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  1. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Hi guys, Squad Battle Stories are full round edits with sometimes added commentary. Play length is usually between 15 - 30 minutes. Enjoy. Secure Radio Station - Episode 03 Our squad mission: intercept and delay opposing forces at Upper Orchard while our other forces are taking Hemp Farm and move on to Radio Station. If enemy fire gets too strong retreat to Hemp Farm before securing Radio Station.
  2. Alpha 13 Feedback Survey Update

    Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Totally agree and I have made the exact same observations. I'm very curious about the second survey results.
  4. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Scouting Yehorivka - Episode 04 In this mission I play as british LAT in a mortar team. So I'm scouting and flanking enemy positions as lone wolf. This is a super fast paced edit of a full game round. What video length do you prefer for full round edits? Longer ones or short ones as this?
  5. The Wrench, May 2019

    Beautiful work. Can't wait to get my hands on the new maps and fire some shots again with the AUG, my standard rifle during service.
  6. customization / ranking

    About customization: back in the days of Rainbow Six - Raven Shield everyone could wear their own armpatch, which was pretty cool and helped to distinguish team members. They have been uploaded client to client at the beginning of each round. However I'm pretty sure nowadays there would be enough dumbasses running around with racist and fascism icons, so forget about this immediately. Displaying the name of the soldier on the back of his uniform or helmet instead of the overlay when you are nearby however would be a nice touch. However I think Squad has enough open todos to focus on, and customization isn't one of them.
  7. Hi Gatzby and Phil, I have a few questions: 1. How would you describe your role and responsibility as producer, especially in regards to game designers and creative art director? E.g. do you have the last word or are you more like a project manager that oversees total progress and keep everything together? 2. Although you joined in the middle of v13 development could you explain the decision process behind many surprising changes in v13 like the removal of insta death and speed updates? 3. Phil you said in your April update that you have done several tours of duty on military shooters. What do you think is Squad lacking most in comparison? Where would you like to improve Squad that others already have while retaining Squads unique identity? 4. Last but not least since which version do you play Squad and how many hours do you have on your watch in Steam? Thank you.
  8. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    @Nightingale87 when you start the game and are in the main menu you see some news on the left. There it shows a link to a google form where you can vote on features like insta-death and run speed. It‘s similiar to the poll they did after the first public testing of v13.
  9. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    For all who haven't noticed it yet a new official poll about some v13 features is available and accessible via the start menu of Squad. Go and VOTE!
  10. Hi, I'm not sure but I noticed that the Stamina now also regenerates when walking in crouch position which wasn't possible before as also noted by the WIKI: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Movement#Stamina In case this isn't a bug you can close this topic or remove it entirely. Thanks and bye, Mauti
  11. One good survival tip if you are in a good position: Use free look to spot enemies and don't look around with your gun this will give up your position much easier to the enemy. The perfect thing about Squad it isn't all about twitch skills. Positioning, flanking, situational awareness as @Quadro said, give you the upper hand in most confrontations.
  12. Mauti's 1-Life 1-Death Episodes

    Squad - Killer in the Field - 1 Life 1 Death Ep. 04 shows how you can become almost an invisible killing machine in grass fields. You just have to stay calm and listen where you next prey is. At least 9 kills are confirmed in this run. Watch on Youtube the pinned comment for epsiode hightlights timestamps. ps.: totally forgot to update this thread so this is still v12 footage
  13. Mauti's 1-Life 1-Death Episodes

    Hi guys, in my 1-Life 1-Death videos I show you partly edited run-throughs until I die or the game ends. I may change the naming of the format in the future to avoid confusion with SquadOps 1-life event videos. My first episode Squad - CQB Defense at Sumari is a thrlling infantry only combat gameplay against sheer overwhelming US forces. Watch me defend and evade wave after wave of attacking US forces separated and completely cut off from my comrades. Video has been edited with commentary.
  14. SL is by far the most challenging role in the game, that's why most people refuse to take it. The multitasking can be very overwhelming but on the same time super rewarding. It's a great role that sets this game apart from others. The downside is of course the different quality of leadership but in the end if you don't make leading your own responsibility you have to live by someone elses choices.
  15. Smee SL

