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  1. I can agree that there is a little imbalance (6-7 shots to kill a heavy armored vehicle) with the vehicle vs. Infantry game play. However there are ways to counter those imbalances such as TOW emplacements and such and yes I know you cant really have tows with you 24/7 moving Obj to obj. However the imbalance i do think that should be really fixed is the Abrams vs. T-72. The T-72 is very much more powerful than the Abrams especially armor wise. I think if the Abrams is re balanced there wont be as much complaining about the infantry imbalance against the armored vehicles. As the Abrams would now have a more of a fair fight against the T-72.
  2. More tickets, longer games

    The addition of aerial vehicles in squad will definitely have an impact on the length of game play. The length of games do vary depending on the play of the squads. Personally the long games are the good games as they are sometimes very close in score wise and its usually who ever has the better strategy or last the longest with the supplies they have/ can obtain. I think the addition of more tickets was a very good addition to the game.