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  1. I think you should be fine. The mobile i7s are very powerful and Squad is much more CPU than GPU bound in multiplayer games. Although I haven't played Squad on a laptop yet I have experience from very old Xeons from 2006 to Xeons of 2011 and GPUS with 670 (2GB VRAM), 970 (3.5GB VRAM) and 1080ti(11GB VRAM). Just make sure that you have at the very least 8 gigs of RAM and also at the very least 4 gigs of VRAM. Would recommend 16GB and 8GB. Especially if you are using an external screen with 1440p+. ps.: game favours high clock CPUs more than multi-core. My game is usually only running on 2C of 6C max which is disappointing. Maybe v13 changes this!?
  2. SQUAD - Anti-Tank Best Kills 2 (v13)

    Some awesome shots. Always like the scenes where you can see adjusting your range. I always think what distance would I try.
  3. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Secure Central Barracks - Episode 01 This missions plays at the beautiful outskirts of Tahil and shows some infantry only combat gameplay. Russian Battle for Hemp Farm - Episode 02 In Russian Battle for Hemp Farm our mission objective is to attack and hold Hemp Farm against advancing US Forces. I'm the squad lead of a small 3 man BTR and scout team. My two comrades are fresh from the boot camp and have less than 10hrs on the battlefield and our mission is it to support the other infantry squads to achive our ultimate goal to secure Hemp Farm at Chora. Team language is entirely german in this #ultrawide video.
  4. Mauti's Battle Stories

    Hi guys, Squad Battle Stories are full round edits with sometimes added commentary. Play length is usually between 15 - 30 minutes. Enjoy. Secure Radio Station - Episode 03 Our squad mission: intercept and delay opposing forces at Upper Orchard while our other forces are taking Hemp Farm and move on to Radio Station. If enemy fire gets too strong retreat to Hemp Farm before securing Radio Station.
  5. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Just another idea from a recent Youtube discussion about the Stamina UI Bar and the devs concern that noobies don't recognize the stamina bar at all: That would be awesome so noobies get feedback from acoustics as well as the small stamina bar on the lower right. Furthermore different breathing sounds would be more noticable for nearby enemies. So go slow and stealthy or push fast but loud.
  6. 5 worst things to do in Squad...

    @vaktyuk Agree with the back cap idea of being X players to cap a flag. I think the new RAAS mode will have a similiar effect to both. If you can only see the next, max two, target points squads will stick closer together and rush tactics don't work anymore. v13 ftw.
  7. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Just watched some videos on Youtube. Didn't play yet. Running speed: I think the current speed is totally fine. However looking at the videos I could imagine a double tap on the sprint key to boost your speed to reach the next cover. But at all changes aren't necessary in my opinion. Stamina UI change: the stamina in the middle totally destroys immersion for me. Please put it back to the side again. Contrary to the compass this is a non essential information and therefore shouldn't be visible in the center. Rally Point System: I can agree with the others about bad placement or too agressive play style but using this system as some kind of quick response force is a lovely idea. "Squad 2, this is Squad 1 we need immediate assistance" and SL 2 can transfer his team spawn nearby. On the other side this rewards or counters just lazy communication from the beginning. I think this is another change the deviates from the "Next steps" post a while ago and opens unnecessary tasks. Seems priority within the dev team is a bit unfocused. Transparency in changes: Awesome move see point 3 which seems a bit off while many other long term issues aren't handled yet. On the other side experiments in pre-release versions are always legit. With more transparency and community communication this can only be a win-win for all of us in the long run. Thumbs up! Insta-Death: this is a feature I really liked because it forced players to stay a bit more defensive after revive and prevented run and gun play to a certain degree. "We hope this new change has a positive effect on game flow, and proximity based teamwork within squads (and intra squad as well)." - We will see how this works out but too often I revived some one and he just run into the next death without checking his surroundings. Pure Battlefield style. Another idea for the devs to increase teamwork: increase revive speed(medic has more impact but less revive animation watching) but players can only move after a few seconds and then can't run immediately. Or after faster revive the players do some kind of self healing animation to get back up. But punishing too agressive movement after just being revived was a good game mechanic in the first place and I always was angry about myself if I was pushing too early. RAAS changes: wonderful and I'm already tired of this stupid rush ahead tactics because so usually squads didn't stick together and every Squad was moving towards a different goal. Love this change. Ping removal: for me pings were always buggy and sometimes had a huge delay. I think it was a good instrument for newcomers. Not a real opinion yet. v10 and v11 did well without it too. So far my first impressions. Thanks @BoresightGaming for the good first v13 video.
  8. Yup, I did, although pretty bad hit stats it was a super intense round. Thank you.
  9. Implementing AI in Squad and Why it's Necessary

