolt action sniper fit in? their usually chambered in .300 win or .338 lp mag so would it be a one shot kill? i would love to see it but squad dev's can be iffy about good ideas if it doesn't fit their vision of what the game should be edit: worst part about it is that i'm almost arguing against having a dedicated sniper in the game even though that's completely opposite of my interests.
  12. Marksman Changes.

    yes. m40B zeroed in at 300m will wipe any DMR at long range any day. Bipod negates scope sway and majority of recoil while tracer fire makes for easy adjustments. DMR kit is underpowered without stronger optics. The truth is despite knowing the ins and outs of the marksmen role, as an SL, I would still rather have some other fire support role like AR or Grenadier as the DMR just really doesn't fulfill it's intended niche role that well. I really don't know how some people can argue a redundant point like '' only a good player can make the kit work ''. In irony, a good player can make any kit work. even an underpowered kit.
  13. New recruit..

    hi. there's really not too much you need to learn. most of the gameplay devolves down too communicate with your guys and go to cap XYZ and kill people. Also pay attention to sound and memorize the firing of a AK vs m4/16 style weapon. Welcome aboard.
  14. Implementing AI in Squad and Why it's Necessary

    I believe the only ''barrier'' you need to enjoy the game should be learning how to play the game, period. But I understand the sentiment, having some instances of slow-paced progression should help polish where the game shines. However, whether or not AI is implemented, the basis of team victory is all dependent on whether the individual players choose to work together. You work together = You win faster. The scope of my proposition could never offset actual player cooperation. Putting some shitty time inefficient bot to dig instead of a player is NOT going to be as game changing as you think. Yeah. Bugs will be there. Every patch brings new bugs. Ultimate truth of videogame updates. Also, that's part of my intended effect for the need for bots to be micromanaged. They aren't autonomously smart as by purpose but can be tactfully used. In reality, the best leaders will assign subordinates to the right job. SL's could make the final decision to assign an intelligent player who knows to look for mines and avoiding enemy lines of sight or a bot who can only move along and be helplessly gunned down without active supervision. This is the deliberate outcome I am looking for. For players in a leadership position to read the game and make intelligent calls on whether something can be done with cannon fodder or needing player supervision. edit: you cant stop a good thing. AI is already in development
  15. Implementing AI in Squad and Why it's Necessary

    sometimes squad mates location just don't allow for perfect rotations doing the logi trucks, not that I would ever send my medic or AT to do a logi run anyway. Most of the times as SL, I want my fellow players to have fun based on their playstyle. Maybe they like being offensive..no problem, i send my squad mates in a general direction toward the cap so they can contribute kill and be killed all in support of mission victory. The problem is as an SL, how can I be a force multiplier without dragging down the fun factor of my other players who find menial tasks to be boring? My solution is AI. Dumb, slow, and combat insubstantial AI who would always be outdone by actual players should they choose to perform whatever task that could be substituted by a bot. Did my boy stephen really do logi runs the entire game? don't know but I do know that his impressions of the game were ruined because of it. Are you doubting that stephen actually exists? shit, you got me. maybe I don't even exist. talking upon grounded truths, you're right, occasionally more often than not, some guy will volunteer to do runs or I ask politely and some dude obliges but that takes away from the fun if he doesn't find entertainment in driving the truck and that's where I have a problem and a solution to implement.