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  1. I took a hard look at the 2017 model of the UH-60. From what I see, it has the same problem of the main rotor being perpendicular to the body of the helicopter rather than being tipped 3-4 degrees forward. Although I'm really excited (no joke) about seeing helicopters almost being official after seeing this scene in the trailer, from our point of view, it looks like the Mi-8 landing also has the case where the propellers are almost parallel with the body while the irl helicopter blueprint has a tipped-forward main rotor. (TAKE NOTE): What can be seen between many of the Russian military helicopters with wheels is that the main rotor is almost parallel with the line between the front and back wheel (when looked from the side) (as seen in the mi-8, mi-24, and mi-28 blueprints as seen above and below). This results in the helicopters being able to land on a flat surface while hovering and both wheels will touch the ground almost at the same time when descending. What I'm worried with is that the devs will make the same mistake like basically all of the other games (except DCS world) where those devs make a model of whatever helicopter they are trying to make and then they just slap on the main rotor parallel to the body rather than tipping it forward as shown in the official blueprints of the helicopter. The reason why almost all helicopters have a main rotor that is tipped forward (like shown in this mi-24 blueprint in the upper section of the image) is so that you can fly almost like a plane when moving fast (when maintaining a certain velocity, the helicopters forward momentum/velocity is basically where the nose is pointing), the titled forward rotor provides the lift AND forward momentum. This comes in handy with the mi-24 where you can get lift and forward thrust at the same time while you still have your reticle pointed at the target that you want to do a quick strafe run on with dumbfire rockets. I've never seen an actual attitude indicator of a military helicopter in person, but there is most likely a mark somewhere around angle 2-5 above the horizon marker (different per helicopter) where it shows where you have to point your nose in order to keep the helicopter in a hover at one spot. Same issue can be seen below of an in-game apache and the tilt of the main-rotor being wrong compared to an irl blueprint. All in all, I believe that the helicopters in the game should be modeled just like its real life version. By that, I mean the rotors and their forward tilt, like the black hawk for instance. Almost all of the games and many models of the blackhawk, like the uh60 in the squad mod, for a long time have had Blackhawk models that have the rotors horizontal with the body of the helicopter rather than being tilted forward . I hope that the final helicopters in-game are modeled with the forward tilt of the main rotor just like its real life counterpart and hovers with the main rotor horizontal to the ground and the body of the helicopter pointed up a bit (irl picture of UH-60 and Mi-8 below). It would look more realistic and cooler in my opinion if the official helicopter models and their hovering flight models were done right. Whatever the devs choose to do with the game is beyond my control. Whether the helicopters have this realistic feature or not in their release in Squad, I will still fly them just like the hundreds of hours I've flown in Project Reality: Bf2. This game, even with some flaws compared to Project Reality, is amazing and I am wishing the best of the future of the game and the devs putting many coffees into the making of this game. P.S. (The pre-set dedicated squads would be a REALLY good idea once helicopters come out, I doubt the current community of the game will make dedicated squads for the tank, apc, and helo assets like the PRBF2 community does. We will really need those '1-max trans, tank, apc, and cas' squads for better teamwork and coordination of assets.) Cheers!