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  1. Of course it would draw in more players, but not just for that reason alone. Its a factor and not a major reason people would play. The feeling of "Holy crap" seeing someone head flap open up. But honestly, small arms bullets don't cause too much gore to the torso. Its mostly head/arm/leg or other limb shots that make the nasty looking shredded meat. Then of course the bigger weapons that make bodies turn to pile of dust that settled on top, so bombs don't usually cause blood leaking gore like someone getting knifed. On top of the fact liver mortis of the blood sinking to lowest laid out parts of dead body takes away the blood effect if applied properly. Guts, blood, bone, flesh, organs.... that's all we are physically. For some reason posts about this bother forum admins. Its funny how people who make rules or enforce them because they want to apply... sometimes they just do things to make them comfortable off the assumption it makes others comfortable. Like they get mad when they have to say "We clearly said this will not be implemented and closed the thread"... despite the fact its clearly discussion theory not an addition idea. Also they would legally have to ESRB their game with a rating.
  2. Female soldier models

    I just don't want it that is one reason.... Who are you to decide what is a "legitimate reason", give YOU one legitimate reason that you set the standard of its legitimacy. I wont give you the time of day, I don't need a legitimate reason not to, even if I give you one you say its not good enough. Now that I say this you will probably correct your SJW subjective type of behavior telling someone to give you their legitimate reason to not do this, which like I said would not fit your standard of a legitimate reason.. Having female models just to fill for a minority demographic is dumb, just having female models in Squad, Project Reality where you are assigned your specific gear for a kit... The US Army I can assure you have infantry units petition without discrimination reasons cited for legal purposes to remove certain females from units or transfer themselves out of the unit. Women rip units apart that formed brotherhoods, part of how good leaders get sent away.. This is just like the "good idea" club I heard about from every vet I know who says don't join, good idea club from generals talking about mostly unknown things making bad decisions that just create annoying hassles of existence on top of every possible problem it could bring. The problem doesn't have to be big, I don't want to shut my guys up in the chopper because of pilots breasts under pilot gear while I brief them with survival orders and job. Its not a gut feeling of something will happen. Its something I don't even want to hear or have implied whether she talks or not. Focus on what Squad is. Flag attack/defense, building, long range combat simulation transitioning to close combat. Its not rocket science. Nothing about character models need to grow with the community, why should we have it? Just because a small vocal portion of the player base says they want it? Then you ride off the silence or people not caring, people not knowing this is a thing with you needy COD, CS:GO, Rainbow 6, other FPS type players. I heard this is how the Army(whole military) actually got messed up, "leaders" from West Point apart of the "good idea" club. Like where stupid needless decisions that have little impact are implemented just to satisfy a certain demographic of people. I don't even want to hear jokes about woman in game. Like im all for freedom of speech and everything, but the fact this forum wasn't closed off by the admins tells me they are on to the idea. A small vocal minority like you will repeat yourselves over this issue everywhere to make it seem like its larger demographic that people will falsely report to developers in many ways "people want female models in game".... Just no, this is what happened to Battlefield 5, no reason to do this. Funny thing is my response here will probably get blocked like many others im sure had legitimate reasons not to. Sorry, but the rules of the forum with "blocking" certain comments against things just tells me the SJW behavior will infiltrate under other pretenses of development, then you will hear this in a development team meeting or piece of paper for "things people want" just slid in there. Once it comes up on that paper in the meeting instead of SHUTTING it down, the facilitator of the meeting will "push it aside for later"... BOOM the minority falsely implanted their stupid wants under the nose of the majority. That's why we aren't doing this. The Army lowered its fitness standards not just for women, but for all those weaker less manly men who have the physical capability to get strong, but not the mental capability to push past the pain.... Is this what we want Squad to become? Where a minority of infiltrating leaders who want their ideas implemented for the small minority that cant get "full enjoyment" out of the game? Female models would not draw new people to the game, you come to Squad and PR for gameplay, not the character models. I don't want any snowball of this rolling and getting bigger. When I see a suggestion that wants to make game play more arcade like... I have seen suggestions that said people wanted 20 minute rounds instead of 45-60 minute rounds... That's what PR was and what would the point of building be? I want 2 hour rounds, which sometimes drag out in Project Reality like that and its fun. Every map has a fun spot in edge of cap to build on and fight, I could change maps if I wanted to... But I'm fighting, but because people get so impatient or try fighting like a COD, Battlefield player instead of a Project Reality player with camouflage, teamwork, firing and moving away from their tracers, shooting through bushes they don't like coming to attack while they keep losing tickets slowly by deaths. So we have to cater to them? Just gives them more time to try something new, or maybe they just mindlessly run at objectives the same way without thinking to try something new and taking time to set it up.
