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  1. Gore is so not what Squad is about. And it doesn't add anything at all to the gameplay and depth. Personally I also like to have more adult-oriented graphics but there are so much much more things that should be added to improve gameplay and depth. And in in FAQ, OWI have already stated as below : Gore body parts? There will be NO! gore added into this game but when modding becomes available fill free to get creative, join the discussion
  2. Voice Lines?

    To me it seems to be kind of discouragement of communication because players will tend to rely on the voice lines and become lazy to say them out themselves.
  3. Is 50v50 coming?

    Any dev's comment please?
  4. Running on low perfomance

    According to my printscreen.... I think it's 20.8GB max.
  5. So this view sitting on an APC is beautiful. But I think we should be able to fire our weapon if suddenly a enemy pops out from the woods, shouldn't we? I suppose there is no glass on the window. Why not making the underused vehicle a bit more effective on the battlefield.
  6. Is 50v50 coming?

    Still I say 50vs50 would make the game better.
  7. Is 50v50 coming?

    When I bought the game last year and promote it amongst my game buddies I was under the impression the player number will be 50v50 soon, or at least it is always in the plan. Even the store page in G2Play.net introduces it as a 50 vs 50 multiplayer game. And I remember the statement somewhere else. So is it coming next patch? V14 perhaps?
  8. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    Why is that? Good work to the app maker...Appreciate very much. Even much more if there is position saver / changeable preset.
  9. I love realistic games. And I think the speed now is fine. Maybe make the stamina replenish slower? Especially if it reaches the last 15%. And players whose stamina drops below 20% have significant speed penalty and also minor aim penalty?
  10. You can say I am quite excited by the solid rumour that the next gen of AMD processor is packed with 16 physical core in its high-end but still mainsteam product. I know there is no guaranteed improvement for gaming with increased number of cores. I have never digged into game engines. So anyone (devs maybe) have any idea if the new processors could possibly make a worthy difference? (perhaps comparing to 9700k) (I now run the game with [email protected] / RTX 2080 / [email protected], framerate could drop to 40-50 or even at lowest around 20-30 when I view toward a very open area or there is a lot of explosions/effects taking place around)
  11. Future plan of expanding team size?

    with 12 men maximum in one squad and a designated commander post. It will be perfect.
  12. Future plan of expanding team size?

    Glad to hear all those. Any news from Dev on when they will implement 50v50? Should be in coming weeks?
  13. Forgive me if there are threads on this topic, because I couldn't find one. Have been in the game for 2 weeks and most aspects of the game really impress me. The right degree of hardcoreness, the realism, the hard demand of teamwork and communication and the general community are all great. One thing I hope is the player limit be expanded slightly, to 50v50 or 60v60. To me even the existing maps are large enough to support more players to operate tactically and strategically. Increase in team size could also reduce the downtime for every player. Of course, it's just an opinion from a newbie like me. But I wish to know how you veterans and more importantly the dev think. Thank you