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  1. Canadian Armed Forces Free DLC Released!

    Two new maps woot woot. New guns woot woot. When can we get Fallujah!!! I want some modern urban combat asap like Aleppo.
  2. Muzzle flash

    Very cold there yes.
  3. Alpha 13 Released

    like i said, playing this game now feels like im breaking my no fap streak
  4. Alpha 13 Released

    Good thing all changes are highly provisional and are subject to change. The game is so much better as it sits right now.
  5. Alpha 13 Released

    OH MY GOD THIS GAME IS AMAZING NOW i3 8100k 1050 ti mini b360 pro 16gb ram 2666 mhz viper windows 10 Literally used to play lowest settings at 120 fps, now I get 120 fps at the highest settings The game is literally better than fapping now, and playing this game makes me feel like I lost my no fap streak Speechless. This game is the future.
  6. EAC time out Since v13 update

    Fix: Unsubscribe from ALL squad mods. Worked for me
  7. unreal engine 4 keeps crashing on me

    Uninstall your mods. Confirmed. I figured it out without reading that thread.
  8. V13 Steam Download Corrupted

    So I have a crash report. I sent it with a detailed message. This moderator isn't really helpful so I'll go ahead and offer a suggestion. I believe I read somewhere that all workshop mods need to be removed, so I'll try that and report back. I have cleared steam cache and verified game files, everything checked out. Based off of my superior reasoning skills I am led to believe it is workshop mods as a lot of players don't download them ever anyway. Like I just posted. What if those hundreds/thousands never downloaded workshop mods? I will report back my results. Edit: And it fixed it. So apparently it's bullshit, even though likely every single person who has mods installed likely has the same issue? So much for your troubleshooting advice. 2 hours downloading and 40 gb bandwidth is an extreme waste if this happens to be squad related. Before I delete my steam mods I will see if the new update for Steam Works Redistributables fixes it. Stand by. Update: The steam works didn't fix it. I looked at my crash logs and apparently the only thing visible is it unpacking the mod files. I will update what happens when I unsubscribe from all of the mods. Update: Unsubscribing from ALL Squad mod files fixed it and allows me to get past the launcher ez anti cheat screen and allows me to finally go to the server browser screen Please do the following: "Unsubscribe" from all of your workshop content related to Squad. You're welcome.
  9. General Update

    100 PLAYER GAMeS?????????????????????????????????????? YEAH FALLUJAH????????????????????????????????????????????? YEAH ye i like phil
  10. Fallujah fTW i want to rek noobs already
  11. Microphone not working

    Only thing I can suggest is if you plugged the microphone in with squad running, exit squad, and open squad again. Otherwise I cannot help.
  12. Squad is an amazing CQC + Medium Scale warfare game. Matches are not overly long, squad work pays off, and mowing down enemies gives you stress relief knowing that they are getting rekt on their end. Keep it coming. I'm glad Squad is still being worked on, not just ceased and scheduled to shut down.
  13. February 2019 Recap

    Exactly, in the end, there is no unbalance to pure CQC skill. This game has unlimited opportunities. People complaining would be those who lack optimism and have no useful things to counter suggest, and overall a lack of long term perspective.
  14. February 2019 Recap

    MRAP TOW? You bet your ass im going to be sitting on the edge of the map. Slight sarcasm aside, guys, this is what makes the game fun. If you don't like other people do it, then try it for yourself. It gets boring and sometimes instead of sitting on the edge of the map you go CQC playing objectives instead. I love squad. Cannot wait for Fallujah either. Explosive charges are badass. For Staff: I am so glad I didn't refund this game. I hope you guys good business, as well as support for these incoming updates. Fallujah pls. Exactly. When an enemy troop transport drives by and you are alone... Do you go for maximum casualties, or disable the transport wheels - with a chance of failure. If you have 2 people, you and a squad mate, does one person go for casualties and the other for the tires with AR/Grenade launcher/Rocket?
  15. January 2019 Recap

    USA is getting drones for now I only care about Fallujah tbh. About time for a fresh CQC map.
  16. Squad is dead or not ?

