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  1. Can I be of help?

    @ChanceBrahh Thank you for the reply. Understood, will join discord and ask for tasks there. As for Aussies assets, if that'll be in demand for someone's (yours maybe?) mod - sure I'll try to model some
  2. Can I be of help?

    Good day everyone. Back in the days of active Project Reality development I remember you devs accepted some help from "usual people" by allowing them to make assets\maps and, if it passes certain QA, included it into the game (correct me if I'm wrong though). So, as a person with some 3d-modelling skills (in Blender mostly) and some experience of making assets for PR (they were never included in the game though by different reasons) I'm asking: will you be interested in giving some modelling tasks (at first, simple and not important for the upcoming release, and not paid, of course) to a person like me with the chance that it'll be included in the game later? Or the only way to go now is making custom mods?