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  1. Move ass when it matters

    Haha you made me laugh. Apart from that, the two of you have some nice ideas there. The "danger sprint" would be a realistic feature for the game, without having to increase the global speed (which is a bad thing in my opinion). And the speed reload is a nice one too, it already exists in other games and should be as well in Squad.
  2. That's the solution. You got it mate you just closed the debate.
  3. Hello guys, new player here. I bought the game a few days ago, and I can't stop playing since. I come from PR, which was my favorite game ever, and it feels so cool to arrive on Squad. Everything is so beautiful (my god those explosions effects made me play alone in the shooting range just to admire them), I love the gameplay changes, and nice surprise the community seems pretty welcoming. A big thanks to the devs for this game. I will practice a lot during the next weeks, but as I come from Project it's not too hard to begin. In the end I would love to join a clan, because I love serious teamwork and especially good squadleads. I completely understand english (except if you speak with scottish accent) and I speak it quite good if you don't care for my freakin french accent. See you in game !