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  1. Config: GTX 670 (2GB), FX8300, 8 GB RAM (1840 Mhz, 2 ranks, single channel), page file 7,5 GB HDD. Lowest settings. So the game doesn't fully utilize GPU. It is like 50-60% overall, ~50% CPU usage. And I get 43 FPS average on most of the maps. But above 60 in sandy town CQC map. And it is not a first time games behave like this. I suspect bad CPU usage because of FX's specialties: bad single core performance but 8 cores overall and high memory dependency. So games who handle many threads bad or just were not tested for FX at all (like Forza Horizon), lack performance. Curiously enough, Insurgency Sandstorm has the same problems. I had terrible stutters in Squad but you fixed this (clap clap). And I was having terrible stutters there. And the same GPU usage issue. But I did not have these problems in Unreal Tournament 4.
  2. Afterburner causing crashes?

    Perform clean reinstall of Afterburner and RivaTuner especially if it isn't the only one game that crashes (had the same issue). Also, usually exactly RivaTuner with its overlay causes the most troubles. Make a rule for Squad and select detection level none.