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  1. How do you motivate this question?
  2. Vote to kick squad leader option

    Report AFK SL to admins has worked just fine in PR. They will resign him. We just need better admin tools :)
  3. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    Looks great with your settings. Best one so far in that regard. But it is taxing for me, lose 5-10 FPS. Great to be able to play with sweet fx again :) Thanks fellas
  4. Cooldown for Rally Point if Enemy is Within 50m

    100 m and it only lasts for a minute or two. Needs to be resupplied or by time, maybe 15 minutes. Less available rallies ought to mean less giving up and not wait for medics.
  5. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    AAV ought to be watching over Tanks from start if their are air assets. For waiting they can just INF.
  6. Yes. This and be able to move chatbox to wherever we want on screen or have it pinned left of compass instead of of pinned to left corner. As is, bad for UW monitor IMO.
  7. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Lot of good points. Nice to read that so many are for open squads for anyone to join in anyhow. It's s nice outlook. I'm thinking though that since I can name my SQUAD "4 man AT", "4 man FOBhunter" and kick any surplus joiners, that it's just more practical to be able to lock it from the start. Practicality, if we can't lock them, are admins on servers gonna enforce squadsize and that SLs don't kick surplus joiners?
  8. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    Thank you! I'll give it a try this evening :)
  9. After game close memory error.

    Ok. I get the same message but can just start it up again. So that's different between you and some others here. Hope this gets resolved for you.
  10. Hello

    Welcome Auto :) @ Desmo. Good to have "someone like you" saying Hello ;)
  11. another one of them CAN I RUN THIS threads

    Without mentioning what monitor/resolutions you have it's just guessing.
  12. Graphic Blurred/ Griddy Problem help?

    I thought it was because all else what set low/off. Did you try and did it work? Just that setting
  13. Graphic Blurred/ Griddy Problem help?

    Saw the grid myself when playing around with new settings. Try set post-processing higher.
  14. Greetings

    Good to have you here :)
  15. Arma 3 Veteran turned Squad Noob

    Welcome :)
  16. PR fan from 2005ish checking in

    Good to have you onboard :)
  17. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    Same here mate.
  18. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    It be in many serverhosters and their respective clans interest to make room for new players. They all want players visiting and for recruitment. Some servers will ofc be very elite but that's how it should be IMO.
  19. Cooldown for Rally Point if Enemy is Within 50m

    I more see FOBs as force multipliers.RP as a way to "fix" broken squads. You fight, lose two guys and to keep squad together you can set an RP. How rallies have been used up to v4 is as you describe though. Great change in all but the radar effect needs to be looked at more as you wrote :)
  20. Disconnected by EAC FIX

    Thank you!
  21. Hehe, you think I represent a serverrunning clan here? No mate. In the past I have admined PR servers so I'm familiar with the chores yes. You think servers have rules to just cater their own clans needs? You don't have a clue it seems. Some folks will find it disturbing when during a game nme comes GTAing over and over again. Think it might brake sense of immersion? Think your team will be happy if some guy just take your teams trans and solos of, maybe roadkills three and then has it blown away. That might be your long walk from main towards frontlines coming. I did reply to Paras reply to my post you are too replying to. I don't think it to be a necessity to "spam" rules. However, I'm not in favor for players being able to turn off admin messages. For obvious reasons I hope.
  22. You read my posts wrong. I'm saying, admins need a clear path to "say all" that you should not be able turn off. The "spamming" amount of what's posted on servers is not necessary as to your complaint. I'm saying rules are not obvious as they might be different server to server. We lacked available info in PR, we need that available so we don't need bold red letters saying them.