  3. 10th installation of Grumps tips -When you build an HMG nest of .50 cal emplacements you may notice you come under accurate fire within that HMG box often. To reduce the effectiveness of the enemy fire throw smoke grenades at least the max throw distance from the HMG. Visually memorize your target zone and suppress through the smoke, enemy will miss more. -To place effective counter laze to draw enemy CAS fire away from objective or your position place your laze 100 meters off your position in a believable location away from friendlies. Call out your laze location to other squads to make sure their squad mates stay away from counter laze. If enemy infantry or vehicle is in the area place counter laze on it while you hide in hopes of a trigger happy enemy CAS gunner even if your own CAS is down. -When defending a position that is scarce on ammo with no way to re-supply, as a leader apply and set fire control techniques to control rates of suppression as needed to keep the position defended and defenders alive. When not in contact call out for probing fire 1 round every 3-30 seconds as needed, when in contact call for 1 round every 1-15 seconds with mag dumps as needed. Encourage good shot placement and enforce height of a man as deep as you can. -When defending a position call out for ammo checks when ammo is scarce. Call out in a top to bottom fashion based on map position whether north to south or west to east "Belts, nades and mags, from north man to south man call out how many you got?"... Fix up positioning and dictate your survival orders based on status of everything. Call for those without ammo to set themselves up like camouflaged trap spiders with their knives, preferably sneaking to nearest possible enemy firing position or wounded enemies. -When you see a friendly start to move cover him immediately by suppressing known and unknown possible enemy positions to draw fire and attention to yourself as a priority target. Divide the fire and attention away from your friendlies by firing and moving to set this naturally occurring non-communicated teamwork action as an example for them to mimic. 11th Installation of Grump/Gump.45 tips inspired by lessons learned from the "Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist" -When a enemy flag is about to go neutral stay at your defense flag if you are under contact to prevent back capping. Focus on surviving and suppressing, request status reports on enemy cap percentage so you can start moving out as early as possible. Regroup off the defense cap you can leave. Enemy attacking squads may still come for you. -Once the enemy objective is close to being neutral let the transport squad know you will need a ride from a safe LZ away from the defense objective. Pre-plan a safe LZ you can make it to using terrain, camouflage, smoke grenades or other methods. Enemy may chase you away from the old defense objective so be prepared to protect chopper from LAT and stick in sight of each other to get in chopper faster. -Don't throw color smoke directly on LZ for chopper pick up, never throw smoke for FOB crate drops. Use color smoke as distraction away from friendly forces to make it seem like a bigger push is coming from another direction. Use color smoke as a visual reference with a direction and range from the smoke for what you are referencing. -When making callouts on the map don't just say the Grid and keypad, give a map reference point and direction, distance estimation at least and description from it to save squad leaders the time like "South of the radio tower enemy 300 meters heading north"..."North Eastern side of the city tanks moving south 50 meters outside perimeter"... "In the fields east of the factory 600 meters super FOB" -If you are the last man defending an objective and still outnumbered by enemy with no chance of getting medic up, or worse no medic play dead. Drop your kit away from other kits and each other(if 2 playing dead for more guerilla chaos), go prone and put your hands up. Get in a good spot, facing a good way on some rubble/trash/grass/table leg/chair leg/box corner/rock or something to hide one of your elbows angled for hands on head. Don't move, listen for footsteps. Take screen shots, use your grenades or find some from a kit/crate/dead enemy at the opportune moment to hit bunched enemies then RUN... S.E.R.E - Survive, Escape, Resistance, Evasion -When playing dead provide intel for friendlies, mark the position with color smoke grenades, sneak around checking kits. Smoke up the enemies face and your area to sneak around in. Run around in the smoke punch one and run to create paranoia for enemy to TK each other, find the enemy crates for their rifleman kits, throw their grenades. Manage your kit drop function properly without spamming it to drop your kit/enemy kit when needed. Fire their rifles in the enemy direction from crate. Ambush anyone who checks. Beat AFKs up with your fists. -When playing dead you may find for some reason that you cant move due to enemy being in the area, keep at it. Don't move or your whole body moves. If you must turn your whole body take your chance to do it fast right after enemy passes. Face toward the whole squad. The reaction of enemy may be funny and abnormal as if they "saw something", they may even start to calmly shoot you if you move, they may not notice it. The enemy may start to check kits of "dead" bodies. Don't let him get your kit, or let him get your kit then take his running to a dead friendly body. Don't let him kick your body or you move QUITE NOTICEABLY if he touches/pushes against you. -When choosing a spot to play dead do it among other bodies whether enemy or friendly to camouflage yourself so you don't stand out. If you have to play dead while traveling due to enemy vehicle or enemy squad passing by your camouflage you will be forced to be a lone body most likely. Over open desert where minimal camouflage plants are available play dead and hope the passing enemy doesn't question your lone body, keep your "dead" body out of far long range angles of snipers who may have seen you do it while watching his friendly vehicles path.
  4. Female soldier models

    We don't have those factions, not the Kurdish women and the other girls fighting Daesh. We don't have those factions and those women are more likely to see combat and get shot at on a daily basis than US female personnel... along with the fact those groups the women fight for are in need of actual fighters, whose job is to fight primarily until their second hand skills are needed like engineering. They have small groups of a small faction, its beautiful when these groups have women with them surviving long enough to do their jobs as medics. Ive seen footage of these women fighting, drawing fire and shooting back. That's what war is for the individual and I am proud everytime I see a woman doing a mans job..... But not in Squad... Maybe if we add those factions because those KURDISH fighters have a high percentage of female fighters. Female infantry. I don't care if the USMC has like 5 infantry women, I don't care if US Army has woman getting shot at doing logistics'. I hope they are OK.... BUT I don't give enough of a significant crap to put them in Squad.
