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  1. It is really disgusting when a Commander stays in the role and he then gets kicked / disconnected. When another Commander enters the role, the timer for attacks reset.
  2. When I join a server, and I click "Russian" to join, I suddenly find myself with american kits. I look at what's going on, and it is that the game joined me in the american team even if I clicked on the russian team. This is very annoying. Please do not join people in the team they don't want. If it is not possible to join a given team, just put a message "Teams are unbalanced"
  3. Since a HAB is basically a base, it would make sense that once you capture the base, you can use it instead of destroying it. Possible way: Capture the Radio: Radio would have a lot more of health, like 5 times more to allow friendly team to stop the capture process. Spawn will be disabled at radio's 75% health. Enemy radio health should be sent to 0 (at this point will discount the 10 points to the enemy and become enemy asset. If the friendly team is the one undigging, then radio would disappear as currently) Now the radio should be dug up over 75% health to allow spawn point for friendly team. Ammunition will remain as it was before (with the other team). Construction points could or could not remain (reset to 0). Complicated part (more realistic): Assets like TOW could be used up to the HABs current ammo points. (covering the case where Militia would not have more USA-made ATGMs to reload. Maybe apply to .50 cal also in case where its bullets are not commonly produced by a wide range of countries. Given that you have construction points, you previously defensive assets (.50 cal, ATGM/SPG, would not count for the limit, i.e. you could place 2 bunkers, 2 machine guns, 1 tow, just like before). Maybe store two ammo counters and two construction counters. Assets for team1 would use ammo from team1 counters. Assets for team2 (and soldiers reload) would use ammo from team2 counters.
  4. SPG moves after shooting, but only after you move the aim a bit, why is that? SPG doesn't seem to be accurate, and I don't understand why. For example, I always mark the objective as SL, point to the number in the sight, but it always falls short. If map tells me it is 400mts far, I always have to aim 500 or even 600. Queue for joining server is BROKEN if queue is large. I had to reset the queue 3 times when trying to join a server that had 15 people in list. Maybe putting a map signal "We need supplies" would be cool, like PR has. Ability to run while reloading. I think that's all.
  5. Is there a way to cancel a climbing? I've been in the situation of climbing a high wall and receiving shots. Since I wasn't able to cancel the action, I find myself on top of the wall and dead in seconds.
  6. It happened to me a lot of times, hitting an APC or TANK with a Russian tandem charge ON THE SIDE (i.e. perpendicular) and it did not even smoke and continued as always. It is my impression that HAT hits are bugged against fast moving targets, in some rare events, maybe combined with armor?
  7. v16 HAT vs Russian Helo

    this I've seen a lot of this happening to me. Putting a HAT on an APC moving fast and it didn't even smoke.
  8. SPG complains

    I will be brief. 1) SPG aim moves after you reload. This is super annoying. Say you aimed with the 4, then hit, miss, reload, try to adjust a bit, and the whole aim moves a lot down, like to 8 or so. 2) SPG charge has to be put all the time when you switch seats, why? Super annoying also. Why can't it be like in PR? 3) Same as 2, but when you press 1 then 2, if you were in 2, then it will start the reloading sequence again even if you didn't actually changed charges.
  9. Queue is bugged, most of the times when you are in the queue for some minutes, it bugs. It stops refreshing, you are stuck in your position. You refresh the server list and you see that the server has less people in the queue than what you have. This is really annoying, because the queue is not trusty.
  10. Why chat texts too small ?

    I support you. Not only it is small, but it lacks [ALL] and [TEAM] differentiation. Sq chat is already green.
  11. No Spawn confirmation is fine

    It is not fine for me. It should be configurable. I often misclick and spawn in unwanted locations, like main.
  12. When pressing F on a vehicle (to reload ammo or change kit), I have to wait my squad leader to approve claim of the vehicle, even if I don't want to use it. My suggestion is to let or assign another letter o the vehicle for reloading ammo or change kit, and let F for claiming.
  13. Currently you have to select a kit to see what kind of weapon yo have (scoped or not, for example). This is annoying and specially, for example, in Russian HAT kits. You select the first option but then you don't know if you have scope before spawning. So I suggest to add some form of pop up that shows the kit content / options before selecting it (that would be "on hover").
  14. I would like to know the reason, because a truck is not something that remains there, in the radio (contrary to ammo crates in Project Reality). Why is it needed in less 30mts to the radio set up location?
  15. Since the SL is speaking in the radio, it should be also heared in some level locally, don't you think? So the squad members can know what the SL is talking about with other SLs