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  1. Server Name: I.S.A | Inter Squad Asoc - New Player Zone(NPZ) Server Location: Custom Browser Social Media: Our Facebook Group Our guilded.gg Our Discord Server Mission Statement/About-Us I.S.A is committed to providing superior educational and training services to further enhance the Milsim experience by conducting a training boot camp to serve for new players. To grow the Squad community into a globally unified family by fostering a global community based on camaraderie, communication, teamwork, and gamesmanship. I.S.A aka Internationational Squad Association is a non-profit organization that was founded by DarkVLord, CajunCo, Bizzy, Touchstone, and Soupyquinn in order to create a place within the Squad community to foster a positive, and friendly playing experience. I.S.A is a conglomerate of US and EU clans with an aligned goal to provide a server with active, attentive admins. Squad Gaming Rules: I. General Behaviors: A. Respect all players, no toxic behaviors; grieving, racial slurs, harassing other players. Failure to abide by these rules will result in an instant ban for three days. B. Mic and chat spamming can result in a kick followed by a ban. We will only give you one warning before we kick you. C. If you accidentally team kill a friendly squadmate, then immediately apologize in all chat. You will be given a warning if you do not apologize, and failure to adhere to those warnings will be followed by a kick then ban. D. Intentional team killing a squad mate will result in a kick, then followed by a seven-day ban. If you were kicked by your squad leader, do not team kill them, remain calm and join another squad. II. Squad Leaders can kick you off his/her squad for any reason. A. Inactive or unassigned players will immediately be kicked off the server to provide room for another player. B. Impersonating an admin, mods/staff will result in a five-day ban. C. Do not advertise in the server or you will immediately be banned for ten days. III. Rules: while playing (in-game rules) A. Do not share or give out any intel regarding your team, your ticket counts, your location or say in all-chat, ‘GG’ when the game hasn’t ended. B. Do not camp main, You must be within three-hundred meters from main unless the cap is within the vicinity. C. No glitching, or abusing a bug, for example; river glitching, or radio placement glitching will not be tolerated and will be asked to remove the radio. Failure to do so will result in a kick, followed by a ban. D. Squad leaders must have a microphone to be able to lead the squad. If you do not have a mic, we recommend that you do not Squad lead and instead promote another squadmate that does have a mic and let them lead. E. Do not lock your squad if you have few than four squad mates. Failure to abide by this rule will result in a kick, followed by a ban for three days. F. Destruction of friendly assets to either sabotage your team or to steal assets without the permission of the SL(Squad leader then you will be warned and asked to give back their vehicles/assets. Failure to abide by this rule (Varies upon violation) will result in a kick, followed by a ban for five days. IV. Specific examples of glitching: A. Placing a radio in a location that makes the radio undiggable, (if a person can’t dig that radio then it is glitched) B. Wall glitching or shooting the enemy from a closed attic or basement or from any location that can’t be shot back, can’t be seen then that is a glitch. C. Medic reviving friendly through a wall is considered glitching. Disclaimer: Prior to joining our discord server, you will be greeted with a Welcome Message that will let you know who we are, then you will be asked to proceed to our #players-code-of-conduct channel. You'll need to make sure that you've read & understood, and acknowledge our code of conduct. By typing, "Agree", you(The User/Player) hereby acknowledges, and consent to the following rules, set-forth by I.S.A, failure to abide by our rules may result in a permanent ban, without the possibility of an appeal.
  2. Suggestions for Owi

    "Shadow settings" does have its pros/cons and that's why tournaments nowadays have a "Required Medium - High Shadow Setting". For the rams, you be the judge and I'll link you to a source: https://www.wepc.com/tips/how-much-ram-you-need-gaming/
  3. Suggestions for Owi

