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  1. Dear OWI Devs, maybe I'm all alone on this but I always have to read the drop and load graphics twice to get the drop and load correct. So I did a quick photoshop improvement with two UI update suggestions. For me the ++ version works the best because the Logi is the center of my interaction. But judge for yourself what actions you crasp quicker. ORIGNAL IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION VERSION+ IMPROVEMENT SUGGESTION VERSION++ Cheers, Mauti
  2. Alpha 15.1 Released

    Yup, I was totally happy that OWI finally improved the usability of the basics like the server browser but was also disappointed that it doesn't work yet. Maybe v16!? *Fingers crossed*
  3. Alpha 15.1 Released

    What happened to the modular download updates introduced with v12 I think? Right now every Steam Update including v15.1 does the following: 1.) Says update needs 176MB 2) Reserves disk space (which always takes forever because Steam writes the full 50gigs of the complete install a second time on hard disk) 3) Download of the 176MB 4) After the download it takes forever but the progress bar still continues to go up. 5) It's finally done but never completes. 6) Have to quit Steam 7) Says again the download is only 176MB 8) Reserves again disk space 9) Now while downloading it updates the download size in small steps until it reaches around 18.3GB 10) After downloading the full 18.3GB it finally completes the update and I can play again. There is something really wrong.
  4. Whenever I edit a new Squad movie there are so many scenes where others and even myself run zigzag instead of being pinned as it was before v13. The surpression effects together with the previous system were a perfect match. You could basically pin a full squad in one location. Nowadays you have better survival chances if you keep running. It is as it is and I still hope the devs bring this feeling of „omg I can‘t move help me out“ back.
  5. Sure, too bad there is no direct way to access it without doing all the basic stuff before.
  6. In the most recent rounds of v15 I already saw twice that a full burning vehicle recovered and didn't eventually explode as it was before! One time I even noticed a Bradley didn't need repair it just stopped burning and was just left damaged but useable. Is this intentional or a bug? I even have a video if needed I can upload. /cc @fuzzhead Thanks and Mauti out.
  7. Alpha 15 Released

    The worst bug I have experienced on my first few rounds is that the Americans were unable to move into the operations area of a Skorpo AAS layer because the main base was outside while the russians were inside. Was a quick match with only one 1 teamkill ;-) Also noticed a few errors when zomming out of the russian grenadier scoped AK it shows a few frames inbetween that make it look like you zoom in again and then out. Try to record it next time.
  8. Alpha 15 Released

    Sweet! Downloading…
  9. Mauti's 1-Life 1-Death Episodes

    My fifth 1 Life 1 Death episode Last Survivors at Ruins shows the desperate attempt to capture and hold Ruins at Gorodok. But fate is not on our side and at the beginning of the cap we lose Industrial Park so our attack becomes a battle of survival. Englisch commentary, mostly german squad comms.
  10. Mauti's 1-Life 1-Death Episodes

    Hi guys, in my 1-Life 1-Death videos I show you partly edited run-throughs until I die or the game ends. I may change the naming of the format in the future to avoid confusion with SquadOps 1-life event videos. My first episode Squad - CQB Defense at Sumari is a thrlling infantry only combat gameplay against sheer overwhelming US forces. Watch me defend and evade wave after wave of attacking US forces separated and completely cut off from my comrades. Video has been edited with commentary. Episode 05 - Last Survivors at Ruins Episode 04 - Killer in the field Episode 03 - Bobby Brown Strike or by Stryked Episode 02 - MTLB Madness Episode 01 - CQB Defense at Sumari
  11. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Thanks for detailed comment @RostRazzor. Much appreciated :-)
  12. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Hi guys, Squad Battle Stories are full round edits with sometimes added commentary. Play length is usually between 15 - 30 minutes. Enjoy. Taking Fool's Road - Episode 06 In this Battle Story our Insurgent attack is taking Fool's Road by storm. I support the attack and defense line with my scopeless PKM. Enjoy.
  13. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Taking Fool's Road - Episode 06 In this Battle Story our Insurgent attack is taking Fool's Road by storm. I support the attack and defense line with my scopeless PKM. Enjoy.
  14. Easter egg in v15

    Somebody watched a bit too much Dark!
  15. Squad sold 1 million copy ?

    That's true, but I guess they have made a custom deal with Epic as soon as sales went up and paid upfront for future engine use.
  16. Squad sold 1 million copy ?

    Steam takes 30% per default and beyond 10M revenue 25% and beyond 50M revenue 20%. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/steamworks#announcements/detail/1697191267930157838
  17. SQUAD: Whiplash. Fast-paced gameplay trailer.

    Very moody. Top.
  18. SQUAD - Anti-Tank Best Kills 4 (v14)

    Awesome shots. Lovely. Pure 5 minutes long destruction. Would love to see a how you estimate the distances video. Especially the long shots where you can't use the silhouette to estimate the distance.
  19. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Finally a good Heavy Machine Gun position - Episode 05 In this entirely german episode our mission is to push and capture the middle flag at Kohat until the rest of the team back caps the other 4 flags. To achieve our mission we found a superior fire position for our HMG…
  20. Alpha 14.1 Released

    A huge update. First it just showed a 32.7MB update and now it's suddenly a 14GB+. Modding interaction, mod icons and downloads ingame are great. Good job guys!
  21. In the matter of rally point

    Just wanna add that adding a timer would remove the advantage to deploy Rally Points as enemy warning sensors, which is a nice effect when defending.
  22. FPS drops

    Turn off VSync when using FreeSync. With FreeSync the Monitor adapts to your game framerate no need for VSync. This should at least reduce most micro stutter and input delay. About big framedrops make sure that you have disabled preloading all textures. Of course there are plenty of other possible issues but lets take baby steps.
  23. Hits on the front of tanks usually bounce off, which makes a distinctive sound. From the back you wont have any ricochets. As far as I can remember @Gatzby wrote that the hit model on a local shooting range is buggy. So test it on a server.
  24. Frags and frag grenades don't do any damage to vehicles. Always try to hit APCs and IFVs from behind at 90degrees or in the ass as you wrote. 1 LAT and 1 HAT hit in the back even kill a T72. Haven't played a lot LAT since v14 is out but in v13 the power was ok if used at the right spots.