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  1. Server requirements for 40vs40?

    Awesome, thank you for the info.
  2. The a14 Stutter Problem

    Although you game runs fine at the start I would try to deactivate fully load textures. First it unnecessarily increases your loading time because it loads all textures into your VRAM and second even 8G VRAM is too less for most maps. My 1080ti showed 10.5G VRAM usage on many maps. So this might also contribute to your issue.
  3. Dear OWI Team and server owners, since the WIKI doesn't reveal any information I'm curious what are the server requirements to smoothly run a 40vs40 server? For my startup I have a Linux(Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) test server that is idling most of the night hours so I'm thinking to maybe put it to good use but I'm not sure what requirements you have in terms of CPU Cores (virtual and dedicated) and RAM. Bandwidth is no issue on any of my servers. Thank you.
  4. What FOV are you using

    21:9 screen with 90 FOV because weapon optics are closer. In any other game I usually max out the FOV. Also did so in Squad until I realized it affects the weapon distance and therefore zoom.
  5. Nice. This bug has been fixed with v14 √ @Gatzby thread can be closed.
  6. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Played a few hours yesterday and TC was very fun and Skorpo is a great map. Good job guys! The stone walls are a bit too high. You can use your bipod on them but the weapon disappears in the wall, but is at least still able to shoot through. TC is a great addition. The only thing I dislike is that with 1 player capping neutral zone everyone is spreading out and it doesn't make any sense to keep your squad cohesive. It encourages the complete contrary behaviour a squad lead tries to embrace. Performance was a mixed bag on some maps, especially Narva performance seems to have suffered. But maybe it's my old cache and settings. Gonna reset it next time. v13 run speeds are especially noticeable on Skorpo. I totally changed my playstyle compared to v12: when under fire in most cases I just evade bullets by running away. In < v12 I had to get down and was in most cases pinned down so other enemy players could flank me and take me out. Now I just run away and then run back into the fight. I really miss this pre v13 feeling. Seeing people running zigzag and even jumping is unworthy of Squad.
  7. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    One question about the Gustav patch notes: What do you mean can be directly zeroed? Does this mean adjusting the range with pressing X instead of just upping the aim? Thank you.
  8. This game is still unplayable for me

    Thats a SSD you have to build in. SSD via USB port neglects a lot of its advantages. From your specs I would assume you have a free harddisk bay for the SSD in your tower. Then you add a second steam library folder and move your Squad install.
  9. This game is still unplayable for me

    Even with the 4g version you should be able to run it fine. But I really assume it's your harddisk, because Squad constantly loads textures into your vram. Also it gonna speed up your loading times tremendously. I'm using several Crucial MX SSDs for a while now. They are not the cheapest but very reliable with great performance. The 500g versions should be around 65-70€. https://trufflepiggy.com/find?q=Crucial MX500 500GB
  10. This game is still unplayable for me

    Your system should be totally fine, especially when you have a 8g 470 version. Make sure the game is installed on a SSD and that you deactivate preloading textures in your graphics settings. With v13 game has more micro stutter but not regulary. Just some minor quirks after the engine upgrade. Hope that helps.
  11. How do I quick fire with the Spandrel?

    Didn't play much with it but did 2 quick shots. Just double click and hold the fire button. Then 2 rockets will be shot with hardly a one second gap. Never tried to fire more actually. Have to try it on the shooting range.
  12. Squad isn't optimized for any Pre-Ryzen AMD CPU. This also won't change in the foreseen future. Even if you have the strongest Phenom from 2011 you won't get any playable framerate. Your 10 years old GPU is also below minimum requirements. Face it your system is around 10 years old and Squad is a really decent looking game nowadays with huge maps and very heavy on CPU side on 40vs40 servers. I started to play Squad with a much better 6C Intel CPU from 2010/11 and an overclocked Nvidia 670 from 2011 and could achieve between 20 and 45 fps on FullHD with low to medium settings. This was with V11 so maybe the V13 improvements also have an effect on old hardware but both your GPU and especially CPU are just completely outdated. To sum it up I don't think you will get a playable framerate at all even on the lowest settings.
  13. I'm playing on a Mac Pro from 2010: Xeon 6 Core W3690 with 3.46/3.6 base/turbo clock overclocked to 3.86 on all cores. OCs to 4Ghz on all Cores aren't stable since V12 anymore, but have been on V11. MSI Gaming 1080ti 16GB RAM Game installed on a 2.5 SSD maxing out my SATA2 transfer rates. Ultrawide 3440*1440 Framerate limited to 117 AA: TAA (but can't wait when SMAA is back as I always used before) SS: off Effects: high (epic and cinematic often cause dips of up to 20 frames although GPU is far from running at 100% usage) Everything else on MAX Activated Bloom and Eye Adaption No motion blur and no distance shadows My framerates are usually always between 70 and 95 on 40vs40 games. The only exception is Gordok since V13 were I also have dips to 44 and highs aren't above 75. Performance is clearly CPU limited on full servers, but not bad for a 9 year old powerhorse CPU. Game can utilize only 33% of CPU so basically 2 Cores. Since V13 it sometimes also showed around 40%. On smaller and medium maps my GPU doesn't go over 77% usage due hitting CPU limits first. On empty maps I usually achieve between 110 and my maximum gsync rate of 120fps. RAM Usage reaches usually 11GB VRAM Usage 8.8 - 10.5 GB. Last but not least since V13 activating the map overlay causes noticable frame drops, but I guess this will eventually vanish with further updates.
  14. I think I don't get your problem. When people use tanks or vehicles in general like they are used to from Battlefield they are easy prey for any infantry squad. They aren't overpowered in any way. Actually in most games, except maybe the ones on Tahil, vehicles are very often killed early on in a firefight, especially because most crews drive them in too dense areas without any infantry support. One LAT shot in the back demobilises them and a second hit with a HAT in the back kills all vehicles. Of course unexperienced players often try to kill a tank from the front and then get frustrated that their LATs don't have any effect. In the end I think the balance is ok as it is right now, because it depends how a team and squad make use of the vehicles. In the end the more experienced team no matter if inf or crew succeeds.
  15. FPS limit Setting

    @Thegreenzzz my two main reasons: 1.) To stay within my G-Sync(Free Sync) range. Exceeding your refresh rates turns off your monitors sync and may switch to vsync depending on your settings. This adds input lag or without vsync causes tearing. Please google for all details. 2.) Keep your system cooler and quieter. Why waste energy and produce heat rendering 200 frames when you can only show X frames per seconds perfectly in sync.