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  1. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    For the call-outs to be useful, some of them definitely need to have context-based modifications. For example "Enemy over there." is useless since it doesn't give ANY of the bearing, range, or landmark information that you need. But if the call-out at very least copied the player's heading and said "Enemy Northwest." it would at least approach something that contributes to teamwork.
  2. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Two feedback items: Ragdolling is hilarious now. Keep seeing bodies floating in the air and spinning at eye level. Buddy Rally system seems to be severely discouraging people from bothering to place FOBs at all, and then completely dooms the team by encouraging them to move their spawns to a single vulnerable point that can be purged by a passing motorbike, leaving them with nothing. Kinda seems like the opposite effect from what the design was going for.
  3. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Okayish thinking, but that's only a reason to use tactics if there's a tangible punishment for death. V13 also reduced the consequences for going down, making run-and-gun a better choice in every way as compared to V12.
  4. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Probably the best option in the long run. A list of "realism level" toggle options that can be set by the admin and is searchable by players as part of the server join UI. Useful as design feedback as well, since the Devs can see which settings end up being the most popular and why.
  5. Alpha 13.1 Released

    It's just weird how the current spawn system seems to be trying to make big maps feel as small as possible. Like Squad is embarrassed to make people see most of that carefully designed landscape. The way to play is to magically teleport right into the front lines and grind against the contested point until something gives. It's like opposing FOBs in Storage Site all over the place. Remember when we made FOBs easier to overrun because everyone spawning from the same place into a hellish meatgrinder was boring? What happened to that line of design? And the logistics system plus the grueling map size doesn't really mesh well with the new shift in pace. Really, who wants to be the chump who has to do ten-minute logi runs across Yehorivka when the rest of the squad is repeatedly running headfirst through enemy gunfire? They're good elements, the blend is just so severely off right now it's hard to see the reason to put up with them.
  6. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Actually, I'd be very interested in seeing what the survey results would be sorted by players who squad lead vs. players who squad follow. I feel like the new changes have hamstrung a lot of the strategic power of smart leadership in favor of making sure the every player has plenty to shoot at even if their squad lead sucks. Immediately rewarding but shallow gameplay is a good way to capture the passing interest of a new player, but the vast majority of those new players are going to move on to the next shiny, complete game that crosses their Steam recommended list all the same. And so are the dedicated players hoping for a deeper experience, if they find themselves standing in a inconsistently designed kiddie pool. There are a lot of good design ideas that could replace the buddy rally system floating in the suggestion forums right now. Making transport vehicles readily available at main base in case of a rally/spawn wipe is my personal favorite, since it gets a squad back to the front lines in a reasonable window (and faster if pushed back to main), promotes far more interestingly placed new spawns, and still gives the squad who succeeded in removing the enemy spawns a solid strategic reward for securing the area. Being completely out of vehicles at main is the only time I felt real frustration with the V12 spawning mechanics, and that would be the happy medium for me.
  7. Alpha 13.1 Released

