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  1. Can't join servers after Alpha 12

    Yeah, I know but have no opportunity in the mean time, but i'll try to make it a bit better, at least buying 8GB+ RAM YAAAAAASSSS!!!!!! HELL YES, IT WORKED!!! I just sat 10-15 minutes in the main menu and IT WORKED!!! Guys I love u so much, you're the damn saint people, really! I'm very appreciated for your help!
  2. Can't join servers after Alpha 12

    Well oke, gonna try it now. Very appreciated for your help and support!)
  3. Can't join servers after Alpha 12

    Yup, tried almost everything i've found by this topic GTX770 2GB 8GB DDR3 RAM Intel Xeon W3550 3.06 (I play with turbo 24/7, works 3.20 tops), and I played Alpha 9 easily w/this specs, I had 30-45 FPS stable, and could easily join servers. TOSHIBA DT01ACA100 7200 RPM 32mb P.S. I also found some posts like "devs are testing new fix on the test server", and tried to join it, but my server list's been empty, so I couldn't/
  4. Well the thing is I've bought Squad when it was Alpha 9, played a lot, then dropped it, and some time later i downloaded it when it became Alpha 12 and tried to play. And now I just can't join the servers: the map is just loading around 10-15 minutes (sometimes I can hear it finished or even see the respawn screen), and then I'm getting kicked into the main menu. Tried to wipe my cache, tried to reinstall my game - nothing helped. Hell I want to play Squad at least one more time, can someone help me to solve that crap please? P.S. Specs are: GTX770 2GB GDDR5, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Intel Xeon W3550 3.06 (3.2 turbo), TOSHIBA DT01ACA100, and I could play Alpha 9 having 30-45 fps stable, never has fallen lower than 30