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  1. General Update

    aw i was looking forwad to a update, god dang it, i want fancy gifs & JPEGS of new vehicles not a wall of text!

    RWMIK (Wolf) is slowly being phased out and replaced by the Panther or Jackal 2, the Jackal got massive amounts of respect by those using it in Afghanistan. I think the only current regiment(s) using it are the Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry due to their role as a rapid formation reconnaisance force. Maybe have them only on Al Barash and other Iraq maps that the British are in as they were the symbol of the British infantry regiments like 1RIR during the invasion. I would love to see the Snatch landrovers on the Iraq maps, a very iconic vehicle in Iraq and Northern Ireland. Personally I am dying to sit in a Mastiff 2, what a beauty that thing is. Another vehicle you missed out on is the Snatch landrovers replacement, the Force Protection Ocelot, offically called the Foxhound by the British Army. It is currently in use in Afghanistan and has been handed to all light machanized infantry regiments.