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  1. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Everything you like is exactly the problem with it. There's no point in having a big map at all if there's a method to completely ignore that there's a big map. Why not just play the skirmish maps if you don't enjoy the long range strategic and transport elements?
  2. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Don't get me wrong, I'd gladly lose pings in an instant if means reverting the over-caffeinated movement system we're trying out. I'd prefer sticking closer to a realistic tactical focus with real consequences. It's an insanely inconsistent design direction. Swaths of knowledge have been vague superstition among the player base since the early days and with new vehicles, equipment, roles, and logistics systems that abyss of "basic knowledge" is just getting deeper. Cutting out some of the intentionally bulky aspects of communication means I could focus my efforts on other aspects of game knowledge, like how and when to use smokes, or hit vehicle armor angles, or position machine guns for ambushing. The parts of the game that are actually fun. Automating the basic concept "a thing is over here" is only a good thing in my mind. Visual communication is just as valid as audio. And if the dev team wants to make the game more accessible to new players without losing the soul of the game, I believe that 'dumbing down' communications is a waaay better way than making it feel like just another COD with further to walk.
  3. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    See, as an SL teaching a squad the grid coordinate system over and over again is waaay down the list of things that are fun to do. Trying to get a bunch of randos in position for maneuvers is enough without trying to gold-pan squaddie grid coordinates out of the toxic river of blueberry V chat and Squad leads arguing about who's responsible for the lack of logi runs. In my mind, first teamwork needs to happen, then we can think about making it artificially more challenging. It's just such a strange design turn. They're making the spawning and run-and-gun play different in realism defying ways to compensate for teams being poorly coordinated, and then also making it one step more difficult to do that coordination in a way that seems designed to feed the "it should be like the real army" crowd.
  4. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I realize experimenting is necessary but there are some Battlefield-style direction changes here that make me afraid for the future of this game. Overall, it increases the painful void between coordinating vehicles and infantry, and rewards playing styles I came to Squad to get away from. I've got 400 hours in Squad now and I'd hate to have to look for greener pastures. AAS/RAAS Ticket Bleed I actually missed this one. More reason to make big, bold movements because the pressure is on to retake that center ground even when the ticket pool is still full. Starting ticket counts could be raised a little more to compensate though. SL Buddy Rally feature DEAR GOD WHY. This rewards foolish SLs who took excessive risks and then should rightfully have to pay the price for their poor decisions, and punishes the smart effective SLs who go to the effort of overrunning the enemy position and wiping their rallies. We already have FOBs for this. This is exactly what FOBs are for. Removal of the Insta-death penalty timer on Revive Not sold on this one, but not hating it, except that it is making things more meat grindery for long range engagements. A little more priority to overrun enemy positions, but that's gruesomely countered by the Buddy Rally thing, which really sucks all the fun out of it. Map “Pings” Removal I miss this one massively, and I think this was a bad idea. This is a game about modern warfare and I can literally do this on my cellphone right now. Communication is the weakest point of any Squad team and anything that makes that more efficient keeps voice comms less congested and makes the game more fun. Also, the old keypad method and UI is really clunky. Player Movement Speed Increased Balance Changes No. Stop. This isn't Battlefield. This too fast for realistic and if your squad needs to run you should have brought a vehicle. Maybe one of those APCs that's galloping around pretending to be a tank. If you need to cross a gap, that's what smoke, bounding fire (remember when there were a bunch of changes to encourage that?), and intelligent flanking are for. This just encourages run-and-gunnery of the lowest denominator. Player Stamina Changes Nerfs are okay, movement buffs feel grossly COD style. Again this feels like it goes against the whole "think before you move" tactical atmosphere I came to Squad for.
  5. Ability to change audio device in-game

    Just adding another voice to the throng here. Having to restart my whole game because I forgot to switch to my headset beforehand is huge pain.
  6. The reason we can't remove tracking is because all that extra communication would add another layer on top of the actual tactical communication SL's already fail at due to inexperience. Real soldiers have hundreds of hours of experience in communication before entering the field, and then hours of prep time to go over maps and plans before battle, and even firefights in real life are way more slow and cautious. In game, we're effectively using half-baked rookies for all our communications in a super fast-paced environment. We need the training wheels. And yes, having an options toggle (or hotkey?) for auto-recenter would be nice. I miss it dearly, especially with the heavier use of vehicles and how difficult the new map UI makes it to see your own downed body.
  7. Why I dont want Helicopters

