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  1. On 2019-07-25 at 1:06 PM, Thr34t said:

    When you are surrounding yourself with like minded people it is easy to believe you are the majority.  I still believe you are the minority. 

    I was just playing on servers. It was not a conscious effort to surround myself with likeminded. I play in M, definitely not living in a world of confirmation bias, as the PR fan I am. 


    That said, after long discussions, no one I know of, likes (how, at least) the implementation of BRP.


    Also, I wrote that me and the likeminded,  according to my belief, was not a minority to be ignored. At the least. 

  2. 1 hour ago, paragonid said:

    look, there are more players and sales go up, you are vocal unhappy minority, most of the people love the changes and they don't even have a mic or keyboard to complain, squad is commercial product and money money money

    Sales are going up yes. Game is getting more complete. That is all that means. 

    Awesome content has been added and many bug fixes has been made. I'm also happy with that aspect. 


    I talk with alot of players, it is not my perception we are a minority, not one at a size that can be ignored anyways.  In fact, the entire community roundtables advised against BRP. Even if some polls would show that e g BRP is liked. Who and when in a version cycle polls are taken matter.

    You will get voters not knowing other options, or even have a reference point from the past. 

  3. Better late then never....from your longest standing fan and player. Also posted on Reddit as a respons. 


    I sympathize with some in Opening Post. Sad to re...



    I'm a founder with +3000 hours and for the first time experiencing a loss of appetite for game. I am a comp player in Mumblerines and an old PR player. Played both games from very first versions. Think I have a solid reference base to debate from. 


    Buddy RP is my main gripe.
    That a fragmented team, at any given time, can come together as a full team from any individual fragments angle. 
    That should be enough said really to convey how unsuitable this change is for gameplay.


    Yes it does puts players faster back in action, in general. 
    But at what cost!?

    Both new game modes TC and Destruction are from my standpoint broken. You can't plan for nme movement in a logical way. A full team can appear anywhere, at any time really. We have outplayed many teams now just jumping RPs. That actually makes for less fighting those games. And the chees sensation is real. 


    A clanmate described it best.

    "TC with BRP is kinda hard to maintain properly atm... cuz its so easy to change the flow, when you finally managed to make progress and push somewhere, and while you're capping just one HEX , full team appears out of no where (read BRP) and just throws you back and makes all your effort vain. Making big TC layers 1.5+ hours long"


    A light save in pubbing is that BRP is not exploited more.
    It's not intuitive so new SLs don't use them fully.
    Some refuse to use them out of morale reasons. Love that.
    However, it will catch on. 


    Also worth mentioning:

    Who needs FOBs when we have buddy RP? 

    - But you only get three mags and a bandage (as a minimum)! 

    *Stopped no one ever from capping a flag or digging down a radio. THE objectives.


    For comp I predict it will be devastating. For my enjoyment if nothing else. It will be played, it will have action, but it will be dumb. 
    Jumping flags with teams via BRP. It is truly unearned ground.
    Driving out with a logi and building is earned ground. And you can't abandon a FOB without the risk of losing tickets, as you can with a RP. It's a gamble, an investment with a FOB.


    DEVs have spent so much resources on creating buildable assets, and now we use them even less. Don't get it.

    That would have been my preference of approach towards fixing what BRP was intended for, and did fix to be fair. 
    Promote FOB use with tricks and securing that there always is a transportation vehicle in main. Gained the same but not lost what we have done. 


    Second gripe would be the visual aspect of sped up movement. I now get a Benny Hill sensation. Didn't like that show so the reminiscence is unwelcome hehe. 

    Don't mind at all top speed traversing between flags.
    But take a few rested players close to each other moving around and you'll see what I mean. 

    Shooting at zig zag nme with penguin syndrome (leaning left/right) at ranges coupled with the desynch and the hitreg issues makes for a bad experience in my view.

    Disclaimer, I only game. I know little to nothing about how this stuff affects each other from a programming standpoint. 


    Hipfire. Now good even at ranges. I don't ADS nowhere even close to what I used to have to do. Not a fan but not the end of the world either. 


    Concerning voices about deaddead headshots. 
    I would not be in favour of deaddead headshots with current shooting mechanics. Not even sure I'd be in favour of it with any shooting mechanics that doesn't require mastering sway.
    Yes, DD HS was a thing in PR but that doesn't automatically translate for what is best for Squad. 


    Infinitive revives. Not a fan as is. Dying should have consequences.
    Many ways to go about that. Have no set preferences, but have ideas. Can debate more on demand. 


    On a personal note. 
    Motherdears (iirc) big Reddit letter, with all DEVs standing behind it, and the declaration of intended gameplay, a year or so back.
    It is hard not to feel a little cheated with the above mentioned changes and this new path taken. 


    With regards, your village elder Mel.


    *all respectful comments are welcome and appreciated.

  4. No. Simply because assymetric balancing is more fun. Don't play all factions the same, and so many many of you do. 

    IRL US army gives pretty much every soldier an ACOG, in Russia its near the opposite. Surly the game should reflect that.


    Here is a treat in how one can think about stuff. RU has an abondance of MTLBs, they suck as most of you use them (i e same as a BTR/Stryker), weak armour etc; but now realize that it is an armoured and armed transtruck, massive room for inf and the lowest profile of all vehicles. Use it as this. 


    So really, more scopes to US if anything at all.