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  1. Hi, I've been playing squad for a decent amount of time and one of the more annoying trends in the game is players abandoning vehicles, specifically logis, on the battlefield. The issue is of course to return the vehicle you have three options: send the person back and have them wait for a ride with another vehicle (boring for the player), have them kill themselves to respawn (annoying and unrealistic, they have to stare at a screen for two minutes) or run (that's a no from me dog #RunningSimulator2019). The solution is really simple. Allow units at main base to redeploy to any fob or their squad's rally point. There should be no punishment for this and a very small wait time e.g. 10 seconds. This will allow the team to use logis to their full potential, make it easier to come back from losing a FOB, and not punish players willing to drive logis.
  2. Redeploy From Main Base

    Just because you seem unwilling doesn't mean others are. If it isn't used very much that's fine, it would be nice to have the option. It's simple risk versus reward. Leave the logi and risk it or have someone do the drive back and have them out of the fight temporarily to keep it safe. It adds another layer of depth. Okay sure, but drive the logi where? In some cases there are no SLs ready to put down another FOB and no FOBs currently. So the driver just hides away and waits for 10 minutes for someone to be ready? Why not let them bring it back to base, redeploy into the action and if another squad wants to set up a FOB the logi is ready to go in main? Also you can often see people who accidentally spawn main and decide to run to front lines. This mostly happens to newer players and they have the option of running or their squad suggests they kill themselves. Good first experience. Would help these lost people as well.
  3. Redeploy From Main Base

    The issue is when the fob is overrun and you lose access to the logi. In some games this will happen to every logi and the team is out of luck. By no means am I saying they should enforce the return of the vehicles, simply add a feasible way to do it. I don't believe you if you say you've never had a game where all the logis are spread about the map. So you think people are willing to drive to base and back for a logi run but not just to base? Also, how is redeploying any less realistic than troops magically spawning in on RPs/FOBs?