  5. Repacking magazines

    I agree 100% there is many ways to implement these little functions and variations of it. Not only could you re-pack magazines but if they give a rifleman bandolier that any soldier can carry out of a crate, set down or use off their body. This should be separate from rifleman ammo bags and any soldier except machine gunners with ammo belts should be able to carry bandoliers. Same for ammo belts too, every soldier should be able to carry one extra ammo belt or a bandolier. One or the other for extra ammo... bandoliers carry stripper clips of 10 rounds per clip. There is a magazine stripper clip feed adapter that you put on the back of your mags. 3 feeds into an empty magazine takes 15 seconds about or less. Then take single bullets out of magazine then refilling partially empty ones should take as many second as there are bullets, never taking a mag with 15-20 rounds and emptying it, but those 15-20 ones being refilled taking the mags mostly empty. We need the ability to share magazines, as well. Like how we can set down ammo bags as rifleman for everyones ammo. But make the magazines, bandoliers and ammo belts be throwable like the hand grenades. With respective weights and maximum throwing distances differing considered. Magazines should throw like hand grenades then be picked up like ammo bags when rifleman retrieve them to carry them. Also give the function of magazines to drop individually like rifleman ammo bag. …. So 3 ideas here. Repacking ammo, bandoliers/ammo belts, setting down and throwing mags/belts/bandoliers to each others area. So we can reload each others magazine from throwing distance. I need to give my medics something to do while my tips and orders keep everyone alive. I want full ammo carrying capabilities
  6. Female soldier models

    Not sorry, I am 100% against female soldier models in this game, lets not turn this into Call of Duty and the new Battlefields. Show me one video of heavy combat footage with terrain like Korengal having OPs, COPs, etc manned by women. Just so many reasons to not do this, especially when they add female voices to any game. Just gives someone something to spam over and over again just because its a different voice and a woman. People would use it to troll and nag, I don't want to hear attack orders coming out of it. Not being yelled, just lets not do this. For the sake of PLAY THE GAME. To address the red quoted parts of what that guy said "devs need to stop wasting time making forest pixel hunts" that is exactly what using camouflage is. You see some suspicious dot moving through gaps in the bush branches its probably an enemy using camouflage. I cant stand you people who hate woodland/jungle/vegetation maps, both for development of the games and the map votes for those maps. Desert terrain is like the easiest difficulty for terrain if you were to push "Easy, Medium, Hard" modes for skills needed to survive. The people who don't like woodland maps are the ones who don't know how to use camouflage and communicate to prevent friendlies from compromising another persons occupied camouflage. This ruins it for the what is now minority of players who have been playing Project Reality and Squad partially for this reason, to use camouflage on those maps. But now since the Call Of Duty community found Squad after years of repetitive programming of "spawn, sprint, don't think, rush, don't take cover, die.. RAGE ABOUT CAMPERS" Those types of people coming from Call Of Duty who switched over to Battlefield once BF:V was done catering to the COD players, then those same players come to Squad and want to ruin it. I will not have this on a game I paid for that did not have it in the first place. It is YOU Call Of Duty players and CS:GO players, Rainbow 6 siege players who need to adapt to OUR play style... Squads play style, if you don't understand what that is play Project Reality, you are more likely to find me there than Squad. Watch my Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist and read my tips to learn how to survive and adapt from your style of un-skill related playing of video games. Rainbow 6, COD, CS:GO make me sick to think that American kids play those games for years and practice implementing no skills that could be done with their body.... Did nobody play hide and seek outside in the woods as a child? Never practiced using camouflage?
  7. The killing power of cartridges 7.62

    He will bleed out unless he applies a tourniquet and bandages. It doesn't guarantee survival but if the dude isn't in a state of hysteric pain or saying crazy stuff from light headed blood loss then he can keep fighting from a fixed position. So only headshots really end the threat right away because the hydrostatic shock will crack that medulla in the brain. Don't forget graze wounds and flesh wound. You can get shot on the edge of your bare skull with minor indentation wound penetration coming off a ricochet or bounced bullet that lost velocity and survive being fully conscious, your brain will swell to fill the wound and you will feel headache plus screwed vision/weird smells and hearing. Even with full velocity bullets, getting shot in the jaw on your head doesn't kill you... this is why you never go for headshots on big game animals because you risk jaw shots and they will run off then starve to death if they don't bleed out from artery hits.
  8. v13 everyone(?) gets optics

    In my "Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork" playlist with 7,500 views and over 200 playlist saves here are the subjects that are taught in order from basic survival to more advanced tasks and methods. The insurgents don't need scopes, they need this and leaders. This gives them both. Also structured with pre-requisite subjects before the next one (I.E- Individual Fieldcraft Camouflage leads to the next subject Construction section due to the need for fighting emplacements/assets needed to be camouflaged) 1.) Individual Movement Techniques (includes individual fieldcraft introduction) 2.)Squad/Fireteam Movement Formations 3.)Combat Techniques of Fire 4.)Close Quarters Combat/Survival 5.)Troop Leading Procedures/METT-TC 6.)Getting Ambushed 7.)Combined Arms Breach 8.)Advanced Squad Formations/Techniques 9.)Battle Reviews 10.)Individual Fieldcraft Camouflage 11.)Construction section 12.)Artillery Methods 13.)Assaulter/Defender 14.)Mounted Vehicle Weapon Methods 15.)Conducting Ambush Operations 16.)Sniper Methods 17.)Booby Traps 19.)Dog Fights with Jets 20.)Introduction to Memes 21.)MK-Ultra Combat Programming (bottom of playlist, really gives you a OP special power bar within your human self to Survive, Escape, Resist and Evade your enemies... Basically what happened to me and led to all my tactics that are in typed out orders)
