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  1. Squad is dead or not ?

    that suppose to represent the playerbase lol
  2. engine is not that great, only true stress test is having 100 players in a small area alive and in combat, but ramp the respawn times to 5 minutes and you could have 200 players lol
  3. well ... make it client side hit detection and run the servers with 15-20 tickrate and 100 players should work right now :))
  4. might get 10% cheaper squad on epic store and extra 10+% for the devs
  5. Any plans on adding Squad to Epic Games Store ?
  6. Logistics Mechanics

    This is what i see with introduction of helicopters https://youtu.be/lHMlZN91Ouo
  7. Logistics Mechanics

    You need to put in perspective how hard is it to rework the logistic system and if its advantageous to do so from a development point of view, we are talking about a game studio after all and i'd assume they would more likely incline in working on adding new content than reworking old systems in place proven to work. At the end of the day it needs to be fun with a bit of realism, cause there is still arma not that i would disapprove a crate system like in pr.
  8. Squad Server Closed Connection 2019

    Fix i found, go to Settings>Graphics>Display>Window Mode pick Borderless cause atm game does not like if you alt+tab while in fullscreen and can even cause blue screen and i never seen a blue screen on windows 10 ever, just in Squad and that's a serious issue. Also disabling page file will cause blue screens in Squad even with 64 GB EEC ram