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  1. Interesting idea, but I think another system on top doesn't solve the issue. Also depending on game mode like Invasion this will only apply to one side. When I think back in v10 and v11 people gave up a lot less because with limited 9 seat rallies, and the nearest FOB miles away you had any reason to wait for a medic. Nowadays the next entry point is usually just around the corner. Also if I remember correctly I sometimes had to wait a lot longer before I was allowed to reenter!? in v16 I think never waited longer than 90 seconds before I could rejoin. Also in almost all cases you are quicker back in the game if you give up and join again. That's a huge misconception. The easiest solution or at least improvement would be to set the time to reenter to at least the amount of time you could have waited for a medic on the battlefield + maybe a fixed penalty for giving up early.
  2. I'm giving up on this game.

    Yup, you may wanna join a clan, do some squadops.gg events if you are in their timezone, and last but not least try out different servers. Daytime and servers make a huge difference. Also eventually even without joining a clan you gonna get to know a few people and know who is a good squad leader, or at least a squad leader that shares your view of tactics. Beside that, even on a "this will go awfully wrong" server if you are playing as squad lead yourself you can influence a lot how you enjoy the game. Play predictive, lead by example, fall back to caps if you know a flag is lost and there is no chance for a double neutral. Communicate and help other squad leaders, and even if you don't have a chance to win the game you can usually enjoy the tons of micro stories and battle encouters every Squad game has to offer. Last but not least please don't be the kind of squad mate that doesn't want to lead but knows everything better. This totally ruins immersion for the whole squad.
  3. This game is still unplayable for me

    Perfect, I'm happy to hear that.
  4. Hi guys, German Squad WTFs - A game full of mysteries & choppers was just a super weird but nevertheless fun round full of surprises. So this short 4 minute video is a bit different than my other ones. Enjoy, Mauti
  5. Of course not, especially when someone is playing this spanish flea song live to it.
  6. So video is reuploaded and now audio is correct. Enjoy.
  7. Alpha 16 Released

    Good point. Logis already have this mechanism in place for unloading stuff. So this should be an easy addition. Another thing I forgot to mention is that I really enjoy the new movement inertia. There is a log less zig-zagging since v16 and I also noticed myself that I can't easily evade bullets anymore. A step in the right direction.
  8. Alpha 16 Released

    So after about 25 hours in v16 I have to say the game got a lot faster. Chopppers are almost invincible when engaging a full squad on a logi. When fortified a good pair of LMG can provide some protection. But the only real counter measure so far for me is to have a mrap or scout car too in my squad for protection. So their importance is much bigger now. Choppers are really fast deploying an fob somewhere close. So you can never really feel safe and rest. I'm not sure what's my verdict but what I can say for sure choppers totally changed the way you have to play.
  9. Alpha 16 Released

    Awesome. Mutaha plays and looks great! Also it was the first time ever since the package change in v12 that the update actually really only loaded 3.8GB and installed right away without loading 12-18GB as before no matter how small the real update was!
  10. Alpha 16 Test + OISC Kickoff

    @EA_SUCKS according to their roadmap v16 also includes a new map called Mutaha.
  11. Dear OWI Devs, maybe I'm all alone on this but I always have to read the drop and load graphics twice to get the drop and load correct. So I did a quick photoshop improvement with two UI update suggestions. For me the ++ version works the best because the Logi is the center of my interaction. But judge for yourself what actions you crasp quicker. ORIGNAL IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION VERSION+ IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION VERSION++ Cheers, Mauti
  12. Alpha 15.1 Released

    Yup, I was totally happy that OWI finally improved the usability of the basics like the server browser but was also disappointed that it doesn't work yet. Maybe v16!? *Fingers crossed*
  13. Alpha 15.1 Released

    What happened to the modular download updates introduced with v12 I think? Right now every Steam Update including v15.1 does the following: 1.) Says update needs 176MB 2) Reserves disk space (which always takes forever because Steam writes the full 50gigs of the complete install a second time on hard disk) 3) Download of the 176MB 4) After the download it takes forever but the progress bar still continues to go up. 5) It's finally done but never completes. 6) Have to quit Steam 7) Says again the download is only 176MB 8) Reserves again disk space 9) Now while downloading it updates the download size in small steps until it reaches around 18.3GB 10) After downloading the full 18.3GB it finally completes the update and I can play again. There is something really wrong.
  14. Whenever I edit a new Squad movie there are so many scenes where others and even myself run zigzag instead of being pinned as it was before v13. The surpression effects together with the previous system were a perfect match. You could basically pin a full squad in one location. Nowadays you have better survival chances if you keep running. It is as it is and I still hope the devs bring this feeling of „omg I can‘t move help me out“ back.
  15. Sure, too bad there is no direct way to access it without doing all the basic stuff before.
  16. In the most recent rounds of v15 I already saw twice that a full burning vehicle recovered and didn't eventually explode as it was before! One time I even noticed a Bradley didn't need repair it just stopped burning and was just left damaged but useable. Is this intentional or a bug? I even have a video if needed I can upload. /cc @fuzzhead Thanks and Mauti out.
  17. Alpha 15 Released

    The worst bug I have experienced on my first few rounds is that the Americans were unable to move into the operations area of a Skorpo AAS layer because the main base was outside while the russians were inside. Was a quick match with only one 1 teamkill ;-) Also noticed a few errors when zomming out of the russian grenadier scoped AK it shows a few frames inbetween that make it look like you zoom in again and then out. Try to record it next time.
  18. Alpha 15 Released

    Sweet! Downloading…
  19. Mauti's 1-Life 1-Death Episodes

    My fifth 1 Life 1 Death episode Last Survivors at Ruins shows the desperate attempt to capture and hold Ruins at Gorodok. But fate is not on our side and at the beginning of the cap we lose Industrial Park so our attack becomes a battle of survival. Englisch commentary, mostly german squad comms.
  20. Mauti's 1-Life 1-Death Episodes

    Hi guys, in my 1-Life 1-Death videos I show you partly edited run-throughs until I die or the game ends. I may change the naming of the format in the future to avoid confusion with SquadOps 1-life event videos. My first episode Squad - CQB Defense at Sumari is a thrlling infantry only combat gameplay against sheer overwhelming US forces. Watch me defend and evade wave after wave of attacking US forces separated and completely cut off from my comrades. Video has been edited with commentary. Episode 05 - Last Survivors at Ruins Episode 04 - Killer in the field Episode 03 - Bobby Brown Strike or by Stryked Episode 02 - MTLB Madness Episode 01 - CQB Defense at Sumari
  21. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Thanks for detailed comment @RostRazzor. Much appreciated :-)
  22. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Hi guys, Squad Battle Stories are full round edits with sometimes added commentary. Play length is usually between 15 - 30 minutes. Enjoy. Taking Fool's Road - Episode 06 In this Battle Story our Insurgent attack is taking Fool's Road by storm. I support the attack and defense line with my scopeless PKM. Enjoy.
  23. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Taking Fool's Road - Episode 06 In this Battle Story our Insurgent attack is taking Fool's Road by storm. I support the attack and defense line with my scopeless PKM. Enjoy.
  24. Easter egg in v15

    Somebody watched a bit too much Dark!