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  1. Vehicle Possession

    Urm i think it goes like this; 1. SL1 claims. 2. Squad 1 members can enter and occupy any seat booting non Sqd1 members if present. 3. Blueberries can enter but will have to respect #2 above. 4. SL2 can only claim this if the driver's seat is vacant. Not a 100% on #4 though but im pretty sure thats how it works
  2. Skorpo feedback thread?

    talil feedback is missing too
  3. Mobile (Laptop) i7 CPU Performance in Squad (?)

    What are your settings if you dont mind sharing? I just got a laptop with an i7-9750h + gtx1650
  4. pinkos 3rd paragraph pretty much sums it up. If your sl is not doing this, then you do it. He will thank you for it. Learning to anticipate enemy movements can only come if you have Intel, even if its not directly observed, say someone spotted a logi going somewhere. Is he setting up a hab? Rtb? Follow up as best you can and react accordingly.
  5. Let's deal with these pet peeves

    Because generally people dont run around with a hot weapon. Sights get snagged, people trip on rocks and shit and hit things, friendlies everywhere. The rpg 7 is muzzle loaded with the warhead outside the weapon. Its got a simple impact fuse and if you happen to knock it on things it'll go off.
  6. please fix the vehicle flipping

    Having to step out is already a major disadvantage in an attempt at unflipping a 60ton item. Have a timer or something so youd have to stand there while you hold down that button as you would when getting in or out of vehicles. That way, if someone took a risk at some questionable maneuvers, hed be punished by having to stand there outside his vic for 1min or so trying to unflip it. Better that than jumping on the wheels or going under the tracks, right? I mean doing the latter would definitely ruin immersion wayyy more than a 'magic reset button'
  7. Ive had a couple hours in on v13 and my squad gets filled with returning squad players or new guys. I find my self having to hand hold some times but thats alright, next round i usually get the same players in my squad and we almost always do better. One time even had a first time sl and he had only a couple hours in. It was fairly obvious so instead of critizising the dude, the other squadmates instead gave advice (myself included) on how to SL. We lost but i think we had fun. Never helps when you yell "SL PLACE A RALLY!" if he doesnt know how.
  8. Vehicle reset feature

    "Every other vehicle is a recovery vehicle" said the random wise man.
  9. Anti-material rifle

    Spawning in like that will require you to re-arm anyways. Why not just re-arm your lat? If i need a light vehicle disabled, I'd empty a mag or two of 5.54 or 5.56 into the grille of that thing i need disabled. Or hell put some firepower on any part of a logi and it'll smoke up. Tell the LAT to keep his rockets for the bigger stuff. Gpmg's can take out most light vehicles by themselves too. If there is a need to disable something far away ie light vehicle, its most likely less of an immediate threat to you anyways, and that manpower could be used for something useful in the now rather than later. Just my two cents, anti material guns are awesome though.

    Increase the timer in relation to the distance to the chosen spawn point. The further away you choose to spawn from your last 'respawn' command, the longer you wait. Note this is only going to affect anyone who uses the respawn command. Dying a natural death, well in squad at least, wont net you this penalty. An example; a squad types respawn and wait out the timer. Another squad decides to walk/call uber to the next flag. The squad that calls for transport will get there before the one that decides to teleport. This way, itd make more sense to travel rather than use the star trek teleporter. (Main base excluded, tho this can still be used to deploy a logi or other vehicles, i am guilty of this myself) If the sl decides to frag his squad to teleport to the next point wouldn't that set off some alarms for the admin?
  11. SL comms overload solutions

    "clear comms and standby" usually works. Or "shut up guys, gimme a minute" Otherwise, a function that is similar to what aviation headsets have when listening to music would be good. The music is suppressed when the radio is receiving. Make it an option or something if you have to, i dont think thats a major overhaul of the current system, which i personally find alright.