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  1. Yup, just had it in my Youtube feed. Excellent job. I especially like the first third with all the in game voices on top of the music.
  2. Do you have by any chance an ASUS 5700XT? They have a faulty cooling system which will be replaced for free. Basically the cooling system is too loose on the chips and therefore causes overheating.
  3. New Commander on Duty!

    Welcome Arno! keep up the pace and please listen and talk a lot with @fuzzhead. He has reflected a lot about the last 6-7 updates and he is the right person for your motivation to avoid the "too many samey games" trap. Listen to him and Squad will continue to push boundaries ;-)
  4. Beta 18 Released

    Yeah, optimization is very noticable. Good job guys. Have some great holidays!
  5. Humvee Gunner Crouch/Duck-Down?

    You can aim upwards and your head goes down and isn't that vulnerable anymore as long as the enemy doesn't have the high grounds. Don't know how it looks when you reload, but maybe try it out next time.
  6. Yup, I also experienced an increase of heavy stutter and fps drops especially on Tahil Outskirts RAAS, but also Gorodok dropped again badly. I'm not sure if it was Squad v17 or the latest Nvidia drivers which I have installed at the same time. Have to investigate further. Beside that the new lightning is a joy to watch.
  7. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    In addition to my post above I read a few times game systems didn't work as planned and as a result you created/tried out a new system to counter that behaviour. From my experience such counter-measures work only short-term but in the end you create systems for systems for systems instead of sometimes taking a step back or may remove them alltogether. I'm sure you are aware of this yourself nevertheless I wanted to state that because from a pure player perspective so many working mechanics were removed or altered around v12/v13 that lots of issues are still arising from those updates or the combination of them and I think nobody really knows what mechanic changed which dynamics. To name just one example: supression effects until v10 or v11 were super strong. I never experienced anything like that in a game before. They really kept your head down and although it didn't look real flying bullets felt like a real threat. This mechanic gave an upper hand to the player with the better overview and position and the others had to carefully crawl back out of the "supression zone" and flank or wait until the attacker has to reload. This caused not only a lot of sweaty palms on my side, but it also allowed and even forced players to flank the enemy because one player could lock down a zone completely. These effects not only prolonged firefights and enemy encouters but also created wonderful tensions that let you value your player life. Since surpression and sway effects were drastically nerfed you can almost always immediate return fire. If you start to shoot at two or more enemies at once nowadays your chance to die from return fire is almost 100%. The resulting impact on firefights and squad movement is beyond words. It's not only something I really miss but is a good example how a minor mechanic and code change affects the whole game experience. To sum up sometimes you have to look back to go forward. Your analysis of the buddy rally mechanic, the original motivation behind it, and the unwanted resulting game dynamics are a promising start. Thank you for involving us in your design process.
  8. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    First @fuzzhead kudos and thank you very much for this very detailed insights. Totally appreciate them as player and game designer myself. One of my highlights here: priority audio ducking and seperate audio channels sound wonderful! Can't wait for it.
  9. Beta 17 Released

    Awesome news and congratulations for finally reaching officially BETA status. Hope you celebrate this at OWI, cheers! Btw did you remove the time limit when switching buddy rally for the public Beta v17? Saw it in a public test v17 youtube video. Can't find anything about it in the release notes.
  10. Strange for me it opened at exactly the right time mark. Here is the plain link: https://youtu.be/nNAh9xTzjQw?t=2698
  11. This is the scene I'm talking about: Here is the plain link if the video doesn't start at 44:58 https://youtu.be/nNAh9xTzjQw?t=2698
  12. In older version of Squad(I think it was v10 or v11) exploding vehicles also killed bystanders. I really miss this feature and never understood why it was removed in the first place. Watching the OISC finals and seeing exploding LAVs while their repairing drivers next to it have no injuries at all is disappointing. Do you have plans to bring back this tiny bit of immersion before the 1.0 release? Anyone else misses this "feature"!? Cheers, Mauti
  13. Well if there is a medic nearby yes. If no one is nearby and you have no chance for revive I would say giving up is a valid option without any penalty but timer should still be at least equal to your time until bleed out. Dying should have consequences and the other team should have a benefit in form of a time advantage if they wipe out your whole squad. I really enjoyed the value and disadvantage of death In older Squad versions. Nowadays you just give up and respawn at the rally within at max 1 minute.
  14. Interesting idea, but I think another system on top doesn't solve the issue. Also depending on game mode like Invasion this will only apply to one side. When I think back in v10 and v11 people gave up a lot less because with limited 9 seat rallies, and the nearest FOB miles away you had any reason to wait for a medic. Nowadays the next entry point is usually just around the corner. Also if I remember correctly I sometimes had to wait a lot longer before I was allowed to reenter!? in v16 I think never waited longer than 90 seconds before I could rejoin. Also in almost all cases you are quicker back in the game if you give up and join again. That's a huge misconception. The easiest solution or at least improvement would be to set the time to reenter to at least the amount of time you could have waited for a medic on the battlefield + maybe a fixed penalty for giving up early.