    1) Optimize your PC instead of suggesting it is the game. It has come a long way. 2) Play on local servers 3) Upgrade your internet and maybe switch to CAT 6 cable 4) Reseat your CPU 5) Get a new SSD or just keep everything on a HDD.
  17. January 2019 Recap

    I just logged on to remind everyone.... FALLUJAH AND SKORPO LETS GO BABY
  18. January 2019 Recap

    calm down mate I literally logged in to remind everyone we are getting fallujah and another dope map. Lets take into account that you simply must take into account that this is a game with respawns. Unless this was like post scriptum, where you get 1 life, VBIED drivers would be able to have 'ghost' intel that otherwise wouldn't be possible. Might as well add drones, invisible roadside IEDs, etc. Eh who cares I hope people aren't as sensitive nowadays.
  19. January 2019 Recap

    You have short minded thinking. But that's okay Personally I am pumped for Fallujah. Skorpo definitely looks cool! I am glad I never refunded Squad. While I don't play because of the semester, I might play a few nights during the summer! You can only ANTICIPATE the awesome things that Squad is going to add in the future years!!!!!!!!!
  20. Game crashes on boot up

    I posted the solution in a separate thread. I had to repair my partition using built in windows software and it worked without redownloading anything. It had the same problem of crashing after EAC loading screen
  21. Alpha 12.1 Released

    So you had no problems before v12? The graphics settings reset so try setting all to lowest and go from there. I personally have all on low and have eye adaptation and preload textures. What is your motherboard it could be bottlenecking your cpu and gpu. Also if your SSD are old they may cause problems especially after large updates and such. I have my adobe products and all my games on my HDD seagate 7200rpm, with only my OS on my ssd. I think there's a program that you can use to test your SSDs but that in itself will put wear on it.
  22. I agree and i feel bad for wasting the bandwidth its burning energy rip planet. Thanks for posting ! And yeah I was playing fine and it crashed and since kept giving the crash report not letting me go past the EAC loading screen. I think something went corrupt earlier that day when i put my PC to sleep mid game, then flipped the off switch at my surge protector. That link in the youtube video solved it 100%. Clearing Cache, verifying game files didn't. Wish I watched that video before reinstalling.
  23. Edit: This is the fix [Clearing Cache, Verifying game files, and eventually completely reinstalling did not solve the problem, the symptom was crash report right after EAC loading screen] I was playing just fine and my game crashed and it wont even get past the EAC loading screen and it will give me the crash menu. I tried clearing cache and verifying integrity of game files but then I receive this message (as in title) upon updating: https://imgur.com/a9Is71e Help would be appreciated. Specify the following; OS: Win 10 64 bit CPU: I3 8100k GPU: GTX 1050 ti mini zotac RAM: Viper 8gb x2 2666mhz MOBO: MSI b360a pro I have tried clearing cache, shutting down pc, restarting PC, verifying game files after it said i was missing 2 things. Now it says I have the corrupt file. Help would be appreciated.
  24. Why I dont want Helicopters

    That's awesome. The OP outlined player issues not game issues. Anti social behaviors are controllable by the community itself and not so much game options. Those who fail to communicate will have less of success than those that do take the roles, and communicate and provide support where best.
  25. I was debating that, sorry, I uninstalled the game and am reinstalling 17 gigs. I agree I should have just deleted it. It kept attempting to re verify it automatically and kept saying there was a corrupt file. Next time I'll delete that one file before deleting the entire game. Thank you. I'm sure it likely it would have fixed it. Edit: Reinstalling the game didn't fix shit. Thankfully fast internet speed meant 17 gigs downloaded in 30 minutes. I'll try deleting the corrupted file. Same error code as in title. Edit: Trying to delete PhysX3common_x64.dll gives me the error message "0x80070570: the file or directory is corrupted and unreadable" Any advice? Edit: Performing disk repair solved the issue! Hope this helps.