  9. While I have no problem with all conventional force countries having optics/scopes like Russia, Britain, USA or any other faction from Project Reality that had scopes. I do have a problem with un-conventional insurgents getting more scopes or worse all of them having scopes. In Project Reality most if not all insurgent kits had binoculars except for Chechen Militia PKM/grenadier, which was fine. I understand why people want optics from a deep level of understanding, years of COD and other FPS arcade close range games of "spawn, sprint, don't think, don't take cover, jump, shoot, die, rage" and the repetitiveness of all these actions in games makes people less capable of picking up what they need to learn to survive and kill in Squad. Not just the concept of learning to see and trying to shoot accurately at tiny far dots, but overall survival and teamwork tactics. Aside from Vanilla public servers having no teamwork on insurgent forces and the fact insurgents need a good commander or else iron sights AKM/other weapons turns everyone into incompetent rushers... nobody was taught how to use iron sight weapons as insurgents. This is why nobody liked iron sight weapons, they don't know how to take more than one type of basic hug the wall and peek out cover feeling like they will get shot because enemy has a scope. Rather than using multiple layers of cover/concealment that is distanced apart and allows them to hit the target zone they use a single wall or frontal berm. They stand up against windows in the middle of them blocking other friendlies from firing out the back of the room. Running in open frequently without awareness of possible likely enemy position. APC/IFV comes along and everyone hides in one building, one dude stands up and Bradley kills everyone because the impatient guy didn't want to move slowly and crawl, just happens to stand up right in front of the window or runs in front of windows. Forget military stuff, this is human stuff. You don't need to be in the military to know these things are common sense avoidable once you know the threats, capabilities and possibilities of the enemy and how to survive. Its not a military thing, its a human thing, it just happens on a very large organized skill in the military with these skills being taught. Anyone can learn quickly based off a brief instructional description or better yet a instructional demonstration. Giving most if not all insurgents scopes will kill realism of the conventional vs un-conventional force firefight feeling. Also if there is no iron sight alternative option it makes close quarter combat a hip fire fest. I already have a teamwork training playlist for Squad and Project Reality with over 7000 views and it has worked to teach people. I also have many orders pre-typed out to use to teach people that I use to keep people alive while playing. If you point people toward it or modify it yourself to what you feel would improve a new players skills, then you wouldn't feel the need as developer to cater with optics to these COD type of game raised players who want to like and enjoy playing as insurgents. But they need iron sights to enjoy the game from what I hear, yet they join the insurgent team because they want to role play, in Project Reality on a full server on a Afghanistan map you got 2 snipers, 3 marksmen, 3 spotters and AP kit with scopes. I would have no problem with everyone having iron sights in PR seeing how mainly noobs will grab the sniper kit or stand around the longer surviving more skilled snipers/marksmen to the point of harassing them for the weapon. As insurgent commander in Project Reality on literally every match of it I played I had about 10 orders to get the job done, of both everyone surviving longer to defend one cache longer and controlling the enemy. I would both type and say these orders over the radio/local and demonstrate them as I say them. These orders take away the need for optics. Top order I use as insurgents is "Fire at the height of a man as deep as you can where no friendlies are on all areas of cover and concealment till you have signs of enemy to shoot at"...2nd order "Move cover to cover, camo to camo 1-3 seconds in the open exposed maximum, police up each others exposure and camouflage, don't stick out, keep each other alive"...These first two orders alone keep people alive and defend the cache without emplacements in Project Reality as Afghan Tali insurgents..3rd order "build up the roadblock trash trench fighting positions made of 2 roadblocks forming narrow trench to protect from explosives, take cover and dig if explosive are inbound"... 4th order of business "Don't rush enemy and die, don't get vehicles destroyed, civilians don't get arrested, this gives intel on caches. We need to defend and kill as many for one cache as possible. Shoot long range, re-arm, repeat all weapons".... Continuing my standard orders is 5th order "Maintain 300 meter perimeter on 1 known cache with everyone(50) defending that cache, once second cache goes up divide our forces as needed. North cache is safer, needs only 2 squads"...6th order "We need experienced martyr volunteers to get killed to keep enemy intel points down, don't get arrested, don't have empty hands. Stay away from un-armed friendlies. Draw enemy into traps civilians" ….7th order "Keep suicide vehicles out of sight moving behind cover until the final stretch toward the enemy, stay out of visual angle until you are right up on the enemy. Take safe route to final stretch." … 8th order "Ammo techie volunteers run back to main, keep the ammo trucks alive, drop ammo for sappers and decoy cache locations so we can keep shooting"...9th order "all sappers re-arm from trench fighting positions, tell the fighting position to cover you while you go down their field of fire to place IEDs in trash/grass/paper/bodies path of enemy."..... So do you understand what I am saying? With these 9 tactics I listed, and I have 100s of them detailed for every situation to survive and kill quickly at the right moment the right way to keep everyone alive, you don't need the optics for insurgents. Everyone is making the same point about "I hate pixel shooting at 500 meters"... that's how it is IRL, shooting at dots and I take pride in that. This isn't Call of Duty where you are guaranteed to hit your target especially if you are using the same method and same intersecting spot of your bullet, especially if its you being one guy with iron sights shooting at one visible accurate target in the open. Squad is a teamwork based game, requires teamwork to hit targets at that range with 2 guys to increase the chances. Don't cater to these people who find Squad off a YouTube channel that did Call Of Duty or other close range arcade games since like 2008 or 2011 then showcased Squad once. Teach these people for free, with free information that you don't have to program, debug or spend money on even. Most of us here for the realism and the new improved better graphic Project Reality don't want insurgents to have scopes because we like playing as insurgents. Don't cater to the people who switch to insurgent team because they want to play insurgents when they should really stay on the other team for the conventional forces scope, that is literally the case in Project Reality with people who complain as insurgents. Keep the game the same with Conventional versus un-conventional forces. Insurgents should have minimal scopes and those scopes shouldn't go to un-skilled players who just want a scope but cant identify a head silhouette exposed in the back of a dark room... because that's the Conventional forces marksmen with a higher powered scope obviously doing the right thing the right way. I cant stand when I'm playing as insurgents and I see un-skilled marksmen running in the open over perfect defilade patches with camouflage vegetation to stay alive, where he could expose himself to one direction at a time and look that one direction at a time. Staying alive forever.
