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  1. Technical DSHK wont stop burning

    i think once the vehicle recieves critical damage and starts burning, its beyond repair, specially with just a repair kit.
  2. Rocket Technical OP

    I disagree, easy to locate and easy to destroy. Never yet had a feeling that it tips the scale somehow, besides its not that accurate or inflicts too much damage
  3. Post about Squad’s vision/direction by Merlin

    Why always compare it to PR anyway? a "spiritual" successor does not mean a straight copy of it. Sure PR was (and is) a great game, but it also was so popular because there were no real alternitives for it imho. It was not too complex as arma series, but yet provided enough depth and tactical gameplay to be appealing and familiar to say, people who came from Battlefield games. Its a game, no need to crack your head over it, sure it has its flaws but i still enjoy it as it is and dont really care about "how long is the rally timer", "fob building" etc. Although the game has been heading for the "faster pace" style lately
  4. Alpha 14 Released

    Cool update, cant wait to play on the new map. Had a quick look in the shooting range when the update was released, seemed that the Carl Gustav, or m3 maaws, did 0 damage to vehicles, tried it on a BMP, 3 tandems and 4 HEAT´s did no damage. Maybe its also a bug thats on the offline shooting range map only
  5. [v13] Freelook Sensitivity

    there is freelook sens option under game settings AFAIK
  6. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    Dont cry your eyes out guys, its alpha, and alot of changes are made and will be made in the future. Nothing in this update is gamebreaking, just enjoy the game and get accustomed to the changes, tweaks will be made anyway
  7. You can walk through a section of a wall in a building in West Mogilyovo
  8. AFK's, Unassigned's & Ghosting

    Have to disagree on the "only SL´s can see the map/tickets". Its a good thing when you join the game and see the whole tactical situation on the map, "is my team losing/winning? where is the most heavy fighting? what vehicles are active? what are the squads up to etc etc" I choose the squad i join not only by player count in that squad, or if they SL even has a SL kit, but also if they stick and work together. And that is the information i can only get from the map. Now, without that i would spawn in blind, have to join a random squad, which might be bunch of micless lone wolves or with no active leading. Which means i have to join another squad and start the whole process of finding them on map again Same thing with ticket count and FOB locations, why deny extremely important information to 90% of the team? It all comes down to honesty anyway as is the same with hacking/cheating. I could relay information to the enemy regardless if im in a squad or not (Havent done that btw, even when switching teams, out of sportsmanship and respect to the other team )
  9. Error trying to allocate VRAM *Out of VRAM crash*

    The same thing started happening today. "Out of memory" error and crash, usually during map loading but also at random times in-game. Havent made in changes in PC configurations, no new drivers or changed settings. Squad just randomly started using all of the vram (seems like a memory leak)