    Good one. Like how you always stay calm. Almost relaxed. Sometimes your "tone" can be a bit teachy and preachy, but at the same time it holds your squad together. Remarkably how easily they follow your "If you don't see someone in front of you - hold and cover" move credo. "More guns more fun" - gonna have to borrow this one for my next lead.
  16. Hi @awegh, it's probably only experience so don't give up yet. In 1-on-1 situations choose your fire mode wisely. In close quarters you might wanna use automatic instead of single shot. Also try to aim at the upper corse so your 2nd or 3rd hit is a headshot for sure. Once you are confident move your aim up. Always use headphone. The sound in Squad is not perfect but can truly give you an extra sense when someone is coming and what he is doing like crouching, running, bandaging, reloading… Last but not least how many hours of Squad do you have on the clock? No matter what you will become better for sure. Bye, Mauti
  17. Awesome! Thank you @Gatzby :-) I haven't looked at the SDK yet, but after your hint, will do for sure. Wanted to try it out anyway since v13 is now out. Greetings from Vienna, Mauti
  18. Dear OWI, dear @Gatzby, I think it would be a great idea to get some kind of Youtuber/Modding/Website presskit that includes all your map icons and map layers(maybe even one with all village names) so you can easier create animations or build web map tools etc. You already publish most of this information in your WIKI but most of the graphics are scattered all around the place and it wouldn't be much of a hassle to just offer them compressed in one download. This process could also be very well automated by your team so it just takes someone a few hours to add an automated process into your pipeline. Just a minor prio suggestion on your way to 1.0. What do you think? Bye, Mauti
  19. Mauti's Firefights

    Hi guys, this is my collective thread for all my Firefights episodes. My Firefights videos are usually showing some mini-stories that are happening regulary in a round of Squad. Some are edited, some are uncut, some have music in it, but usually they are short and always focus about one fight. Episode 5 - Fire in the Woods: Episode 4 - Rushing Radio Station: Episode 3 - Truck 12 o'clock: Episode 2 - Hunting Abrams Episode 1 - Heavy Rain at Sumari (Special Post Processing Edition -so it has its own topic ) Hope you enjoy them. Bye, Mauti
  20. Things we like about v13

    + Love the new lightning + Increased vegetation density on Yeri and other maps is perfect + Engine update performance in general (although still buggy and some micro stutter) + Engineer Class is interesting + Removal of vegetation graphic settings + Like the lip movement. Although it looks artificial it adds to the game for me (but should be removed for dead guys) Last but not least Squad is still the only game I have ever played where a bunch of people start spontaneously singing in the back of a truck
  21. Buddy rally poll

    Due the buddy rally I observed changes in tactics most prominent the rush meta on normal AAS maps. On start of the round one team pushes with a normal truck forward sets a rally and a second team creates a buddy spawn on it. All without the whole hassle and time loss of setting up a FOB first and also without the risk of losing a radio and HAB. This makes the game definitely faster and adds more action. As a conequence it adds a lot more pressure on the defenders especially with the removal of insta-death. This is very obvious on invasion maps. My biggest dislike is that it removes a part of the co-planning tactics with other teams and it totally circumvents vehicle limitations on big maps.
  22. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    @Undefined I'm not sure if you are kidding or not. But 20km/h is far away from a relaxed jog. Top marathon runners have an average of ~20km/h (2hours and a few minutes for 42km) and it's hard to keep up with them even on a mountain bike. I myself run 10km with an average of 13km/h without any gear of course. Normal walking speed is about 4km/h. Boston marathon has these speed brackets: About your gear weight: HAT Setup alone weights (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RPG-7): RPG-7 with optics: 15lbs Tandem-Rocket: 9.9lbs 2 fragemention rockets each 4lbs: 8lbs Makes 32.9lbs alone AK-74 + 150 Shots = 9.35lbs Then add knife, boots and the gear to carry everything around and you have at least your 50lbs in Squad. In the Austrian Army the most complete gear has a weight of about 35kg (77lbs) but that of course includes also sleeping bags, winter stuff and the Steyr AUG (StG 77) + 150 bullets. Middle combat weight gear was about 15kg (33lbs). Machine gunners and Gustav (LAT) had a few pounds more to carry.
  23. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    + Stamina that recovers much faster + less inertia when starting to run It's the sum of the little changes. For me this is much more noticable than the 10% make it look on paper. But we don't have to discuss this any further especially because we don't know if this is permanent. I'll go play some Squad instead :-)
  24. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Of course you hit some but also a few make it through by just running because they can cover much more distance in the same time. So instead of pinning an enemy down and make them to flank you or slowly crawling towards you they don't have to do this as much anymore.
  25. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    What I really like and nobody seems to have lost a word about it yet is the new dense vegetation on Yeri. Awesome job @fuzzhead & co. Also the lightning updates look stunning. @Hotpokkaminny 10% doesnt sound much, but putting enemies under fire at the end of a field in Yeri and yet half of their squad starts to run towards you zigzag lines in a blazing speed is new and a game changer. But not for the better. After a few hours in v13 I have to say I dislike how player movement, pinning, and flanking already noticably changed. Maybe this is only during a transition period were everyone tries their new abilities but in general my full gear virtual soldier feels too lightweight and therefore somehow disconnected. I'll get used to it but I really hope the change it back to pre v13, where Squad was more a walking than a racing simulator ;-)