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  1. Prone and annoying players

    One of the last updates from OWI said they were recruiting in game moderators! This is probably better than a vote kick ability, so thank you OffWorld!
  2. Prone and annoying players

    So, for future reference, who should I pm?
  3. Prone and annoying players

    How can you be so sure? Either way, I tried to avoid him and couldn't. The affect on me was the same.
  4. Prone and annoying players

    Thank you for your advice. If you read my post, you would know that I changed squads and he moved with me, so it would be nice to have a votekick option when changing squads doesn't work.
  5. Prone and annoying players

    Not just me... Also its hard to play when someone is yelling at you over voip. I can handle flamers, just not someone yelling in my ear. Truthfully, I'd be happy if they have a votekick function.
  6. At this point you probably already know about the prone bouncing and that you can prone in water? Anyway, today the player grinch was berating me and the squad I was in. When I moved to a new squad he followed a minute later. Apparently, he's caused problems before. so I'm hoping you'll do something. http://imgur.com/kjrhvTS
  7. Game Dev Tax Credits?

    http://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/topic.page?id=73F4621AC32B404D985AF4D6BC0C94B8&title=Interactive%20Digital%20Media%20Tax%20Credit I noticed that the kickstarter is based out of Vancouver, BC Just leaving this here in case you don't aleady know about the tax credits for game devs.
  8. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    Steam durr... also bluedrake has usually got the best footage.
  9. Hand signals?

    Course it'll be useful if local chat is heard on both teams, but I'd assume thats going to be in set by the server. Some suggestions to get you started http://cloud-4.steamusercontent.com/ugc/539636167135371024/FE7B5FAD9E57C1605DDA5BD16C61A3120DBDD59E/