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  1. Posts like this make it worse. SL isn't a pain it's just not for everyone. But if you bitch about it then people won't try it or will only try it reluctantly, or think its ok to make it harder for the people who do it. All of which will lead to it sucking more and fewer people doing it. Same with logi runs. Every Reddit post about it sucking, every time you moan when it's asked for, everyone who hasn't done one will want to do it less and your game will suck more. Make the world better but stepping up to fix problems, and if you aren't willing to step up, at least offer a solution. If you aren't going to fix something or offer a solution, then it's probably best to not bitch about it.
  2. Stopping Rouge Players Causing Nonstop Steamroll

    This could be solved if people who aren't in the mood to organize and work with other reasonable people didn't SL that round. I hope the implementation of a Commander role comes soon and sorts some of this out. But I'm a big fan of the off ignored leapfrog/ bounding attack and I'm going to remind people of it's pros for a long time.
  3. Stopping Rouge Players Causing Nonstop Steamroll

    Leapfrog/ bounding is the best solution to the issue. If proper communication is going on the defense squad will be better set up to attack the next point (a supplied login, full squad of alive players, full ammo) and they can leave when the attack squads are at 30%+ cap on the neutral flag, meaning they can get to the next flag and have a fun down before the attack squads can leave the flag they are capping. The squads that took a point are also generally the best set up to defend it, they have a near by fob, need to revive and re arm (so the lull between cap and counter attack can be used for this) they have an idea where the enemy off point fobs might be so they can attack them. And they need the time after the counter is repelled to get ready to attack again (logi run, re arm, pick up/ repair APCs etc). Leap frog solves the problem of the attack squads being out of AT and low on ammo and bandages which always happens with sustained attacks, and is insanely annoying for players. Lastly uf the defense now on attack squad runs into a tank or mine on the leap frog it's not a huge deal as they will spawn at the recently capped flag to fight the counter and an attack squad can keep the push up but if the attack squads do that you see a struggle to get a new forward fob up (low resources multiple lost logis) and a stalemate.
  4. Return of the HUMVEE's under a different name

    To expand on some of the legal stuff, GM doesn't only own the name Humvee, but their patent covers a ton of its design features both visually and under the hood. To skirt around that it would have to look significantly different then they do IRL. Also, there is no active way to know you have avoided infringement, your only option is to do your best and if you get sued pay big settlement, or pay a lawyer a ton to fight for you. I'd rather OWI put their resources towards other things than legal battles.