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  1. Is there a way to cancel a climbing? I've been in the situation of climbing a high wall and receiving shots. Since I wasn't able to cancel the action, I find myself on top of the wall and dead in seconds.
  2. It happened to me a lot of times, hitting an APC or TANK with a Russian tandem charge ON THE SIDE (i.e. perpendicular) and it did not even smoke and continued as always. It is my impression that HAT hits are bugged against fast moving targets, in some rare events, maybe combined with armor?
  3. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    this I've seen a lot of this happening to me. Putting a HAT on an APC moving fast and it didn't even smoke.
  4. SPG complains

    I will be brief. 1) SPG aim moves after you reload. This is super annoying. Say you aimed with the 4, then hit, miss, reload, try to adjust a bit, and the whole aim moves a lot down, like to 8 or so. 2) SPG charge has to be put all the time when you switch seats, why? Super annoying also. Why can't it be like in PR? 3) Same as 2, but when you press 1 then 2, if you were in 2, then it will start the reloading sequence again even if you didn't actually changed charges.
  5. Queue is bugged, most of the times when you are in the queue for some minutes, it bugs. It stops refreshing, you are stuck in your position. You refresh the server list and you see that the server has less people in the queue than what you have. This is really annoying, because the queue is not trusty.
  6. Why chat texts too small ?

    I support you. Not only it is small, but it lacks [ALL] and [TEAM] differentiation. Sq chat is already green.
  7. No Spawn confirmation is fine

    It is not fine for me. It should be configurable. I often misclick and spawn in unwanted locations, like main.
  8. When pressing F on a vehicle (to reload ammo or change kit), I have to wait my squad leader to approve claim of the vehicle, even if I don't want to use it. My suggestion is to let or assign another letter o the vehicle for reloading ammo or change kit, and let F for claiming.
  9. Currently you have to select a kit to see what kind of weapon yo have (scoped or not, for example). This is annoying and specially, for example, in Russian HAT kits. You select the first option but then you don't know if you have scope before spawning. So I suggest to add some form of pop up that shows the kit content / options before selecting it (that would be "on hover").
  10. I would like to know the reason, because a truck is not something that remains there, in the radio (contrary to ammo crates in Project Reality). Why is it needed in less 30mts to the radio set up location?
  11. Since the SL is speaking in the radio, it should be also heared in some level locally, don't you think? So the squad members can know what the SL is talking about with other SLs
  12. Hello, lately I was not being able to confirm my selection, and some times I missed the deploy in the list and appeared somewhere I didn't want to go. Also, I could not cancel my selection and I would not have time to switch if less than 5 seconds remains until deploy, for example. Has this confirmation been removed or is it configurable some way? Thanks
  13. I think number one works in trucks but int in APCs for example.
  14. Hello, I bought the game some months ago and at the beggining it was 90% PR, 10% Squad, and now is 100% Squad. Here are my list of suggestions after one month of playing: In PR when I pressed F1 (or my seat), I could see the whole list of people in the vehicle. Now it doesn't always happen in Squad, I don't know why (I just get the "Can't enter seat... message). I need it because some times I need to know who is driving / gunning. Some times I misplaced the HAB and I can't remove it like in PR. If my soldiers undig the HAB, I lose all the construction points. A "Remove construction" command is needed to recover the construction or replace items like .50 cals or tows. When I'm squad leader, I don't see a number in the map in my marker, like I do for other squad leaders. This would be nice to have as I can look faster at my position. This is a personal comment (well, like the rest) but you should focus more in gameplay things than in effects like the radio moving in the trucks. A way to up/down gears, because sometimes I can't move fast because of terrain but the game insists in going Gear Up, even if I'm climbing and going less than 3kmph. I then have to put reverse in order to go back to gear 1 and hold it with Shift key. In a battle of BTR 30mm vs MRAP, the MRAP wins, and I find that strange, because MRAP doesn't seem to have the level of armor and fire that a BTR has. And another time we caught a Warrior by the back, and he stared firing and we lost the battle. Are BTR underpowered, or are other vehicles overpowered? The russian HAT tandem charge doesn't seem to have markers accurate, as the round falls at 80mts more or less, instead of 100. I don't find good that one person can stick with the kit selected the whole game. Other people don't have the opportunity because of kit selection logic. The PR system for kits is good for me, maybe you could copy it? I can't see KIT availability criteria. So I can't know why I don't have the scoped AK for example. I see 0/1 (for example) but then I can't know why if 0/1 then I can't use one. I can't know beforehand (when map is loading for example) what kind of vehicles we count with. It would be nice to know how many APCs, Trucks, etc we have and their respawn time. (Again, like in PR). Maybe for small screens / resolutions you could increment a little the level of zoom. I have a 24' display but when I'm not using a scoped gun, I can't see shit. It would be nice to count with binocs for every kit. It would be nice to detect when a vehicle is flipped and left in that position some minutes, and auto destroy it. Same for vehicles abandoned for more than 20/30mins for example, to help gameplay. HABs seem like pretty difficult to destroy even with a tank, and we know that 3 tank shells should completely destroy it. And one should be enough to kill everyone inside. Well, this is the list for now, if I remember anything else I will be adding. Thanks for reading.
  15. Aiming with RPG PGO / SPG

    Hello, this is simple question, I went t the shooting range for US / RU. I aimed to the APCs at range 100 and 200 with the HAT kit. The ones for infrantry were accurate, but the Tandem HEAT was not, even if I pointed the 1 to the top of the APC, it seemed to fall like 20 meters before it. (Yes, the 1 from the bottom line that has only 1, 1,5 and 2) Then I tested the SPG, and it wasnt accurate at all. For the 300 mts target, I had to point to 400 (and to the top of the APC) for it to hit. If I use the marker in the scope aiming to the middle of the target, it will not hit anything. So I want some advice on how it works, because in PR it is pretty accurate for HEAT except for infantry ammunition that is weighter and falls sooner. Same thing for RPG iron sights, in PR when you adjust the range, it moves the sight, but in Squad the sights keeps pointing to the same place, only the bigger arch is moved up, but I can't find how to make it work.