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    What the Jackal/HMT 600 Supacat Is For,We could have it as a logi/scout car

    we need the humvees back lads i miss em too much,Way too iconic and with just a few changes could be back in the game,Humvees will never be matched forget about the M-RAP The humvee was quick and could get troops anywhere ASAP What do you boys think below?
  3. Now the Vehicles In squad available for the British are quite Dull and I think we need a bit more variety Such as Recon Vehicles (R.I.P. TO THE HUMVEE) First Off The Coyote TSV/Supacat Jackal : Now I think This would be great as a Tactical Quick Light armoured vehicle. Or... It is Even big enough to carry Supplies In some variations so it could prove to be great as a Light Armoured Vehicle/Recon Unit/Supply Run Vehicle. Now obviously these wouldn't be the best in combat due to the open cockpit but what it lacks in armour it compensates with firepower and speed. Now,The Mastiff 2 Essentially A british M-RAP/Patrol Vehicle This would be the Heavily Armoured Combat patrol/Transport Vehicle Similar to the Striker and the M-RAP Id love to see a convoy of these heading through the streets of Basrah, It Would be able to take a HEAVY pounding From the thickness of the plating. On top of that would be great for transporting troops safely(Not I.E.D. Bike proof tho) And Finally as an equivalent to a Humvee/Technical We could have Land Rovers!!! These are agile hard hitting vehicles that have been used by the British Government since the 1940's Originally used for gun runs in Africa On German Airfields Is where The Snatch Land Rover would earn its Place in The SAS And royal marines For nearly a century. A true staple to the British armed forces Like how the Humvee's are for the US. This would be great for recon And for all around Infantry Support(They could be expendable like technicals with low ticket cost) Maybe Nickname them Land surfers to avoid any licensing issues similar to the Humvee (WHICH NEEDS TO COME BACK) We lack cars and light armoured vehicles right now in squad Especially in the British Army Faction. I'm just Spit-balling some ideas,i think the British Army (IRL) Have A LARGE variety of vehicles That Could Really be interesting In Squad And i Hope the Devs see this post (VARIETY IS AMAZING) And so are HUMVEE'S AND LAND-ROVERS WE NEED THEM ASAP(BRING BACK THE HUMVEE PLEASE!) Best wishes Boiz and voice your opinion Below -Crimzon Out