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  1. Hey, I bougth the game a while ago (before the introduction of MBT) and I loved it even if I played only a couple of hours and I didn't notice any problem at the time. I decided to reinstall it recently with the same computer, I went in training ground offline to get back on the horse and It was fine, I could play almost with all settings on high or ultra. But then I decided to join a server with not much ping and here the drama, huge loading time to get in and after that I get permanent little freeze whatever the settings I choose. I tried back on training ground and everything was fine. The servers I tried to join where close one. My computer specs are : 8 GB ram, I5 and GTX970, I don"t have any similar problem on online shooters like CSGO, Overswatch or Project Reality. Any idea on what I should do ? Sorry for bad english by the way.