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  1. Nordic Front!

    Scandinavian army hehe.
  2. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    You could get an approval for this, but just having an engineer look at it and doing the math would cost more than simply go down, passed and up again. Looking at pipes makes me happy. The bottom one doesnt have return conduit, so not heating. Im thinking its industrial water, material and dimension (swe std) would be all wrong for tapwater if just for Hilltop. Conclusion: Think we will have a tunnel from hilltop to mining.
  3. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    Good stuff as always
  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

  5. Original Soundtrack Vol. 1 Released

    Nice one! Cheers
  6. ACOG? Terrible or not that bad...

    Lately I´ve come across players that disconnect when they get put on US-team because they think weapons suck. It´s a warning sign. IMO recoil with ACOG should be less. I don´t use it myself because of this. Russian scopes are fine
  7. SQUAD and Ultra Wide Monitors

    yup, the 6gb version and a 6700 Skylake.
  8. SQUAD and Ultra Wide Monitors

    Sry, I do not. I didn't have a computer for two years and got it all new now just for SQUAD. Had I had a decent monitor I'd probably would have waited for when 3440x1440 has 144 mhz and 1 ms. Don't know if it really make a difference for SQUAD, especially after v5, less of a twitch shooter now.
  9. SQUAD and Ultra Wide Monitors

    https://youtu.be/O8ucKubyFxQ Have the Predator. Works well for me with squad. Looks stunning. First thing i did though was put it on extreme mode. Turned out it runs smoother on normal mode.
  10. Will You Implement 4.11 Soon?

    About the tunnel thing; so basically we're nerfing the game for the sole sake of AMD users? How much of the player base uses actually have AMD? I'm just an old guy who likes to play PR and now SQUAD. But even with my limited knowledge about hardware I got that you don't buy AMD over Intel/Nividia. I don't get the complaints towards UE4 or OWI in this matter. Complaints should be directed towards AMD manufacturer. Why should SQUAD development and features suffer because some of you made a bad choice in purchase? #aninconvenienttruth TLDR Buy Intel and let's get on with the show
  11. Heavy Vehicles, View Distance

    Good question sax. Kinda hoping the answer is via mapdesign and terrain.
  12. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 5.0

    I find myself asking if there really is a point hanging on this forum for two reasons. 1. Player posts. AMD! Sniper! Where's my update! The only new post I've seen lately is "there is an orange in the toilet".That was funny though :) And God forbid if someone misspells when actually having a good point towards something cause the discussion will for sure derail. If I was a DEV i'd be scared to tell us anything. 2. Lack of development info. Nice to hear some of you are in the loop. It feels like the only updates I see is when someone reposts from Twitter or Reddit. So evidently they have time posting, just not here. This ought to be an easy fix with auto-forward or support staff collecting and sharing. I get it though, DEVs wanna reach out, everyone here knows about the game, Reddit & Twitter has longer branches. For these reasons with the feeling of not being involved it's just not worth the time trying to keep updated here. Think I'll actually just be playing the game from here on. And it's such a great game your making! Thank you.
  13. What's up with Vehicles? Part 1

    Thank you for taking the time and explaining the process. Good stuff!
  14. close combat

    Give me my knife! Plz :) It's just good fun and you actually do run completely dry on occasion. It be great not to be completely helpless.
  15. What job do you got?

    You do that prerecorded time-wasting speech? Yes I've tried all that and that's why I'm now calling! HeheJoking. I know so many actually don't do the common sense stuff before calling you. :) Cheers for good TP yesterday BTW!
  16. Types of Annoying Players

    Oh yes, the backseat SLs.... Yesterday or the day before. Kicked four guys in a row just a minute apart for all joining, grabbing SVD and running off and not responding. I usually name my squad MIC AND USING IT, leaves little room for misinterpretation I'd assume.
  17. Controller Support

    Sure it'll be enjoyable; stunning graphics, teamplay above any other game and it's more about good positioning then fast reflexes. However, due to the controller he probably won't be at a competitive level as you wrote. But for leisure playing, think he will be good. He should try and see how it works for him :)
  18. Possibility of Suppressors, Knife, C4, NVG ?

    I'm pretty sure developers would like to have NVGs. The problem seems to be us, the players. I'f your the faction without goggles there is always gamma that will make darkest night fully visible thus making it a feature without gameplay value.
  19. Low FPS, High Pings, Jittery aim...

    I feel as after last months update my aim is gotten jittery as well. Scope shake is so bad I don't use them. With ironsights it's bad too, I can barely hit moving tagets anymore. I start shooting and it gets laggy. * I could prior update, before the jokes come a knocking. Any help would be appreciated. Tried mouse settings tip. FOV I haven't altered from when it worked. Using SweetFX SMAA as before. Did this. Flawed for me though. Using 3440x1440. Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 FPS: 65.3 Score: 1645 Min FPS: 8.8 Max FPS: 117.8 System Platform: Windows NT 6.2 (build 9200) 64bit CPU model: Intel® Core i7-6700 CPU @ 3.40GHz (3407MHz) x4 GPU model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti (4095MB) x1 Settings Render: Direct3D11 Mode: 2560x1440 8xAA fullscreen Preset Custom Quality Ultra Tessellation: Disabled Powered by UNIGINE Engine Unigine Corp. © 2005-2013
  20. Vegetation flickering/shimmering

    When you aim, whole screen sways. I thought that was the issue for flickering? Wonder if that will change, so its just the weapon?
  21. What is SQUAD target?

    The artist formerly known as Prince is still Prince ;) Same music, same voice, same hair hehe. SQUAD is not PR thank god. PR was (is) great but limited with engine and age. All the things we wished for PR hopefully we can get now. SQUAD = PR evolved in my book. To understand the future it helps understanding the past. Read: try PR ;)
  22. February 2016 Recap

    Wow! And here I was, only expecting some "boring" coding for optimization. The foliage thing blew me away, never even expected! GJ as always. Let me rephrase myself, wow :)
  23. U.N. Journalist | Episode 01 - Problems at the Border

    Nice one! :)
  24. Medic role needs to be more appealing?

    Red dot for medic wouldn't affect anything for me really, but that's really a reason for why not give medic the option. Treat the players that care at no cost.