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  1. Which CPU/GPU

    Currently ryzen 5 2600 (163€) is €50 cheaper than the i5 8400 (210€) and its not only gaming, so i guess i go with ryzen cpu. I can get the nvidia 1060 6GB for €275, while rx580 8GB is €235.
  2. Which CPU/GPU

    Hello everyone, Which CPU/GPU should i buy: AMD ryzen 5 2600 or Intel 5 8400/ Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB or RX580 8GB Thanks in advance, Bjarne
  3. Is this a good pc for squad?

    I would like to build one by myself but i have no knowledge enough. Other then that, do you need anything else? Coolers, extra cables, ssd? If anyone would help me to build a desktop for +- 650€, say what i need to buy etc. I would appreciate it very much!! The desktop would be only for squad and some basic stuff. Thanks a lot for the advice and suggestions.
  4. Is this a good pc for squad?

    For €500 i get the full setup with IIayama HD prolite screen, mouse and keyboard. Is there a possibilty to upgrade the desktop? 16GB RAM, new cpu and motherboard?
  5. Is this a good pc for squad?

    Can you send me some links or names? And is intel not better of a ryzen?
  6. Is this a good pc for squad?

    Hello, i can buy a used desktop for €500 with following specs: - MSI Intel Z97 PC Mate (MS-7850) motherboard - i5- 4590 CPU @3.30Ghz quadcore processor- 8Gb ram - Asus RX 570 Series GDDR5 4Gb My question his, can this desktop run squad?(settings&fps) and is it possible to expand this desktop with other cpu or gpu? Looking forward to the answers! Bjarne
  7. And GPU Asus RX 570 GDDR5 4GB CPU i5-4590 3.3GHz ?
  8. Can this laptop handle the game?

    At the moment i can buy a desktop from someone with the following specs: i5-4590 CPU @3.30Ghz quadcore - 8GB RAM- Asus RX 570 Series GDDR5 4GB -MSI Intel Z97 PC Mate (MS-7850) Comes with a IIyama HD. Led Prolite screen. Should i buy it?
  9. Can this laptop handle the game?

    Okay thanks for the advise! What should you do, i have currently a macbook pro 13’ 2015 (windows and OSX) but to opitmize everything i should go to a fully windows laptop/desktop. I got to options: 1. Sell the macbook pro, buy the acer (hopefully be able to play squad and some others) 2. Keep the macbook pro and wait a year for a desktop.
  10. What about GTX 1050 4GB , i7 8750H (2.2GHz to 4.1 GHz), 16GB RAM? What fps on what settings?
  11. New Rig Incoming

    I’m currently in a similiar position of Wilson. I’m owning at the moment an macbook pro 13 2015 with OS and windows on it, and i need to go to a fully windows laptop (/pc) due work, school, etc. I am looking at an aspire 7 with i7 8750H 2.2GHz to 4.1 MHz, 16GB RAM, GTX1050 4GB, 256 GB SSD + 1TB HDD. i can’t afford to buy a desktop and a laptop at the moment. So i got 2 options: 1. Sell macbook pro and buy the acer (and hopefully to play squad and others) 2. Keep the macbook pro and wait a year to buy an desktop. Look forward for some suggestions. Greets, Bjarne
  12. Can this laptop handle the game?

    Thanks for the quick search! But all of my pc-friends don't advise me to buy HP... But here is some gameplay i found on youtube from someone with the same specs as the acer, expect he has a GTX 1060 3GB playing on EPIC! So is there is no possibility that i can play on med/high settings? (just asking)
  13. Can this laptop handle the game?

    Thank you for your reply. Looks like sh/t? Is there any laptop that can handle this game expect a 3KG weighted gaming laptop or >€2000 laptop?
  14. Can this laptop handle the game?

    Would GTX1050 ti 4GB do a big difference? Or do i need to look for 1060 or higher? i just dont want to spend more than €1200 because 1. I dont know of i’ll play this game forever and 2. I’m not a huge pc gamer.
  15. Can this laptop handle the game?

    Thank you for answering. What fps should i get on the low settings? Do you have another suggesstion of laptop?