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  1. Beta Release

    This hotfix also seems to have performance improvements for my old Xeon W3690 :-) Especially with the garbage collection fixes from the last update even full servers are playable again and fps seem to be finally higher than B18. Thank you guys.
  2. Hi Gross, yes this has been discussed about 12-18 months ago and the developers want this feature too. As far as I remember the main verdict was that Steam integration is pretty tricky and they want a more finalized release before working on the required code changes. I'm pretty sure it will eventually come. As you can see many other features like favourite servers etc are still not completed because all work is focused on the main game and not community features. The last big community features were mod downloading on the fly and the joining a queue while in a game (which is unfortunately broken again with B19). Cheers, Mauti
  3. 3440*1440 Sharpness 0.80 No Supersampling No AA Everything high Ambient, Lensflare, Eye, Bloom on Motion blur off Since B19 Audio on low (another +6fps), but hope that is only temporary. In Nvidia Settings I set Antistropic Filter to x16 In the past I also experimented with Nvidia Filters and increased sharpness and contrast for more vivid colours but haven't used it since v18 anymore.
  4. Beta 19.4 Released

    Sure just delete the Squad folder in %Localappdata%, check the link for details: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache
  5. Beta Release

    Garbage collection is a terminus from computer science and basically describes the (auto) removal of unused resources. Often unused resources are forgotten or not deleted properly from (V)RAM which eventually cause a degradation of performance. Many programming languages have some kind of auto garbage collection, but nevertheless there might be stuff you have to delete manually. For a detailed description I recommend you wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garbage_collection_(computer_science)
  6. @xrstokes did you already receive your "new" CPUs? Are you satisfied with the performance boost?
  7. freezes and audio issues in 19

    Follow these steps to fix your audio stuttering issues: https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048036073-Low-Quality-Audio-Fix
  8. Dear @Gatzby, @fuzzhead and OWI Team, I recently discovered by accident that the performance of each training layer is far apart from each other. The British one is the weakest with ~57fps, followed by USA - Insurgent one ~66fps and USA - RUS is by far the best ~79-81fps depending on the chosen faction. Maybe not all training map layers have the same base map version or maybe this is a hint that some faction assets cause a huge performance hit. I thought you might want to know about this. I also made a quick edit of the different runs: Test system is Windows 10 (1909), Squad B19.4, Xeon 6 Core W3690 overclocked to constant 3.99Ghz (Afterburner shows only base clock) and a 1080ti. If you have questions please let me know here or comment on the video. Cheers, Mauti
  9. 2 Core Mechanics

    @LaughingJack I follow up on speed, because with the 9 limit rally and a good squad lead you had a constant refreshed rally and nevertheless the game felt very different at that time. It's a combination of effects. As also the developers admitted v13 introduced too many changes at once and it was difficult for everyone to pinpoint the sources of changed game dynamics. IMO the rally has been surpassed by choppers building an attack fob nearby in no time as I tried to mention in my previous post. One rally is usually no threat to a flag. When it's too close it might be overrun soon by the defenders and if it is too far away you have a lot of time to prepare for the next attack. But as I said I could care less about the current rally implementation. A complete new approach would also be fine. Right now it works ok for me and @Nightingale87 just asked for that. Yes here we are on the same page. But I disagree that's the permanent in rally that makes this happen. Yesterday I was finally able to play B19 and rally respawn times seem higher in many cases. I often had to wait 90 seconds instead of 60. More than double the time to the nearest attack FOB. Due my running speed I made up that time difference in half and was rearmed too. But yes when I started to play Squad sometimes you had to wait 3-5 minutes until you were back in the action or had a very long run before you because there were also way fewer FOBs around. So you tried to stay alive by taking a more careful approach or at least waited longer for the medic. Changes to the rally like spawing times, limits, temporary placement also influence this. No question. But I doubt that the rally mechanic alone changes the run and gun game dynamic. You have to count in time, availability and amount of nearby spawn possibilities, strength (re-ammunition), insta-death, options and chances of reviving(also includes non-medics to revive), penalties(tickets,ammunition,...), transport options and speed,... But I also gonna play a few more rounds PR to see what you strive for. No matter what changes are coming I would love to be Squad a bit slower and more fearsome again. A game where you value your life much more than the pure ticket count. I miss my sweaty hands when supressed behind a trunk of a tree.
  10. 2 Core Mechanics

    Nametags never made the game feel arcady for me. On distance they aren't reliable anyhow(to see them you have to aim exactly and wait a bit, so you better already identified FOE yourself) and nearby they often help me to call out mates. Vehicles don't see anything. So for me they add more to teamplay then distract. Actually I think OWI did a damn fine job in this department. About the rally: in many games I play at least one fireteam is sent out to find the rally after the first wave of attack. Also to make sure there is no attack FOB nearby. The removal of buddy rally reduced the zerg rushing a lot again. So I'm fine with it. But I could live with either system. Especially I think the arcady feel isn't related so much with the rally feature. It's about the increased game speed overall and reduced surpression effects as discussed in many other threads since v13. Planning and manouvering isn't as effective anymore because the enemy can quickly move around while your options to surpress and pinpoint are greatly reduced. Here Post Scriptum is much closer to the original feel of Squad I had between v9 and v12. Also the super aggressive rush meta in (R)AAS since the introduction of choppers made the game more arcady than the rally per se including attack FOBs almost everywhere. These are the mechanics I would tackle first. ps.: Only played 2-3 hours PR so can't relate to that yet.
  11. 2 Core Mechanics

    Overall I'm fine with the current nametag and rally system. Yes the zombie wave attacks can be annoying on the other hand it also forces the defenders to go outside on patrol for nearby rallies. Same as before if the squad lead played the place a rally every few minutes game. If the 9 limit rally should come back I propose an upgraded version mixed with current mechanics: Spawn wave rally + limit. So as long there is at least one spawn left all dead players can spawn. This would at least avoid the constant "hold last spawn for squad lead" on radio we had all the time in earlier versions. ps.: can't remember how the 60 sec rally timer played and felt in Squad. I can only remember that it was permanent within a certain FOB radius.
  12. Game won't load

    19.3 seems to fix our issue. Squad finally starts again on my Xeon W3690. Happy gaming everyone.
  13. Beta 19.3 Released

    Yup fixed the startup issue for my Xeon W3690 :-) @nannerpuss: yes the patch had a lot of read/writes. My disk had always full writes for 10-15 seconds followed by a read period. Took about 10mins in total.
  14. Beta 19 Released

    Perfect. Thank you so much for the update. This helps a lot to wait for the patch. Also that's exactly what many of us suspected because missing AVX support is the only instruction set difference between the old Sandy Bridges CPUs and Xeons from around that time. I hope you can just set some flags in the related header files and don't have to wade through all unreal functions that might use AVX. Or at least can use a symbiosis with the experience and learnings from the Post Scriptum team. ps.: also shared the update with the related thread in the support forum http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/38838-game-wont-load/
  15. Game won't load

    That‘s great news! Only a matter if time until we get a patch too.