  10. While I like the idea of the new animations in v13 for talking on radios and how it smoothly goes from talking back to ADS... holding rifle down not at the ready when talking on a radio that is not always necessary for multiple reasons and many situations it wouldn't be done. Especially in urban enviroments. One reason is equipment set ups that allow you to keep rifle (especially SBR) up while talking on comms like having headset routed into a high cut helmet with push to talk on the headset connected to the radio, another variation would be to have a push to talk on plate carrier between headset and radio which many comms guys will buy themselves to try if not issued. Third set up is just a radio mounted to the front. All these set ups you can keep your rifle up with one hand or let it rest on cover while up and at the ready to fire while using left hand to talk. So please consider these basic equipment setups with the PRC-117 "green gear" radios. I have no clue on the backpack radios. Then for the hand signals, they are all the same and don't make sense. For me this could be a problem, I multi task many things at once doing it right after the other with all types of orders, I use the markers a lot for a passive order to build/defend/attack a very specific location of cover to insert from or use as a fixed position. If things get very hot I call retreats and set move markers to confirm locations to keep everyone alive and moving within objectives. These hand signals are all the same pretty much and no use, im afraid they will prevent me from shooting in a "hot minute" engagement. Would like to be able to just use the left hand to signal while aiming down side of gun/hip at least incase I need to fire just like in real life. Shoulder rifle with one hand, signal with other hand focusing on target zone.
  11. Why can't tanks blow up...

    In Project Reality which Squad is based off of we had to use a breacher with a single C4 to blow up the weapons cache, overtime the cache could take damage from artillery, armor, grenades etc... but you could repair it with a combat engineer. Not everything in Squad is going to be 100% realistic for many reasons, like not using actual tools to repair right spots of vehicles and such. Same goes for many other functions, but the actions of clicking and holding to repair something represent a realistic action. So when combat engineers are fully functional in this game like in PR them repairing the cache represents going through ammo to check for useable RPGs/IEDs/bullets/belt links. Of course cache is small pile that shouldn't be unlimited, oh well, its the objective. Quit playing Squad like its an arcade FPS game, take your time to control every angle with 20+ skills taught in the Squad v12 teamwork playlist on YouTube and my personal tips in the forums... get cache clear of enemy, hold it until you get C4 up there with you, better yet bring someone with C4 in a 2nd breach team that takes less danger since you cant pick up kits yet.
  12. V13 Optics

    Guan, aside from doing those minor things to win, which doesn't take the whole team to lock down bridges or take out logistics... but when I was commanding insurgents everyday in Project Reality the way we won was by fighting like insurgents. Using deterrent far ambush fire aimed out at the height of a man, shooting before they even looked like dots. Putting RPGs in places of cover within the ground or buildings. Responding to perimeter breaches with close quarters combat and the continued long range ambush to support the CQC from a different direction while watching other directions. Putting IEDs in trash in spots where no reasonable friendly would walk or survive getting to by himself. Fighting like insurgents wins these games, cutting off supplies is easy if the enemy keeps taking same route. Its the way each individual shoots, moves, camouflages himself and every method to manipulate enemy. I hate when people have iron sights waiting to see individual enemy even through binocs. Those shots where people take time to aim should happen 5% of the time outside of CQC, always try to hit them if you can but focus on suppression at height of a man. This gets me and many others random kills.
  13. V13 Optics

    I don't care about everyone having optics except for the insurgents. In Project Reality when its conventional vs conventional everyone has a scope but can choose iron sight ALT. The only kits without a scope are the combat engineer kit sometimes for some factions. Some factions naturally have iron sights for some kits like Israeli Defense Forces NEGEV automatic rifleman has iron sights or the French/Canadian machine gun having Iron sights. For insurgents in Project Reality the only kits that had scopes were marksmen, sniper, spotter and anti-personnel claymore kit. That's how it should stay for Squad. The developers should acknowledge new players to Mil Sim will not like or know how to fight enemy with scopes using iron sights, so they should give procedures and tips.. They should make demonstrations on how its done to every detail. Problem with most people is they come from games like Call Of Duty, which everyone has played at some point. If you play too much COD the repetitiveness of spawn, sprint, don't think, die has a forever lasting effect that's hard to break. You stand in the open too much, even if you are "safe" in the moment you will eventually get shot due to not being aware of this concept. You expect enemy to show themselves, you expect enemy to look obvious(not like a dot) even when they do show themselves, you expect them in the open. COD causes people to think about more in the moment rather than the future, like for example a COD style FPS player will sprint in Squad past a good location with lots of cover instead of waiting there for enemy to show up. The developers could send new players to my survival tips or survival playlist called "Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork" playlist to teach these new players the skills needed. I call the playlist the "Civilian Instant Elite" program because it teaches in detail all the skills needed to survive that I put into orders work. Fighting against scopes with iron sights is fun. Its really just a lot of shooting and moving making the enemy look somewhere that you just were. Basically making the enemy look where you want them to. Most people wont survive before using all their ammo, so we need to encourage ammo usage and re-supply. You don't survive long enough to use your ammo, you use your ammo to survive long enough. Like with scopes, assume you are seen then move by going around and behind cover, literally moving back if needed to go around out of sight and enter new position from back out of sight.
