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  1. Alpha 16 Released

    well... troop transport with helis requires landing in the field... making you a good target and the pilots will need to practice landing... we'll see if that's going to happen ^^ Also takes a good squad-lead as Co-Pilot to communicate with the other squads as where (marking of a position) to get when (time window) for pickup... Sitting on the ground with a heli, waiting for the group to assemble... not a good idea... I'd like to train more heli flying in real conditions but most of the time there's already 3-4 pilots waiting at the helipad...
  2. Helo spotting HABs.

    Insurgent got AA guns nobody builds them... Maybe because AA guns got no protection for the gunner... They're shot out too easily... And aiming them reveals your position... AA trucks aren't too bad though... Drive to a hill, hide in a bush, wait for the chopper, kill it and change position... More like a sniper job... But when you are stationary you're taken out too easily... AA guns should have stabilization on vehicles just to make them more competitive...
  3. Huge announcement, I was wrong.

    Well done! Just I'd like to see some tunnel systems below the city...
  4. Alpha 16 Released

    Well... Blocking might not be the right path... Maybe add damage to infantry with more than 10km/h, increasing to 50%chance of bleeding from 15km/h, to incapacitated at around 25km/h, to instadeath at over 30km/h... Players won't feel restricted but, exiting from a fast driving car will be disencouraged... "Speed never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary, that's what kills people"
  5. Squad Europe

    Your Discord server seems to be down... wanted to complain about being kicked from a half full server and i was just shoveling up an ammocrate right after round started... maybe due to ping reasons? do you have a ping limit? i'm from around Frankfurt a.M. germany 400/20Mbit fiber cable... showed a 150-200ping as far as i noticed...
  6. Alpha 16 Test + AMA + TwitchCon!

    I like the map in the helis/choppers (since when became helos a word?) and would like them in other vehicles as well... Even insurgent use navigational devices (like Tom Tom's) ...
  7. Comms network

    Enemy on my position only works if SL is constantly sitting around at fob, having the map open and looking who says what and where is the speaker... Maybe we need colored active speakers on the minimaps tilo find out where that came from... Or an SOS button that makes the player on the map blinking for 5 seconds... You can't change casual players except you make the game hard to play so casual players don't play it...
  8. Hi, didn't want to open a new topic on minimaps so here's my view: I'd like to see minimaps in vehicles like they put it into the v16 choppers on testserver... Maybe with a little bit more to see, like fob markers and waypoints for better pathfinding; without the need for having the map open at all times, which blocks half the screen... For infantry it's fine to open up the map from time to time... What would he really nice is a mine Warner next to the Navi that flashes red when being 50m close to a friendly mine...
  9. +1 for elevation lines on the map and more contrast to distinguish trees from grass or building areas
  10. Remove forced Tracers from SL kits

    Maybe I'm no good squad leader (yes I know I'm bad) but my experience is that I run from cover to cover right behind my squad mates and use them as my eyes and ears and try to coordinate them individually more like a blindfolded chessplayer. In one game I was only sitting in the fob about 50m away from the mortars to coordinate the radio chat... Fireteam voicechat heard by tammates and the SL would help but would make things even more difficult for casual players... Meh most of the tools in game don't get used by the players anyway...
  11. Doesn't sound too bad, but choppers are mainly troop transport and logistics... They have the same purpose as logis just with a higher maneuverability... I fear that in future people will treat them the same... As a one way transport device... Sure everyone wants to fly them as they're new, but with flak tanks around and everybody getting to know how easily you can take them choppers out... The problem will solve itself... As of now the Problem that continues is that squad leaders are already scarce most are just teamleaders capable of handling 2or3 players... That's in my opinion the main reason behind locked squads... And I see lots of players ranting about having 10or more locked squads per side... Most of the time you only see about two infantry squads sometimes 3... In conclusion only half of the team is actually attacking or defending while the others are doing things that don't necessarily support the team in a different way than to cause a distraction... Let's wait for the commander role... I mean in "post scriptum" you got classed squads like infantry, armored and engineers/logistics but it sets more limits than it has use... In the End I'd say that it's better to limit the amount of pilots like it's done with heavy anti tank or combat engineers... It always depends on skilled squad leaders to make the best use out of the vehicles... Selfish gameplay never pays off in the end... (just my thoughts on that topic and not necessarily representing the main opinion of other gamers)
  12. Knockdown, Body Armor, Killing

    Headshot instakills... No revive possible! As well as direct hits with a tankround
  13. Suggestion for the the marksman

    Yeah I still wonder why the scoped longbarrelweapons got no bipods... HMG got bipod and is much more reliable than the sniper weapons... 1st shot you need to get the range right, 2nd shot you might get the hit and the 3rd gotta be the killing shot but you're out of breath until you hit the 3rd shot... Bipods would be a really good option...
  14. Remove forced Tracers from SL kits

    The problem is more that SL are not meant to go first line and kill, but to support and lead their squad...
  15. Helicopter Issue that needs addressing

    Not everyone needs these features... Maybe they can be added as mods... It's a game about communication and not about first come first serve... Maybe give us more statistics or badges on player profiles that give information about the skills of a specific player... Like 100hours of flight time... Maybe even some kits should be approved by the SL... On the other hand you could limit the kits to the amount of kits needed to drive all vehicles... E.g. 2 choppers = 2 pilot kits... Just sucks when you have someone with a specific kit AFK and no admin online to get rid of him...
  16. Shooting from vehicles

    Main gun and bandaging would be really nice on passengers... On motorcycles it could be pistol only +bandaging for the passenger seat.
  17. Comms seperation

    different soundchannels for different voicechats would be really nice... blocking someone's voice would be nice too (or is that actually possible already?) it's the same problem with switching sound devices... when you switch from boxes to headphones gamesound doesn't change... it sticks to the device selected before starting the game... they really need to put a developer / programmer on the soundsystem have a nice christmas and a happy new year!
  18. Ability to change audio device in-game

    sorry for digging out that old topic but i still think it should be a priority to implement that... other games like world of tanks implemented it in the beginning of the year... (or was it end last year?) it should be possible for you guys too! (hope the developers or admins read this and send it to the right people!) Greetings, have a nice Christmas and a happy new Year