    I think AI could offer some interesting possibilities to the game like pre-occupied villages, random patrols you can encounter, road blocks you can set like mines... I like for example how Titanfall 2 adds seemless AI bots into the game and fills the world. But I think that has a low priority especially even the dull tasks add to the teamwork and teamfeeling. Every step along the way requires communications which adds to the team experience. Also enemy encounters are much more thrilling if you run/walk for 10 minuntes into one direction and suddenly you get ambushed. Of course this can be frustrating as well but for me it adds a lot to the game. I can remember during my first 50 hours of Squad I often had sweaty hands due the constant fear of a possible ambush. Especially in v11 with the max 9 spawns per rally. However where I really want to have AI is on the training maps. Moving targets(there is a mod that offers at least moving metal obstacles in a constant distance) that run around change stance and distance etc would dramatically help getting noobs used to the weapon handling and the different scopes. I have played around 250 hours and for example I still feel insecure shooting the scoped HAT with the double optics on moving targets to the very different drop and speed. Once modding 2.0 is ready I might take a look at the Squad SDK myself and see I can put together some simple AI blueprints.
  10. check out this British vehicle

    The German version is called the GTK Boxer:
  11. Hi, This is SQUAD - The impossbile defense of Ammo Hill is my first episode of my newest video format showing short but sweet edits of everyday Squad games combined with music. While my other video formats try to depict certain styles of gameplay, tactics or just a complete game "This is Squad" videos are all about emotions and impressions. Enjoy and leave some feedback please. Especially if you prefer the original game look and feel or the slight post processing and color grading I used in this one. ps.: title will be changed to a more general one as soon as episode two is out.
  12. Wanna pick up on this suggestion and would love to see some options especially for video captures. Lots of servers always show some very annoying server messages that completely destroy any immersion. The cinematic option is pretty nice but I would prefer some kind of "Youtube"-Option where the compass and interactions that don't have a distinctive animations or visual feedback like fire mode switching or ammunition changes in vehicles are shown so the viewer has all required information what's going on. Since there are a lot of different opinions about this an option page or customizable presets would be a great solution. Since there is already the cinematic option I think programming shouldn't be too complex. Maybe a beginner project for a new team coder ;-)
  13. Mauti's 1-Life 1-Death Episodes

    Squad - Bobby Brown strike or be stryked is the third episode of my 1-life 1-death format. It shows how Bobby Brown and me are trying to hunt armored US vehicles with our BTR while supporting our infantry troops in urban warfare. The squad ingame language is german. The music inserts are by Frank Zappa - Bobby Brown goes down. Some episode highlights are: 0:45 - Encouter with 2 MRAPs 2:48 - Fleeing from a Stryker (another BTR to the rescue) 3:43 - Bobby Brown strikes again 4:31 - Surprised by a damaged Stryker 5:52 - Bobby Brown goes down
  14. Mauti's 1-Life 1-Death Episodes

    Squad - MTLB Madness is my second 1-life 1-death episode and shows how a previously unmanned MT-LB defends single handled almost an entire flag from attacking US forces ending in a epic showdown versus 2 Strykers. This time the scenes have been cut a bit to pack the action tighter together but it's still a 1 life 1 death runthrough. Squad language is german and commentary in english.