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  1. 36 minutes ago, SpecialAgentJohnson said:

    I susoect the T72 can probably one-shot the Abrams as well. At least on the sides and definitely in the rear. And less than 1km or so. Abrams can probably sustain a hit front on though. Maybe not point blank though. I don't know. 

    Actually there is a spot on the front of the Abrams that if shot will almost 100% get a 1-shot cook-off. All you have to do is shoot vaguely where the barrel meets the turret and if it pens you hit the ammo in the turret and it auto cooks off lol. Also just shoot at the massive turret ring and it's all over lol  It's so bad. At least the T72 can go hull down to protect its ammo, abrams got nothing 

  2. 22 hours ago, nagasuru said:

    yAbrams isn’t crap in v12.. what?? Also, it’s not like on open maps that more LATS would be “OP” against tanks. LATS should basically just be used to antagonize tanks, and in the extremely planned out chance that you and your squad with (rifleman LATS) flank a tank from behind on a huge map like talil, and get off 4, 5 LATS to the back, killing the tank, that’s totally deserved. Instead currently, even if you flank some tank in the same way, with your at most, (2 LATS), you can’t even kill the tank, you can only hinder its engine. They should just limit the ammo bag thing and instead vary the LATS to different classes in squad.

    If you are in a T-72, currently there is a 1 shot instant KO spot directly in the middle of the Abrams which guarantees the tank will cook off, it's massive and all you have to do is shoot vaguely near where the barrel meets the turret and the tank is dead. And again I believe it's a LAT's job to deal with lower armored vehicles and when in contact with something like a tank, disabling should be the 1st objective of a LAT. Currently all a LAT can do is go for the engine, but again, not all vehicle components are in the game. I believe a tank treads module is being implemented eventually and when that happens LAT can SERIOUSLY hinder a tank just be hitting it in the tracks. meaning tanks will have to be more careful about how far they push up and where to position themselves.


    Currently the RU, Militia, and Ins all have Tandem HAT RPG's that can, if shot correctly, 2 shot an Abrams. The US/Brit cannot because they only have the AT4 a considerably smaller, but still decent HAT weapon. The devs have confirmed that the AT4 is placeholder and that the US will be getting a different AT weapon in place of it eventually. meaning that everyones gripes with the dynamics of US/Brit HAt vs all other factions is moot since its all going to change. And everyones gripe with the fact that armor is still such a "major issue" is again, moot, because not all vehicle modules are in the game yet and imaging being able to double track, damage the barrel, and damage the engines of a tank all with 1 single squad with no resupplying (everyone asking for more LAT rounds) no thanks, I'd rather hide behind a wall with tank shells flying at me while the devs work on the stuff that will actually change vehicle dynamics instead of just throwing larger numbers of LAT rounds at the game until something sticks AKA, the day nobody wants to play light vehicles anymore

  3. People asking for more LAT rounds and more ticket costs. Do you want people to just stop using vehicles all together??? if you give even 1 extra shot thats 4 total LAT shots per squad. And if 2 squads are "together" that makes 8. imagine even thinking of using vehicle at all where they cost more tickets and LAT had more rounds.. Oh wait that was a few updates ago!


    The amount of times a vehicle was abandoned at spawn because "we can't afford the tickets" was insane. Even in incredibly long and heavy ticket matches nobody would touch the vehicles and if someone did they were berated for "wasting tickets". This vehicle policing was incredibly toxic and for a good portion of time I never touched anything besides a transport truck because my SL would just tell me again, "its a waste of tickets".


    I got out of an Invasion game yesterday where our LAT and HAT were working together to deal with enemy Warriors and it was amazing, I set up ammo crates in high buildings and called out distances and marked vehicles and they didn't last more than a few minutes each time. 1-2 LAt shots and a HAT and they were done for


    With a steady supply of ammo coming in we held off any potential push from the rear with infantry while we dealt with the armor pushing us from the front. LAT and HAT are not useless! Work together and get shit done


    All this is still new even if it has been almost a month. i say give it at least another month and some change for people to really start to understand the flow of things.


    However Tanks are a different issue and I believe once the US' AT4 is replaced things will get better. It's possible to 2 shot a tank with RU HAT and I think thats fair. And I believe for Tanks LAT should be meant mainly for disabling heavy armor and not downright killing it. Once more vehicle modules are in the game I think things will change for the better. Knocking out the tracks of a tank will be devastating imo and will make the dynamic for vehicles much different than it currently is.


    But also the Abrams is currently crap in V12 which doesn't help lol