    I'd strongly, strongly disagree with this change for two reasons. 1. This what vehicles are for. Lifting and moving troops across large distances. People who 2-man APCs like a minitank are just doing a disservice to the team when they could be doing the actual job of an Armored Personnel Carrier. We have the solution to the long-jog problem already. We just need to convince people to use it, either through better training or design. 2. This will add a huge pile of frustrating gamey interactions, like crippling enemies by shooting somewhere near them before going for a kill shot. Or the screaming maniac with a knife scenario where you can avoid taking the speed penalty by rushing into combat without technically taking a combat action. All around I'm disappointed to see Buddy Rally and CoD movement still in the new version.
  8. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    Hotpokkaminny, giving players superhuman sprinting, strafing, and aiming abilities means that selecting tactically important positions gives far less of an an advantage over the gormless randos W+M1ing across an open field. It becomes a contest purely of reflex, rather than a contest of training, planning, observation of the enemy, communication, use of team assets, tactical positioning, and reflex. The right answer to most problems in the new design paradigm appears to be "Spawn, run towards the enemy as fast as you can, and shoot them in the face" and I can get that from any game, many far more polished than Squad is. The cerebral pace and pivotal effectiveness of well-planned team maneuvers was the unique element that brought me into and kept me with the game despite its flaws. Without that focus, what does Squad offer that other games don't do better?
  9. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    How I see the speed increase is that 10% faster movement in practice results in 10% less time to plan and conduct cohesive teamwork, and greater forgiveness for ignoring it. Stacking with all the other softcore style changes Squad is losing the identity that brought me to it. They may be theoretically enjoyable changes, but they're changes that bring Squad closer to being part of the samey grey slurry of games that are ultimately forgettable. Squad may have trouble retaining a very large playerbase, but that's also due to the developer decision to follow this drawn-out alpha development model, and drag the entire playerbase along whenever they want to try out different core mechanics. There are tons of fully featured FPS games released every year, and every one of those is going to siphon off some players if those games scratch the same gameplay itch Squad does. Squad's failing to create and retain a solid identity makes it hard to cling to its gelatinous surface when the temptation to play a complete, full-release game arises. And to address this point: Here's the thing. Very little of what you see as random is actually random. There are reasons for why things happen on the battlefield, and having the game paced so that we can take those things into consideration, form strategies, and communicate them with our teammates is the very core of what brought us to Squad in the first place. A game that forces you to stop, think, and communicate, before you shoot is exactly what we want, and also what was advertised when we bought the game.
  10. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Everything you like is exactly the problem with it. There's no point in having a big map at all if there's a method to completely ignore that there's a big map. Why not just play the skirmish maps if you don't enjoy the long range strategic and transport elements?
  11. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Don't get me wrong, I'd gladly lose pings in an instant if means reverting the over-caffeinated movement system we're trying out. I'd prefer sticking closer to a realistic tactical focus with real consequences. It's an insanely inconsistent design direction. Swaths of knowledge have been vague superstition among the player base since the early days and with new vehicles, equipment, roles, and logistics systems that abyss of "basic knowledge" is just getting deeper. Cutting out some of the intentionally bulky aspects of communication means I could focus my efforts on other aspects of game knowledge, like how and when to use smokes, or hit vehicle armor angles, or position machine guns for ambushing. The parts of the game that are actually fun. Automating the basic concept "a thing is over here" is only a good thing in my mind. Visual communication is just as valid as audio. And if the dev team wants to make the game more accessible to new players without losing the soul of the game, I believe that 'dumbing down' communications is a waaay better way than making it feel like just another COD with further to walk.
  12. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    See, as an SL teaching a squad the grid coordinate system over and over again is waaay down the list of things that are fun to do. Trying to get a bunch of randos in position for maneuvers is enough without trying to gold-pan squaddie grid coordinates out of the toxic river of blueberry V chat and Squad leads arguing about who's responsible for the lack of logi runs. In my mind, first teamwork needs to happen, then we can think about making it artificially more challenging. It's just such a strange design turn. They're making the spawning and run-and-gun play different in realism defying ways to compensate for teams being poorly coordinated, and then also making it one step more difficult to do that coordination in a way that seems designed to feed the "it should be like the real army" crowd.
  13. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I realize experimenting is necessary but there are some Battlefield-style direction changes here that make me afraid for the future of this game. Overall, it increases the painful void between coordinating vehicles and infantry, and rewards playing styles I came to Squad to get away from. I've got 400 hours in Squad now and I'd hate to have to look for greener pastures. AAS/RAAS Ticket Bleed I actually missed this one. More reason to make big, bold movements because the pressure is on to retake that center ground even when the ticket pool is still full. Starting ticket counts could be raised a little more to compensate though. SL Buddy Rally feature DEAR GOD WHY. This rewards foolish SLs who took excessive risks and then should rightfully have to pay the price for their poor decisions, and punishes the smart effective SLs who go to the effort of overrunning the enemy position and wiping their rallies. We already have FOBs for this. This is exactly what FOBs are for. Removal of the Insta-death penalty timer on Revive Not sold on this one, but not hating it, except that it is making things more meat grindery for long range engagements. A little more priority to overrun enemy positions, but that's gruesomely countered by the Buddy Rally thing, which really sucks all the fun out of it. Map “Pings” Removal I miss this one massively, and I think this was a bad idea. This is a game about modern warfare and I can literally do this on my cellphone right now. Communication is the weakest point of any Squad team and anything that makes that more efficient keeps voice comms less congested and makes the game more fun. Also, the old keypad method and UI is really clunky. Player Movement Speed Increased Balance Changes No. Stop. This isn't Battlefield. This too fast for realistic and if your squad needs to run you should have brought a vehicle. Maybe one of those APCs that's galloping around pretending to be a tank. If you need to cross a gap, that's what smoke, bounding fire (remember when there were a bunch of changes to encourage that?), and intelligent flanking are for. This just encourages run-and-gunnery of the lowest denominator. Player Stamina Changes Nerfs are okay, movement buffs feel grossly COD style. Again this feels like it goes against the whole "think before you move" tactical atmosphere I came to Squad for.
  14. Ability to change audio device in-game

    Just adding another voice to the throng here. Having to restart my whole game because I forgot to switch to my headset beforehand is huge pain.
  15. The reason we can't remove tracking is because all that extra communication would add another layer on top of the actual tactical communication SL's already fail at due to inexperience. Real soldiers have hundreds of hours of experience in communication before entering the field, and then hours of prep time to go over maps and plans before battle, and even firefights in real life are way more slow and cautious. In game, we're effectively using half-baked rookies for all our communications in a super fast-paced environment. We need the training wheels. And yes, having an options toggle (or hotkey?) for auto-recenter would be nice. I miss it dearly, especially with the heavier use of vehicles and how difficult the new map UI makes it to see your own downed body.