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  1. [solved] Editor initialization stuck 95%

    Thanks Gatsby ! It was stuck for 10 hours. SOLUTION: the SSD was full. I believe it requirements mentioned 90GB free space but on my drive its actually now 180GB. It is a bit unexpected an installer would not complain when it encounters a full disk. Anyhow works now =) PS: Someone pointed out the UE4 editor logfile on initialization, which is extremely helpful to troubleshoot.
  2. Hi all, "Squad SDK Unreal Editor" on UE 4.16.3 Windows 10 on MacPro newest Model 16GB UE is initializing quickly towards 73% where it spends a few minutes on shader compiler work, after that it goes quickly up to 95% where it spends around 20 minutes on shader compiler. At some point it finishes this work and CPU use drops to a few % with the only task left running "Unreal Editor" without any shaders or other apparent processes. It stays that way for hours until task is ended manually. I have turned off everything in Windows i could find in settings that might interfere. Any ideas ?