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  1. Not sound like a toxic snob, but the number 1 thing is... Play more. As a squad lead, lead your squad directly at the front and stay with them.
  2. For me, not so much a frame drop, but the commander cupola and weapon stability on the .50 is very broken
  3. BRDM and MRAP - guided Missile version

    The missiles though on the BDRM are much weaker than a TOW.
  4. Why is it that the T72's turret is completely invulnerable to all weapons in the squad from the front? Everything that hits it bounces. I know it has ERA, but that is a one time use and won't do a whole lot to a 120mm sabot. Currently, the ERA covered turret has better protection, (perfect protection) then the Abrams DU turret.
  5. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I like the long time before engangments and tactical planning, along with the silyl downtime with your squad mates.
  6. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    Can someone explain to me "the permanent death" I haven't been able to play the test yet.
  7. Gun Sounds

    Dude V9 sounds sucked big time.. They sounded like paintball guns.
  8. New Layers

    My point exactly!
  9. Naming FOBS Stupid Idea Nr. 568

    It would kind of be hilarious... but yeah.. "ALRIGHT GUYS, FOB PENIS SPAWN"
  10. Gun Sounds

    They aren't... I could clearly hear a difference from ~100m+
  11. Gun Sounds

    Oh god, I hope you mean from v10/v11.. Sure the v12 gun sounds are pretty controversial right now, but they are ages better than anything before v10.
  12. [BB] Bella's Battleground

    This is true for some of the Admins definitely, a lot of them are great.
  13. Please let me join some teams

    ^^ I always kick people who don't have a mic to prioritize players who want to work together.
  14. Weapon Recoil

    Since V12, most assault rifles have had drastically changed recoil patterns making them very hard to control. They're also unrealistically uncontrollable. For instance, a full auto m4 in-game literally has more hop than an m240b. In real life, it barely moves. You could say its game balance, but that doesn't matter considering that the m4 has just about the same amount of recoil as an AKM. V10/V11 had nearly perfect recoil patterns. It wasn't stupid like in v9, but it still made sense to a real-life counterpart. Simply revert the recoil that was present in v10, and all would be fine. At least change the full auto recoil for these guns, it's horrendous, especially after the iron sights on the Ak now are rendered differently, making it even harder.
  15. New Layers

    Also, part of the whole experience of the squad is added downtime, 5 minutes or so.. It adds to stupid conversations, prepping and what not. Maps like Logar, and other small maps have none of that and are swarmed by try-hards, with the focus on corner peeking and pre-firing
  16. New Layers

    Those small layers lack any sort of immersion that the big maps like Talil do.
  17. Computer specs

    Well that's not his fault.. He replied in the same hour. There's also a thing called minimum/recommended specs on steam games.
  18. Suggestions for Owi

    Just fix the T72's Turret and Ill stop complaining.
  19. Reactive Armor on Tanks?

    So obviously if you've played or at least seen the tanks in squad, the T72B3 for RU side, has reactive armor mainly on it's turret that makes it stupid strong, nearly as strong as the Abrams turret. Since the T72B3 is just an upgraded T72, it shouldn't have as good armor values as it does for the turret, as reactive armor is a one time use. (Yes, there are layers, but the gun from a abrams would either spark up all of them or penetrate them regardless) I would love to see the introduction of animated and non aesthetic reactive armor for tanks that will receive it in the future, along with the T72. With the downsides also come to the benefits as it would allow some tanks to avoid contact with LAT's and HAT's to the turret preventing them from penetrating since they would be blown up before hitting. It would definitely add some much needed realism to the T72's as it makes no sense to how strong the turret is currently. I hope to see the Abrams and Challenger 2 getting a TUSK upgrade depending on the game, which has reactive armor on its sides. I don't think it would hurt gameplay balance too much, obviously some tanks significantly better in certain situations than others and gameplay should reflect that somewhat. I hope
  20. Weapon Recoil

    I don't see how it will imbalance gameplay. If anything, won't it cancel out putting everyone on an equal playing field, rather than having 2-3 guys dominating with optics the whole time?
  21. Weapon Recoil

  22. Scope periphial zoom

    I'm sure a lot of people's computers would handle it, I included, but unfortunately, it would turn off a lot of players. Either way, I think it would be cool to have it as an option for players, to at least play around with it.
  23. Squad is dead or not ?

    Well, somewhat. Around V10 and V11, squad had a surge of about 11,000 players I believe at least at one point. Since then, V12 didn't bring nearly that many players in, and the game usually always stays around 1,500 concurrent players. It's not dead, and its hard to tell if its dying since the numbers can be very inconsistent. Either way, the numbers are pretty good for an indie game.

    Germany or China would make the most sense
  25. Yeeepp, pretty much the best comment here. It's the fault of sloppy SL's, putting Kornet's and TOW's in forests, or not putting the down at all. You can kill a T72 with two TOW's and an Abrams with a few more. ATGM's are too often forgotten and tanks are blamed for being OP.