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  1. Comms seperation

    different soundchannels for different voicechats would be really nice... blocking someone's voice would be nice too (or is that actually possible already?) it's the same problem with switching sound devices... when you switch from boxes to headphones gamesound doesn't change... it sticks to the device selected before starting the game... they really need to put a developer / programmer on the soundsystem have a nice christmas and a happy new year!
  2. Ability to change audio device in-game

    sorry for digging out that old topic but i still think it should be a priority to implement that... other games like world of tanks implemented it in the beginning of the year... (or was it end last year?) it should be possible for you guys too! (hope the developers or admins read this and send it to the right people!) Greetings, have a nice Christmas and a happy new Year