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  1. the speed of animations

    Speed wasn't changed for v12.
  2. September 2018 Recap

    You still need a medic for fully healing you, and remember your stamina sticks to zero if you're not healed. This will just make their life easier while keeping their role crucial in the squad.
  3. August 2018 Recap

    That’s something some of us deeply want too. It should happen some day but cant say when atm.
  4. What is the purpose of modding?

    Are there any actual examples from the past (from any game) where mods indeed did split communities and kinda killed the game ? What Ive seen in the past were popular mods attracting new players, while the vanilla game’s community kept existing. But Ive never seen any mod splitting a community which then stopped existing because of that.
  5. Restraining HAB even more is probably not a good idea given how rare they can already be.
  6. New Revive ability

    Lone wolves are alone, so by definition there shouldn't be anyone able to revive them.
  7. June 2018 Recap

    What Im saying is attackers who just captured the flag wont have a minute to breath before the first counter attack is happening. Coordination and communication isn't always perfect as players aren't all veterans and don't necessarly play together regularly (and that's the point of Squad), so planning next actions if you can't have a break and isn't trusted by other SL is very stressful and decisions are rarely efficient nor approved by other squads, which leads to stalemate.
  8. June 2018 Recap

    But once attackers finally captured the point they gotta face incessant attacks from previous defenders who also got rallys in the area. So they have no other choice but camping too if they don't want to lose their newly captured flag. In the end the whole game took place around this lonely flag.
  9. M249 red dot hits low

    It's a bug and should be fixed in a patch.
  10. un**** the fob mechanics plz

    The respawn time is supposed to get longer as the hab gets surrounded by enemies, but this is not happening anymore because of a bug that was recently found. Hopefully it'll get fixed soon.
  11. Alpha 10.1 Released

    Sadly not, but we’ll look into this. Remember crouching and looking up can make it work sometimes.
  12. Cheaters on Squad ?

    It looks a lot like a rotation issue that happens for a short moment when the 3p sprint animation stops. It should be fixed with 10.1
  13. I believe focus is affected by the stamina. So if you're aiming and focusing while your stamina is very low, you should get a bit of sway.
  14. Anyone who's leaving in the middle of a round is replaced by newcomers.
  15. How is the optimisation in v10?

    Defending can only be done by camping I think. And if the players tend to defend more than before, it should help the rounds to last longer, and that's what we want. If you're afraid noone ever attacks, be sure the average player will refuse to sit and defend a flag for more than one hour, because it's simply too boring. Therefore, the attacks will always happen.