  14. 7th installation of Grump's survival orders and methods from the Squad v12 and Project Reality teamwork playlist -For helicopter pilots transporting troops, take a look at where you are requested to take the guys in the chopper. If it is too dangerous of a location due to distance from possible enemy tell the squad you are transporting the safest, next closest landing zone you can take them to. Tell the squad 500 meters is 2 minutes on foot, 1000 meters is 4 minutes. - Ideally as a chopper pilot your chosen route should provide cover of hills or concealment of tall forests. Stay out of range of enemy until you have the final safe direction approach. If you go around and come from enemy main direction you can confuse enemy. -As a chopper pilot who needs to go into a hot landing zone to pick up or drop off troops and supplies, to ensure survival call in artillery or for airstrikes designated by ground forces or yourself on the map on areas the enemy could possibly fire on you from. Reduce the window of opportunity that your chopper is a target, don't come in from the same directions each time. -As a transport squad leader if you are evacuating a defensive unit who needs to move up to the next defensive cap zone, but they are still under attack work out a LZ for them to break contact and fall back to. Help out by communicating the plan to your commander and giving him a marker to mark for evacuating squad leaders pre planned LZ. This is faster than the squad leader evacuating having to look for that grid and mark it for his squad or having to plan it himself (Stresses Grump Out). - As a transport pilot for fast hover drop off, 10 meters is the proper elevation to safely drop troops un-injured on to the ground without landing. Watch and get a feel for this elevation, remember to not be moving except to turn chopper during the fast drop. -Drop supplies for troops in cover close to their fighting positions if you have the time, behind clusters of foxholes, defilades, good camouflage positions to keep them alive. This will allow them to access ammo quicker without running out into the open to get ammo from a poorly placed crate, giving them more immediate firepower and grenades. 2 crates close together in same spot allows for faster grenade re-arms. -A chopper gunners job is to suppress all areas of cover and concealment where no friendlies are upon entering the most likely possible danger zones where enemy could spot or hear the choppers direction. They should also jump out upon landing with the troops as only flares and evasive maneuvers will save the chopper from AA and other return fire. For CAS door gunner who stay in suppress everywhere no friendlies are on attack runs. 8th installation of Grump/Gump.45 standing orders from Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 teamwork playlist -Program your mind to survival, awareness and communication. Be aware like a radar using senses of sight, sound... know all possibilities in any situation based on angles, assets, safety, terrain etc both on your teams end and the enemies end. Be aware of what enemy may know or assume. The goal is first to stay alive to keep the objective. Keep others alive. -Your mind is the greatest weapon regardless of the kit you have, don't let the enemy mess with your mind or manipulate you and do everything to mess with the enemies. I.E use methods like probing fire giving the enemy tracers to shoot back at revealing their position to you, force enemy out of terrain by shooting at them even when you don't see them. Stress them. -Base teamwork off METT-TC considerations (Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops - Time, Civil considerations) to apply to each situation. It should be considered before and during each match to keep people alive, Mission is always to keep people alive first to complete objectives. Think about enemy equipment and how they might use terrain to survive with it. Know all possibilities and in depth status of friendly/enemy/objectives then apply time to be more effective and better anticipate enemy. -Use less ammo than the enemy, draw fire to your location in one spot by shooting less than what enemy is using. Shoot through foliage, through loop holes, over rubble or other areas of concealment remaining eye level with it to stay least exposed. Once enemy attention is drawn to a location move to another, waste the enemy ammo and time by being frustrating target. -Use tracers to direct your teams firepower identifying target zones with both outgoing and incoming tracers. For a team with iron sights going up against scopes use the tracers of the team with scopes to direct large volumes of firepower aimed with iron sights over and around the enemy general location. Saturate all areas at the height of a man, don't forget to be eye level with your cover/concealment. -Stay out of angle of enemy armor especially if it has thermal FLIR vision, don't peek to look at it, don't stand up around friendlies hiding from it, move around it behind deep cover and don't give it any target opportunity. Always be aware if you are going to be exposed to it from a future or current position, make sure others are aware of the danger. Don't get other people killed. -Apply window of opportunity concept to every situation. For example the window of opportunity to be shot, to be seen, the time to safely move, the window of time where no armor will be a threat. Wait for these windows of opportunity and manipulate them to you advantage. It can make a sniper shoot a specific location or get a full squad across open desert. -This historic explanation I(Grump) learned about colonial volunteers questioning their orders as noted by French General Marquis de Lafayette in the American Revolution explains the structure of my orders. "These Americans frequently question every order and carry it out slowly, or even with incompetence.. they seem to more effectively follow orders once a justification, description or explanation follows it or is included."-General Lafayette letter, source YT:channel -Yale Courses- Search-Yale Courses American Revolution professor Freeman. -When throwing smoke grenades from within cover and/or concealment such as a field of tall grass. Arc the throw of your smokes low enough for them to go far, but not too high of an arc that the enemy can immediately track the origination of that smoke throw. This way you avoid attracting immediate fire and attention from throwing smoke. -When crossing open ground with a lot of distance to cross before your next safe cover or concealment position, always while under the risk enemy fire use what is called the "Rush" technique for moving. Its a 1-3 second sprint then going prone through tall grass or using far away cover to angle yourself away from possible enemy firing positions. You run 1-3 seconds, go prone whether seen or not, always moving forward and to the left forward or right forward by crawling the repeating sprint -A good basic defensive positioning technique for the defend objective is to use a fence line, berm line or other linear obstacle you can see along the whole length of. Build foxholes and emplacements along the fence line and facing HMGs towards areas of cover, foliage concealment or otherwise good terrain for enemy to get close without being seen. The enemy will have to either engage and/or cross the open ground or follow the fence line to your position within objective. -When you are the last man in a defend or enemy objective on a failed attack, there is no shame in playing dead. This deceptive practice can lead to causing mayhem for the enemy. To play dead find a good spot with bodies, rubble or other inconspicuous spot, face yourself a good direction to watch. Drop kit, prone, put hands up, don't move. Enemy cap zones may have crates with many rifleman kits dropped next to it, sneak to crates, clear the area with their un-used grenades/smokes. Don't forget to cycle your own kit every time you can drop your kit again. -When securing an objective and patrolling/waiting for counter attack check all the bodies to confirm that they are dead, utilize enemy munitions such as un-used LAT/HAT, grenades, ammo bags, ropes and machine guns for suppression. Call out when you are using enemy weapons in local to avoid confusion, call it out many times before, during and after you fire enemy weapons.
