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  1. IVECO LMV "Lince" is borning. It's been used for the British Army as well under "Panther" codename. It's a modular vehicle so the 3D model is been built in the same way for future different LMV roles.
  2. Gabriel, thanks for the advice, however first rule to take this project on rails: if it is not documented in the army library, it is not official. Can you find your advice on BR army library? Let us know when you find that. We cannot forget that we are talking about the whole Army and not only some division or special forces or mountain unit, for example. Plus, there are many companies working on projects to the army but it doesn't let them to be official gears of Brazilian Army. Those are only projects. I will appreciate your collaboration with official sources for consideration.
  3. @LaughingJack, first thanks for message. I will try again with Triangulate checked, but Triangulate and Smooth Groups are not supported when together on Maya.
  4. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Give us some status, my man.
  5. Mapping: Quick Questions Thread

    How can I set the SQMap Boundary to prevent helicopters go out of map borders? I'm drag and drop that into Persistent Level layer but it isn't enough for it work.
  6. Work in progress but 3D Modeling is almost there (Imbel AGLC 308)
  7. One of three Brazilian skin tones in-game. This one is called "pardo".
  8. Imbel ACGL .308 7.62x45mm, the marksman rifle of Brazilian Army: work in progress.
  9. Hi there, I'm working in BRA Mod project and after a lot of basic work, I got stuck on it: importing our main rifle to UE4. This is how I have organized my model on Maya 2019: Then, after modeling the rifle, I prepared to rigging, following this video steps. Here is the settings I am using to export from Maya. Notice: I turned off "Triangulate" because if I leave that with Smooth Groups, I got some errors messages. My issues begin when I try to import that on UE4. So, in UE4 here is the settings I'm using for the new weapon: Finally, here is the bad result of import. Fist: it has a hole in gun body. Second: I am not sure if the gun rigging is ok. And third: about animations, where should I do it? On Maya or UE? PS: it hasn't texture, so this point is ok.
  10. Update of Yanomami map: Real Amazon trees scales and density (but looking for performance as well)
  11. Canadian LAV bugs

    I have had the same issue in LAV. Probably the best place for you is to report that on Discord channel #b18-bug-reports (https://discord.gg/squad),
  12. Our Imbel A2 Carabine 5.56mm is borning. 3D model in its first version: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/imbel-a2-carabina-556mm-3ecfb6506f094e649d0acba3eb5d6b43
  13. Guarani's texture by CaioCarneiro.
  14. IFV Guarani destroyed version: 3D viewer: https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/vbtp-mr-guarani-ut30br-destroyed-32eaf307bf154c4783fa135a8b3693e8
  15. Basic loadout is almost ready. About the Yanomami map (amazon environment) is 50% ready too.