    Recommendation: Analyze this suggestion from a more holistic perspective. (Updated) I believe I may have a solution that would optimize the game a bit further and would definitely be more enjoyable for everyone. A) Multiple Spawn Areas: Preferably three(varies on maps & game-modes) - I suggest having an Optional: Aerial-Support base being able to be destroyed, disabled or Capturable. Main base: logistics, transport For: Squad leaders, Infantry Offensive Vehicle Base = t72, stryker, 30mm For: Crewman Kit, Engineer kit Aerial-support main-base = helicopter, drones, air-strikes. For: Commander roles, and Helicopter Pilot roles. B) Settings/System Requirements: I believe that very few actually use the motion blur so I think we should remove that and the low settings while keeping only the medium to epic settings. I also believe that we should update Requirements by replacing the "Minimum Requirement" with our current "Recommended Requirement'. Settings: Remove All Low settings and Cinematic Shadow = Medium, High, and Epic only. Remove: Distance Shadow Foliage = Medium, High, and Epic only. Remove: All Low Settings System Requirements: Ram Must be: 16gb Ram or higher GPU Must be: GTX 970 or higher CPU Must be: i5-2550k or higher C) Game-play: Ticket bleed changes Troops: Commanders cost = 8 ticket bleed Squad Leaders cost = 4 tickets bleed Normal Infantry cost = 1 ticket bleed Vehicles: Logistics, Transport cost = 15 tickets bleed Small artillery Vics cost = 20 tickets bleed Medium artillery Vics cost = 25 ticket bleed Heavy Battle Tanks cost = 30 tickets bleed Aerial(Helicopter) cost = 30 tickets bleed Deployable/Flags: Radios cost = 30 tickets bleed Captured objectives = 40 tickets bleed I would love to hear some feedback from the community as well, let me know what you think about these suggestions. Will you guys enjoy this more, will it be worse, and please be specific as to why you would disagree/agree. Thanks.
  4. How can I help?

    Game-play hours: 2240 Objectives: I want to help the community grow, I want to get involved and to learn more about the community as a whole. What are the needs of the community that a normal everyday person like myself can do to help out(Please do not suggest something silly, like uninstall or go make a new game.) The goal is to gain some more experience, get to know some more people and hopefully be of use. Question is to the community: What does the community need; as far as servers, staff, etc What do I need? What type of skills/people do I need to have/speak with? Recommendations/Ideas? Thank you,
  5. We're on a grandiose mission to Unite The World, to create, to build, and to help our beloved Squad community grow into a Global Family. Must be a Team-player, a one-for-all mentality, with an unrivaled passion to change the world. If this sounds like you then Congratz! You're on your way to becoming apart of something much more bigger. Application: https://goo.gl/forms/EqO8nbLX8ZQD4Iwg2
  6. Suggestions for Owi

    Fix all turret xP You made these maps fam?
  7. Suggestions for Owi

    Hours Played: 2227 Suggestions I strongly believe that Owi should focus on releasing the helicopter features, then re-balance the armored vehicles attack, defense, and mobility especially on the speed of the turret that one is able to turn from left to right to improve on the realism aspects. Then refocus the majority of your efforts on optimizing the game to prevent any more bugs, server closed connections. I recommend focusing 80% of your efforts on optimization and the remaining 20% should create an environment or in-game chat browser so that new players could socialize, learn, meet trainers, and learn the basics of the game. After, you guys have finished releasing the promised features(helicopters) than divide up your man-power 50/50 into optimizations, and the feature I had just mentioned above. Once perfected, then start to plan the next phase which is going for a full 100 slot player, after you have achieved a perfect 100 player slot then you should go beta. Add Helicopter + the remaining features that you guys have in mind + re-balancing heavy armored vehicles. a) Highly recommend: refrain from adding any more features for now until all of the following steps have been met. Game Optimization: Fix server connection issues, and bugs. Creating an in-game browser for new players could socialize, learn, meet trainers, and learn the basics of the game. Efforts to increase more players: 100 player slot(Full 80player slot must be perfectly stable, meaning no more sudden disconnections and fps drops due to super fobs.) Go Beta Features, game-modes, add-ons, 150 player slot. I'd love to hear back from everyone in the community in regards to my suggestions.
  8. Suggestions for Owi

    Why travel to the future just to only see it happen lol that's not fun, instead get involved in making it happen xP
  9. Suggestions for Owi

    ahh the technical side, yes I agree we'll need more computational prowess.
  10. Suggestions for Owi

    The more the merrier and I can name a few examples; jets fights, helicopter fights, three-way battle royal instead of 1 team vs the other. =]] and the rest I'll leave it to your imagination. tech site?? can you elaborate?
  11. Suggestions for Owi

    I believe that is a matter of readjusting some minor movement values not to mention weapons handling movement for all vehicles too as well as being able to shoot while driving. LOL
  12. Suggestions for Owi

    Indeed, I see a very bright future, huge potentials and will undoubtedly surpass CS:: GO. I agree and it should be one of the priorities right now for the Dev team. 150 is just along the line of a few visions that I see for squad, short term vision but I hope to see an even bigger slot of 200 players in the near future.
  13. Tournament Committee Volunteers

  14. Squad Regional Tournament

    A survey to help us understand a little bit more about the community. https://goo.gl/forms/LInl7dHNN2zPKJEi1