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  1. Assistant Rifleman Class

    I totally understand in PR; when you threw those magic ammo boxes on the TOWS or AA emplacements but as well as on the front lines for members of your Squad. In Squad I do love the whole Logistic system with Ammo and Construction supplies. I feel like the 'assistant rifleman' class would just supply the Light Anti-Tank class. The game is a bit more fast paced which could make that class irrelevant, or more of a nuisance for Armored units. I much prefer the Logistic system of Squad. Just my two sense
  2. French Canadian Bastards

    Hey guys! This is my first post here so I would like to say hello to the Squad community. Bonjour a Tous. I am looking to form a French Canadian Group and see how many people are interested in joining. I played PR for 4 years with a Quebec group and it was quite fun. Laid back but serious when need to be. I am a active military member, I encourage all sorts of players to join. From New to Experience players welcome! Not looking to build an Battalion but a small community of 10-20 players to play on NA servers. Flexible times is key. Hop on Voice server, see who is on, hop in the squad (In game) mentality. Set times can be made so we can all hop on together. Flexibility is key, we all have lives. Group Page: La Page Steam Veterans de PR Encourager! See you on the Battlefield!