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  1. Farm 51 - World War 3

    Wow you took the word right from my mouth. I bought world war 3 with squad during the steam sale and I immediately regretted world war 3. The devs spent all their resources on pimping out the guns and almost nothing on opitmzation, fixing bugs and gameplay. I got bored after an hour. The devs need all the support they can get so I'm not going to ask for a refund. But I hope they can fix the game soon. Or else it will be just another early access failure like so many early access games. *cough* dayz *cough*
  2. New player with a couple of questions.

    Hi all, I bought squad during the steam sale and have been having a blast. In two weeks I've put in almost a hundred hours(and I want more! ). I was going to ask this on the steam hub but it's a noisy mess over there and hope one of the developers sees this. What other factions do you have planned? I played a bit of project reality(that's where I heard about this game from)and my favorite team is the mec team because they have the g3 and I love battle rifles. Will there ever be an mec type team using only battle rifles? And will you ever add a chinese team? Oh and grenadier is my favorite class. And russian grenadier is my favoritest class. Something I've always wanted is an ak105 with a grenade launcher. Will you ever add an ak105 with a grenade launcher? What? I love carbines. My favorite looking gun of all time is my airsoft mk18 with an m203. Thanks.