  15. 5th post of Grump/Gump.45 standing orders learned or inspired from Squad v12 Teamwork playlist lessons -Techis .50 cal trucks for insurgents patrol the objective caches, moving forward into cover for driver and least amount of exposure needed for gunner on corners or road blocks. Do not one man techis or other mounted MG vehicles, keep them at range suppressing where no friendlies are to keep enemy on their toes. Use the ammo, re-arm, repeat. Techi trucks run insurgent transport -Unless you are behind cover with mounted machine gun techi trucks defending the cache, don't sit still with the techi to shoot accurately at range with iron sights. Drive as fast as you can drawing attention and fire to the truck. Anticipate armor, TOW and incoming CAS directions to keep yourself and the vehicle near evasive cover to move to while driving fast. The machine gunners should be firing at the height of a man as best as they can no matter how bumpy or unstable to draw fire and practice aiming while going on bumpy rides. Longer you are exposed speeding and more you are watched more likely you will die. -For ammo techy trucks run ammo to positions where sappers can re-arm from crates you placed in cover. Run ammo to good fighting position buildings/roadblocks close to the cache as well to encourage friendlies to man the position creating a decoy cache the enemy wastes time trying to reach. -For rocket techy as insurgents defending the cache its recommended mortars are claimed as well to increase fire power capability on area targets. When firing over and past friendlies fire farther than needed then bring it in closer, with enemy between artillery and friendlies position, fire shorter then gradually increase range. Learn from Karmakuts Rocket Techi tutorial, Cpt.MikeMei mortar tutorial and the Squad v12 and Project Reality 1.5 Teamwork playlist Artillery skill subject. -As insurgents setting up positions waiting for enemy to come within sight of routes to the cache position yourself to control the maximum possible engagement range all around. Ideally 50-100 meters is good for acquiring accurate targets quickly when watching full time. Set up positions to shoot at different ranges with each appropriately manned with kits and proper cover. -As insurgents engaging long range targets as part of a group, fire at the height of a man on all area and point targets of cover and concealment until you have accurate signs of the enemy to shoot. This will have many effects including making them move more slowly and cautious later on as they get closer. This among many other factors buys you time and advantages. -When using bomb cars/trucks to attack enemy move from cover to cover, along the length of cover out of sight of the enemy as long and as far as possible while traveling. Do this until you are at the final speed stretch to detonate right on the enemy, especially stay out of sight angle of armor/mounted MG vehicles till at target destination. -When setting up grenade traps or IEDs don't be lazy setting them up close to cache where friendly is more likely to pass through before enemy. Go to areas with choke points, areas of possible search, exploration or possible travel to cache. Place the grenade traps/IEDs in the specific spots enemy would have to pass through that no friendly would reasonably pass through for safety reasons. This helps to avoid teamkilling a lot with mines. Don't forget to conceal IEDs/grenade traps in camouflage or slightly behind cover concealing critical parts. -When attacking area targets with small arms fire, even if you miss your enemies with every bullet fired, the enemy will be hesitant to fire back and may be suppressed with their vision blurred. The enemy could also fight through this deterrent fire method by avoiding the random bullet impact angles near them while remaining the least exposed so their vision is not obscured as they search for targets. Hit every window, corner, doorway, sections of foliage in your target zone and anywhere the enemy could fire from. -When the enemy is on their final breach to the cache, along with supplementing the small arms security on fatal funnel hallways, stairs and other narrow final paths... its useful to have a few guys constantly re-arming their grenades to clear the outside of buildings throwing grenades out of windows/doors. Or for caves/tunnels throwing going just a few meters further than the enemy grenades can reach friendlies behind. Careful to not get killed in friendly fire barrages while going down or coming back to throw grenades. -Use the insurgent PKM machine guns as highly mobile HMGs, their 7.62x54mmR round is devastating in covering narrow roads, alleys, hallways, caves. It is also useful for manning roadblock trenches to engage long range area targets without getting killed in the trash roadblock trenches. The enemy wont risk going or wont like going through the fire the PKM can put down over a field of fire. -To get the most accurate fire as insurgents, set your primary weapon to semi-auto if needed, when you have a stationary target look at it through your binoculars. Line up the target just under the vertical 3 on the reticule, don't move your mouse, switch to your primary weapon. Have it pre-set to semi-automatic before firing or looking, remember to not move your mouse after setting target in the binoculars then aim down sight. Hit target on a cone of fire after initial most accurate shot. -Even with insurgents firing wildly into their cache path target zones without enemy knowingly "present", bullets will land in the most random of places. You could have an enemy crawling through trash, been hiding behind the limited urban obstacle cover scared out of his mind as close as 10 meters or as far as 500+ meters from defensive cache positions. For enemies not hiding within that mess they will spend their time thinking about things like "what is going on over there" instead of thinking how to get past it effectively. -When area attack, mortars, armor or anything with high explosive damage attacks narrow trash roadblock trench positions... you must dig constantly till the attack is over to keep your cover up and useful. Have 1 medic per trench to heal. Repair and maintain cover to full capacity, check periodically to maintain even if there was no major explosions. Its useful to have one of the insurgent combat engineer kits in the roadblock trenches instead of looking for FOBs with that kit. -For the insurgent combat engineer backpack kit, with the artillery IEDs and double mortar IEDs its best for them to go to the cache and daisy chain their cellphone IEDs just out of blast radius of the cache. More duties include checking the cache periodically for damage to repair it, repairing damaged vehicles that come to the cache still having ammo to use, being