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  1. West Coast Tactical

    HI i attempted to resolve a issue regarding a blanket kick me and another member went to discuss the issue with an admin we were promptly banned from the discord with the link you provided to reach your admin team. as now we are banned from reaching your admins and thus cannot discuss the issues. there were 14 of us on the server at the time the reason given was yabou4kz in an effort to protect people i had to kick my squad mates when i saw the blanket kick initiated i had kicked from my squad several individuals who were trolling and graving my squad mates they also began clouding the chat with remarks of toxic behavior and initiated tks and other grievances using local chat to harrass us. they also stated several untruths about our actions as a squad the blanket kick only targeted it seemed those in the chat i stated to one individual a member of spartan to change his roll and he said kick me i which i did kick this individual i kicked a number of 3 individuals from my squad to wich they went into the text chat and complained the reason i am reaching out to you on the forum is that i stated we were banned from the discord
  2. Helicopters and Jets

    the reason i bought a hotas is to fly and pwn the surface dwellers