    We also really need to avoid romanticizing the squad coordination in V11. A typical match was a really good one if we even had all the infantry squads pursuing objectives on contestable points. And the average SL aimed for internal coordination on the level of dropping a rally near the enemy and then hoping soldiers wandered mostly towards the shooting. Unless you had a clan on board even the basics were a nightmare. And then the level of teamwork required to Squad effectively went up with V12. A ton of systems and synergies are being underutilized. Even stuff as fundamental as getting riflemen to drop ammo bags is a mystery to the majority of players. Is this the game's fault? Maybe. But I don't think asking them to completely outlaw new hardware is the right approach. Educational UI, communication tools, and dedicated tutorials are probably a better way to handle it.
  8. Rally Waves Increase Squad Separation

    Simple. Because of how the game is designed, their actions make sense. They did the most logical thing. Doing anything else punishes them with extra dead time, or even more time walking to the action. Here's the old death loop: 1. Get shot. 2. Wait for revive while the spawn timers tick down. 3A. Get revived, conserving tickets AND rally points. 3B. OR respawn instantly after a revive no longer looks practical. It was pretty easy for players to understand the implications of each choice, and giving up too soon was the only one that would have a negative impact on themselves AND on the team. It generally rewarded patience with no extra input from the SL. The new hidden wave respawns add a random factor to the decision making process. Players can't make sound decisions right now because the most important information is hidden until they've already pulled the plug. The only thing they know for sure is that if they wait, they might miss the spawn wave. It fosters impatient, luck-based decisions that are detrimental to the team.
  9. Rally Waves Increase Squad Separation

    Yeah, with the professional troops all would be well. But this is Squad, where you get handed nine impatient randos and have to make the best of it. It's not always that bad, but that scenario was made way worse than it should have been. My main issue is that the change set out to solve a problem and instead of actually solving anything, it fragmented it into several other, more complicated problems that aren't any smaller than we had before. And as a side effect punished several positive behaviors like waiting for a medic that were so difficult to foster in the playerbase in the first place.
  10. There's a fundamental flaw with wave respawns: they end up separating a squad way more than they bring it together. What formerly could be a span of a few seconds usually becomes a minimum of 60 between the first player back on their feet and the last. An example: As an SL, my squad got into a bad firefight, and was wiped out. Six gave up immediately because they didn't want to risk missing the spawn wave, completely wasting the possibility of revivals. I died and decided to check the map out for a few seconds, and marked the enemy infantry that was mowing us down. That delay of a handful of seconds before giving up made me miss the spawn wave. The remaining two players had done the right thing and waited for a revive until it was obviously hopeless. They also missed the spawn wave, and then realized they could immediately respawn at the distant fob, instead of waiting 60 more seconds. So six of my squad members landed at the rally, without a leader. They spread out and pursued their own objectives. Two of them dropped almost halfway across the map, leaving the squad without LAT support. But the time I spawn in a whole minute later, squad cohesion had been lost completely. So yes, the wave spawns allow a handful of troops to spawn together. However, that's really only important in a tiny fraction of scenarios. Far more often, it leaves my squad cut in half. Worse, it's unpredictable unless someone keeps a constant eye on the wave timer. I do not have time as an SL to micromanage when my troops hit the respawn button, and I shouldn't be punished with full minute delays and extra ticket losses for failing to do that. Potential fixes: Put the rally timer somewhere prominent in the SL HUD. It's super tacky, but it would eliminate a lot of guesswork. Better yet, allow the SL to block rally respawns until they're ready to deploy the new troops. That would allow the SL to control casualties, and increase cohesion as the squad deploys at a precise moment, after the SL has time to instruct the troops on their next set of maneuvers. Alternately, we could revert to the old rally system. It had its own set of flaws, but it was comparatively simple to deal with. Plus rallies were agile, and were perfect for throwing down for an unexpected flanking maneuver. Players weren't punished for waiting for a new rally to be placed or waiting to be revived. And honestly, the new rallies have left such a bad taste in my mouth I'd be okay with just removing them entirely at this point. They're basically inferior FOBs that are more complicated, and not much would be lost.
  11. Complexities

    I partially blame the new wave respawns for some of the chaos. Being down/dead is no longer a time for checking out the map and briefing yourself on how the battle is going while you wait for a revive. Instead you have to fumble through the extra clicks to see if you win the respawn timer lottery. I'm also seeing way more squads separated from their own SL because the SL decided to check out the map for a couple second before rallying, which now can set him back 60+ seconds from spawning with his troops. So there are more bored, headless squads running around, and once a squad is spread around gathering them is almost impossible.