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  1. Squad Server Closed Connection 2019

    Hey sorry, tried out your fix but it didn't work for me. My server disconnects doesn't seem to have anything to do with alt-tabbing.
  2. Squad Server Closed Connection 2019

    Has there been any update on a fix? So far the only remedy given to me has been to increase my virtual memory but that hasn't fixed my issue and am still being ejected from servers.
  3. Squad Server Closed Connection 2019

    For some reason the UE4CC file is in a separate file under crashes. Nonetheless, I've sent both logs to [email protected] Thanks.
  4. Since 21/02/2019 I keep getting the error every time I try to join a server. Sometimes the server lets me on for a few minutes before booting me out, or when I join right off the bat. For the former, I notice the game isn't loading properly - like there are less players than what is actually in the server, or curiously enough the lines that join objectives aren't visible. Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 - 6500 CPU @ 3.20 GHz 3.20 GHz. Using Windows 10. As far as I'm concerned I've gotten no updates on anything on my side or on Squad's side. I've also already clocked in a few hours on the game for the past few months without issue. I've also verified my game files and done a hard reinstall. I've attempted to disable my firewall, reinstall Easycheat, ensured windows magnification is off, cleared my cache, started squad_launcher in administrator mode and pretty much every solution I've found online. But to no success. Please advise, Thank you.