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  1. Yeah, I’m looking around trying to find a i7... tho the game runs better now after the patch
  2. My mb is LGA1155, so the highest tier i5 are 3570k and i7 3770k
  3. I can’t, my mb supports ddr3
  4. Btw I’ve got all my settings to the lowest, and play in windowed mode with the lowest resolution
  5. Yeah, gonna upgrade to 16GB... tho I can’t rly upgrade the cpu due to my mb (not many supported cpu on sale)
  6. Hi, this is my spec: i5 2400 amd radeon r9 280x matrix platinum Wd blue 1 TB 7200rpm 64mb 8GB 1600mhz ddr3 ram And first of, the game takes very long time to load (8 mins just to join a server) and the thing is that I get 80-90 fps, but the game stutters so much so for example... I’ll spawn and just as I press walk or turn the cam around the game “freezes” in a frame So my question is, what should I upgrade to make the “freezing” go away?