the final man alive at the cache ready to blow both sets of daisy chained IEDs once no more friendlies in blast zones. -Every cache building needs one cache guard squad. If only one squad is available to defend a cache they are to get inside the final cache paths, buddy teams of 2 at least per final hallway. They are to lay low until reinforcements arrive to secure the building and search surrounding buildings for enemy who may be searching for the cache. Once reinforcements have secured cache site resume standard effective cache defense operations. -Do not rush the enemy as insurgents on foot or in vehicles without good reason to giving the enemy intelligence points. We need to defend one cache as long as possible by keeping their intelligence points down by not giving them easy kills. Don't go looking for a fight, let it come into your defensive positions angle with proper support to engage with you. Use martyrs appropriately without them getting arrested to draw enemy into fighting positions. -When 2 caches are known everybody should be at a cache within a short 100-200 meter perimeter. When 2 caches are up it divides our forces in half to defend where the enemy could dump all 50 of their players onto one cache for attack. So its critical during 50 vs 50 to have 25 at each cache supporting the defense. This will prevent enemy overrunning and silencing defensive positions. With one cache up keep 300-400 meter perimeter around that one cache, with 2 draw back to 100-200 meters to close perimeter gaps due to less people. -To use civilian martyrs your team is dependent on you to not get arrested, to draw enemy into your friendlies booby traps or firing positions and to get killed by the enemy. Keep yourself out of range of the enemies shotguns and hand cuffs, it helps to move with a few smart insurgent 10+ meters away who can watch and save you. To get killed as a civilian use these following methods, have out your binoculars or shovel.. don't ever be empty handed, pretend to take cover showing yourself to snipers or any enemy with a scope. Give them a body part to shoot at, go bleed out and die somewhere safe away from friendlies if not dead on initial penetration. 6th installation of Grump's tips/orders -As insurgents require the enemy to use proportional force to the threat you pose as insurgents by using civilian martyrs in explosive suppression impact zones and in the way of other suppression or breach hazards. -Learn to drive in Project Reality/Squad as if it is real life, not only will you crash less but you will prevent running over friendlies. Watch your speed when near friendlies who are on foot, slow down on tight turns/curves. Only times to go full speed are for evasion and traveling on unobstructed straight roads you can maintain control of high speeds on -Fire and move away from your own tracers and friendlies last tracer outgoing locations immediately and keep up the fire as you go, this will draw fire to areas you have already vacated and make you seem like a larger force than you really are. As well as making the enemy miss. 4 guys can feel like 8+, this method also gives machine gunners good covering fire. -If you cannot aim for your target zones without being acquired as a target by your enemy too quickly, suppress from behind cover firing as close to over the enemy heads as you can to get them in cover. Keep in mind this will only work until the enemy realizes that psychological warfare you doing up over their heads, use the limited time to move or accomplish something. -Lay near potential enemy fighting positions in camouflage over looking the cap zone at the farthest visual distance that will intersect with their likely direction of approach. Be a look out for defending forces and a harassing guerilla, patrol a ring perimeter all positions moving 1-3 seconds or less in the open camo to camo. Knife enemy then throw their grenades on blast radius to cover your escape causing chaos, have confidence and speed with this method and you will survive. Just Do It -Go outside in real life, smell the ground, smell the plants, feel the suns heat, prone in the shade of a dense bush cluster, get friendly with the bugs, feel the wet muddy ground. Smell the smokeless powder, get eye level with the cover a good fighting position of tree roots or good defilade. This will immerse you further and give you an idea of the feeling as you are playing Project Reality/Squad. -When fighting in a woodland, jungle, anything of dense vegetation, urban rubble of ruins environments... take up good position with your fire teams within objectives. You are not looking for human shaped or sized object, if you can see them that is great but engage anything that moves or looks suspicious within your managed target zones keeping friendlies out of the target zones until a controlled breach or communicated adjacent position occupation can be accomplished. -Set up in sight of each other, cover all possible positions and angles enemy could fire on you or your friendlies by locking down the target zones, scan across your mates backs, area targets and each point target position every 1-10 seconds should a enemy peek a target quickly. Give the enemy no chance to see anything, be ready to shift maintaining this same method to a new position within objective before grenades and return fire mimicking suppression comes in. -When running armor such as APC or TANK, upon entering the combat zone within possible field of view of enemy spotters or other threats... Know there is no stealth with armor unless against other armor that has no or little effective intelligence along with your proper use of terrain features concealing your armor target body. Once armor threats are down feel free to suppress target zones with explosive impact zones and MG area targets, re-arming, repeating. Assess your damage for the infantry confidence to push -When running armor do not bunch up the armor for any reason, use the same skills you would as infantry but with the body of a armored vehicle. All skills such as cover, concealment, communication, proper spacing without bunching up, terrain features for safe travel, combat techniques of fire, intuitive based X-Ray vision for hitting parts of armor concealed by foliage, target identification and proper scanning methods to stay alive. -For tank machine gunners you should be very good at using iron sights and spotting enemy target dots alone with effective firing techniques. Your job is to hit area targets and point targets once in the danger zone of many threats, know your tanks status as far as being compromised. Fire at the height of a man everywhere a HAT/LAT/ close combat engineer sapper could be hiding. Use good fire control methods of 3-5 or 5-10 round bursts to conserve ammo surviving until enemy armor is down.