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  1. Intel Core i7-6700K Skylake Corsair H75 Hydro Series CPU Kylare HyperX Predator 2666MHz 32GB (4x8GB) ASUS ROG MAXIMUS VIII RANGER Socket-1151 EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB SC+ Samsung SSD 850PRO 512GB MS COA Win 10 Home Nordic Acer 34" Predator Curved LED G-Sync X34 3440x1440 IPS, 100hz, 4ms, 100m:1, All maps really. Lot of micro teleporting. Settings turned to Medium gives better fps but the micro teleporting remains. Resolution scale from 120 to 100 increase fps and I was surprised that I did not see a difference i graphics. Cant lead shots. Shots not registering (at all/delayed?), both ways, makes for some very funny moments when up close. Gonna try a complete uninstall/reinstall later today. Some say it helps.
  2. Any founders had this happen to them yet . lol HAKOR!!

    well that escalated quickly haha Nobody has asked me about my preciousssss skins
  3. Verify your files and it will complete your download. Such was the case for me.
  4. V.6 community feedback

    Had the same problem. What worked for me was "verifying files" in Steam. Upload after completed it.
  5. Alpha Version 6 Released

    This is big What a changelog! GJ and keep it up!
  6. Insurgents VS Insurgents

    Lol. Amazing, >500 h and never played it! Be a nice match up on Logar AAS.
  7. Insurgents VS Insurgents

    Insurgents vs militia. Quick fix
  8. Normandy Map

    Just wanted to say that I'm impressed by your work. Surely great gameplay await us Keep it up!
  9. Tactical knife use in squad

    I´d like to just see any kind of last resort option (knife/bajonet/shovel/melee...) so we are never left with zero option for defense when out of ammo. Plus it´s just good fun getting that kill
  10. Pre-Release Test for Alpha 6

    Thanks for letting us try this out. Good fun! Now if we just would've got that last 50-bunk up at Mining
  11. How to Win Insurgency as Insurgents

    OP has a point. But on the other hand, if just one capable US-squad don't fall for your decoy-thingys (or better, can influense their team to play perform the same) , then they probably win instead. I've played teams like this and we won anyways as US. If Insurgent player willingly play this way they probably haven't been schooled right (lack of persistens in teamwork i gather) in the first place and will not perform well against those who have the character of "playing it right" Hopefully those reading this gets OP feedback and don't actually play this way. If players take after this....not a helping post really
  12. COD players!

    Nice you got a taste of teamwork. It will get even better when you push it from squad to teamlevel
  13. Eventual 200 player servers

    If SQUAD holds up as long/good as PR; why not? Alot will happen in a decade. Optimization in game performance, hardware & Internet.
  14. scoped .50 cal emplacement

    Yes, because Yes, but if sitting pos is shifted when shooting angled this makes it less easy and maybe he could duck down while seated (not beeing able to aim ofc).
  15. Squad in Three Words

    Great. Hope. Waiting.
  16. Quick fix for unresponsive mouse and keyboard

    True. Thought this was public knowledge now but maybe it deserves a post
  17. Direct squad to squad radio

    I just assumed it wasent implemented yet as per picture above. Will be glad when it is
  18. How Many Hours Do you Spend on This Game?

    488 hours as of today When I reach 500 I intend to write a feedback post of worth, I hope
  19. Squad Server Files Released!

    Every time Edit: I give up. (for now?) Time to play
  20. Squad Server Files Released!

    Steamclient is not running. Allowed in firewall and manually put in the ports. Hehe yes, hiding it. Ip in configs? Where? And again, cheers!
  21. Squad Server Files Released!

    Like this? It doesnt give me an errormessage but I cant find anything"squad" running in activities either? Edit: I'm so rude, Thank you for helping out mate! Edit2: Edited batchfile like the shortcut, ie: start SquadServer.exe "MULTIHOME= Port=7787 QueryPort=27165 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=50 FIXEDMAXTICKRATE=15 RANDOM=ALWAYS -log" to start C:\squad\SquadServer.exe "MULTIHOME= Port=7787 QueryPort=27165 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=50 FIXEDMAXTICKRATE=15 RANDOM=ALWAYS -log" Same result. No errormessage but no activity/process shown.
  22. Squad Server Files Released!

    "location of ..." then "MULTI..." Are we not using the " in any?
  23. Squad Server Files Released!

    Been messing with this for over two hours now. Did all the steps I've read here. Made the batchfile. But when launching from I get a text that says "Can't locate SquadServer.exe. Make sure you gave the right name and try again" (its in Swedish so translated). What am I doing wrong here? Am i supposed to launch from it? Launching from SquadServer.exe I only see "squad" running in activities, thinking I should see "SquadServer" running. This way it launches something but then I can't launch my regular game. I should be able to run both if Ive read this thread right? .bat finds it way regardless of placement? desktop or squad(server)folder? DirectX-files; do they need to be a specific directory? Thankfull for replys The only thing I failed on earlier (to my knowledge) is downloading visual CC... because I have newer version.
  24. Kicking people from vehicles

    If a kick function; it should fall on the pilot/driver, not on a squad wanting the lift.
  25. Using sweetFX myself for this. SMAA, FXAA and Lumasharpen. Tried a few presets made by others before i created my own. Just making game less blurry. Having tried other presets I know you can make objects "stand out" (sort of how, not nearly though, how SquadLeague filming oulines the soldiers for visability). Due to this it would make a whole lot of sense to incorporate something like sweetFX ingame and locking it down for abuse. Edit: and players shouldent be able to remove shadows.