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  1. MD902D_Recon Helicopter _ HELP

    Looking for some help (hold my freaking hand while walking) with blueprinting this helicopter to be workable. I think I rigged it right. I am new to this UE4 editor. I have the some animation added to the model but saw that i don't need it and it can by parameters. Bones and Sockets done i think correct. Got a lot of time and money to spend on learning and getting new content/ or ported into the game. Have experience with Maya, PS, with light experience with 3DxMax and I'm new to substance-painter. Again old Arma1,2,3 guy but this UE4 editor is like being in a candy store. Any help would be loved and respect until then I'll keep buying these helicopter template from UE4 site and trail and error.. You can find me at our discord here. https://discord.gg/apPUNGj
  2. Subject: Aesthetics and Immersion aka…(Good Idea Fairy) Scope: Adding Options a. (Rifle-scopes, Red Dot Sights, Laser Sights (When Night Maps Drop, IR only), Binoculars and Monocular Night Vision (When Night maps drop), Spotting Scopes/ Rang Finders) b. Adding the option for the mortar person the ability to self-mark as the SL calls in fires. SL does not have to always go to the map to make a fire mission. Not Kool, why we have radios. c. Adding a mortar man Kit only for the ANTOS 60 mm Ultralight Commando Mortar (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0cIGNeJ6uc) carry 4-HE and 3-Smoke rounds, M-4 with Dot scope or EOTech d. The ability to move the statics weapons systems without having to dig them down. Put radius of 3 meters on the object <> but allow SL / Player to change the directs if needed , 360 degree’s with in a 3 meter of the placement or within the Ring only. ( I’ve Places a lot of weapons down too close to tress or other object that you could not use the weapon platform.) I know that the reason for some kits are to balance the maps even though I think the Irregular Forces are weakest equipped unit in the game, which in today’s time they are way more advance that what is balances in the game. So, with that being said, can you guys percolate on the idea of kits with scopes having options to change those out in-between other scopes in those kits only. e. Transparent Map f. Topographical Maps so that SL or commanders can see the *****elevations**** of terrain and be able to plan better maneuvers, ambushes and movements of concealment. This also will allow armored and vehicles to maneuver more efficiently throughout the map. g. Tracker IR Compatible. h. Able to shoot from vehicles Food for thought, love how the game is growing always open for testing on the DEV team did it with PR in Arma. Keep up the good work , keep making it better. :slight_smile:
  3. Alpha 16 Released

    Update 16.v looks fabulous, run smoother, they are some bugs that we have encountered with my group playing, we will list a few little some maybe still from previous 15 version. I love the helicopters can't wait for additional birds to be added. I did notice a frame rate drop with maps that involved helicopters not sure if that's server-side or client-side as I do have an extremely powerful gaming machine. 1. Looks like the hit box for the helicopters is outside the model when you shoot specially on the nose. 2. Still having issues shooting out of broken glass windows where as the enemy can shoot into the windows. 3. Looks like the collective on the helicopters is mis-calibrated. 4. Damage to the helicopter seemed to be extremely low threshold when landing but able to take a beating while flying. 5. By pods on the LMG's don't bipod on all usable surfaces. 6. Not sure why delta fire team was removed from the game? 7. If you are a pilot and you crash with a full bird it is impossible to respawn , had to leave the game after 15 mis of waiting to spawn, not sure if there's a thread about additional time out for accidentally killing teammates that way. 8. Object issues with some bush grid E4 1 -6 not able to throw smoke or grenades through it on New Map