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  1. Struggling with this game

    At first this game can get a bit over whelming and annoying at times depending on who you are squad upped with but just get practice and even try to meet some clan like these other people said.
  2. Vehicle Comms?

    Yah i like this idea it be pretty handy especially if you need to contact another "tank crew" from across the map.
  3. More tickets, longer games

    Longer games are great, especially if its down to the last couple of tickets
  4. Bring Walking Back

    I agree with walking should be a thing
  5. Please help with looong load time

    check your connection? if thats alright then maybe log out/then back into steam try playing the game again
  6. Gun attachments

    I think this would be a good addition to the game like different scopes, sights, mags, grips, etc.. (i think alot of people would like this.)
  7. October 2018 Recap

    Great stuff i like the addition of adding "crewman"
  8. [Video] - Believe (Halo 3 Inspired)

    Wow nice job looks great, the only thing i really like is the music with contrast to the flames looks great
  9. Problems with the in-game map

    you need to scale the map in order to "see" stuff on it like (fob, spawn points, rallys etc..)
  10. Alpha 12 Released

    its a great update loving the tanks
  11. New man here

    Well i wouldnt say im "new" i played last year around this time and it was a fun a game the reason why i left it is becasue i had work/school... but now im back and im ready to have a blast!
  12. Linking accounts

    Now im definitely not the first one who has said this but im a picky person i like having "everything" linked as one if that makes any sense but i feel that the Link Steam Account button should work and its not iv seen many people in discord complain about this. Please make this feature work or fix it at least.