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  1. Deployable mine fields?

    Or both. It requires only one mine to get under the track, but that is the key, get under the track or tires. The tracks and tires are not very wide compared to the entire vehicle and out of the roads they follow a formation that would easily look like a road. A formation for the mines works as well instead of straight row.
  2. Perhaps using the supplies for AT-mine fields would be something? Maybe in rows of 5, taking quite a bit of shoveling before it gets finished. Very few classes in the game have AT-mines, and you have to place them individually, in addition to digging them to the ground. The classes are usually on the opposite side of actual military units. It is realistic, to put them down individually, but it could also be put down in rows like the usual build-able thing, as well as free them for all sides to use. Real-life militaries use anti-tank mines. I'm not sure if it wasn't added, because the IED's on cars and bikes would become rather redundant or what was the deal. Another addition to this could be a rope the 5 mines are attached to, that could be pulled from behind cover on the way of a rolling tank. Tested this in the shooting range, so unless I made a mistake somewhere it should be correct. On an unrelated note. Peer-to-peer shooting range would be nice too.
  3. Devyx Feedback

    Yeah, don't think that would be necessary, to just leap across the maps. Now they just seem to have a lot of extra weight to the characters is all. Slight changes of course.
  4. Devyx Feedback

    Checking Through the customization now: I realize there is more sights available. Damn, this game is pretty massive. Though I do think some other sights could work in this game, and you should be able to pick a sight on any available 'class' even though we act pretty much as a standardized unit. You can though if you have, use your own sights to my knowledge, if they are according to standards and at your own risk I suppose that's what it's called. And I do stand by with the sideways movement and running speed, that it could be faster. I also realize I should have specified. Though you've brought good points really.
  5. Devyx Feedback

    Running speed at least could be faster, and sideways moving as it is really painfully slow. It could be better in my opinion to speed up the sideways movement with shift if that makes sense. Essentially turning your lower body to the way you are moving, while your gun faces the door you are trying to get through in just a second. I do agree with the walking speed, it's fine I suppose. That be fair. You also don't run much while in formation, until it's time to fight really or you gotta go fast. You really got to pay attention to the formation. There is a saying "Quietly good will come" in my country, which means basically patience will get stuff done much better than rushing, though certain pace is good to keep up so things don't halt. On a fairly semi-related note: There is no peer-to-peer servers for shooting range is there? I have not been able to find the possibility, and I would really like to have around 10 people on one server try to practice the stuff. It'd be better in my opinion, compared to like renting a server I suppose.
  6. Devyx Feedback

    I do mean pretty small changes in customization, such as different vest for lighter set possibility, or a choice of different sights for the gun. (I really like the Elcan Specter DR 1-4x with a 1x "Iron sight" on the Elcan itself) The Elcan would be good to have on an M4 or an AK. Picture below: An expensive sight, but well worth it. As for maneuvering with a squad. Tight knit groups don't get separated, and a military unit is meant to be able to move together. Same camouflage obviously stays. And lastly on the Insurgency or Insurgency Sandstorm. I really do not find the maps appealing in most cases, and as you did mention its customization, there might be too many ways you can customize in that game.
  7. Devyx Feedback

    All my humble opinion, would like to hear more.
  8. Hello! I'm quite a new player and though I currently got little of gameplay, I got in to the range, and I knew I liked the game. Here's what I got out of the game, stuff I think are great, but also could use something more. New to the game, not new to military stuff and MilSim in general. - The Sound Design. It is great, sounds like the weapons and explosions really have kick in them. I do think the game could use an ear protection system, like active ear protection if that is not too much to program. Active ear protection being meant to dampen the sound when the decibels when they get too high, and others could have ear plugs or no ear protection at all. -Player movement. The player movement is solid, though you could use just a tiny bit more speed, somewhere like 2-5% in the current content build ID: 3396105. Plus maybe a weight system in addition. The characters seem to be having a bit of overweight underneath all the gear they have including weapon. Sure 2-5% is a really small amount, but I do think a soldier could move a bit faster than that. - Customization. I was hoping that we could get more customization. It does seem to be a bit lacking if I'm honest. Some sides of course don't have the same amount of gear and such available as US, UK or Russia, but those sides would do well with the customization options. Lighter gear, such as chest rigs and such should in my opinion be available for the previously mentioned teams. Balaclavas are also often used by militaries, so that is also what I would like to have. In addition to the Customization could open the weight system. Gear obviously weighs you down, most of the weight comes from the bulletproof vests. Changing them around would be nice, to a JPC or a Chestrig with just a covert vest with NIJ Level IIIA plates. I realize designing them would be difficult, but that would just be great if we had those abilities. These modern bulletproof vests are fairly new inventions relative to warfare itself, but men aren't sent without protection on the field. - Gunplay. The Gunplay in this game seems pretty good. I look forward to what new stuff happens. See you on the battlefield!