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  1. [WIP] Iron Dawn (Vanilla)

    Vehicle graveyard looks like it could be a fun place to fight over, with infantry ducking between cover and a T-72 hiding among the wreckage.
  2. Vehicle Respawn Timer On Map

    Don't know if this is already planned, but a list of your team's vehicles in the command/deployment menu, a respawn timer for destroyed vehicles, and the ability to click on each vehicle to highlight its position on the map would be a great quality of life improvement.
  3. Dragging Animation?

    Shooting a wounded soldier is a violation of the first Geneva Convention and the guilty faction should be penalized through financial sanctions (loss of supply points at all their FOBs). Shooting too many wounded soldiers should be punishable by death (damage is reflected back onto the perpetrator). The red cross symbol identifies persons covered under the agreement, so shooting a medic while dragging a wounded soldier or administering aid should receive the same punishment.
  4. Should mortars be lethal?

    I like that. It would improve gameplay, balancing, and realism.
  5. Squad is dead or not ?

    The game is growing. It probably won't ever be as big as ARMA, but with Helicopters, the Commander role, and 100 player servers, it could grow a lot more (assuming they are implemented correctly). Average Player Count 2016: 898 2017: 1478 2018: 2106 Median Monthly Peak Player Count 2016: 1679 2017: 3344 2018: 4036 Source: Steamcharts
  6. Should mortars be lethal?

    Most people think mortars are nearly useless in their current state. The stats I've seen say they do 2.4% of incaps, and maybe only 1/10 of those are actual kills. I've never been killed by one, the few times I've been hit, I just get revived. I don't even respect them anymore, if our base is getting mortared, I don't need to take cover as long as a teammate is around to revive me. Do you guys think that mortars should be lethal?