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  1. Tank help.

    Tanks are broken. Sabot should really only be used against Tanks, and IFV's, anything else, use HEAT. HEAT also has explosive range for splash. I'm not sure why that abrams didn't take any damage at all, but he did shoot the sabots at the turret, so that may be the reason.
  2. Alpha 12.1

    Its been like this since the implementation of v11 with brits, no idea whhy.
  3. A12.1 broke game

    Ever since 12.1, the game hasn’t been able to launch and keeps crashing giving me the UE4 crash response.. this is not epic OWI.
  4. Alpha 12.1 Playtest

    Does this address the bipod bug?
  5. AR15 Burst fix

    Last time I checked, squad didn't have AR-15s
  6. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Hey! I agree with you for the most part about attack helicopters. If it were up to me, I would prefer for only transport heli's to be present, and leave out attack helicopters entirely. Although this seems extremely unlikely as they have already confirmed the attack heli's.If this were true, infantry squads could work together in the heli's with only needing 2 crewman or 1, in game for heli, to haul around troops. I also have noticed this infantry distatch with V12. As much as I love V12, and using an Abrams, nobody is really using these vehicles correctly. There is no point for a locked 3 man "Bradley squad" when the bradley can haul 10 troops, a full squad. Same goes with strykers. I still think player controlled A10's would be nice, but they would spawn km's away from the battle, assuming that the game can render that far, and they can only be spawned at certain times.
  7. The B3 is for sure a step up in capabilities. Had they gone head to head in real life in a fair fight, I still believe an Abrams would win. I don't think one sabot from the T72 would kill the Abrams, nor do I think that one sabot would get through all the reactive armor of the T72's.
  8. In reality, the Abrams would win against a T72B3 almost all the time, personally i haven't had the one shot KO experience with the Abrams. Almost every time I've been in one, we've defeated any opposing T72.
  9. Full auto recoil in v12 is not exactly realistic. V11 and V10 both had the best representation of full auto recoil. Now it feels very crazy.
  10. Tank Interiors addition

    Yeah, I definitely think this would be badass, its annoying being slaved to a certain view all the time, seeing that the tanks have so much potential for an interior. In terms of gameplay, i can't see this adding any real benefit, but it would certainly add to immersion and its definitely something I want to see.
  11. I think the AT-4 can be given to the LAT squad role, but it would have the same system the marksmen availability has, where its one per squad but only 3 per team. In additon to this, just give the weak M72 LAWS to a few random regular riflemen. that way, at most you would have 3 LAWS and one AT4 in a squad, capable of disabling and even potentially destroying a full tank, (only from the back). This also more realistically captures nato squad capabilities in reality, as those disposable launchers are issued to lots of infantry, not just two special guys. The same should be done for the Russian faction. In general, just give the disposable launchers to limited rifleman, like they are issued in reality and have HAT be something special like a tandem warhead.
  12. Struggling with this game

    Yes, unfortunately this happens.. when I first picked up the game, I was forunately greeted by quality players and SL’s with plans. Unfornutatley now, about a year after I bought it, I can’t seem to find many competent SL’s, or inviting new players. The problem I have with new players in squad, is most of their mind sets are terrible and uninviting, thinking they know everything, creating squads and leaving, first time SLing, with no experience, (ALL OF THESE THINGS HAVE BEEN HAPPENING SO MUCH SINCE V12 FOR SOME REASON)
  13. Gun attachments

    I know a lot of people in the army/military. They do allow you to "select" your "loadout," although things like ACOGs seem to be issued randomly and they are rare to acquire for normal people. Most are issued with the typical COMPM4 AIMPOINT, as seen in squad. However, you have the choice to not use any optic, use iron sights, trade out sights, depending on availability
  14. Agreed. Thinking about it, I believe it would make most sense for insurgents to get something along the lines of a T55, while the milita could get an original T72 without the modern adaptations that the B3 has.
  15. Abrams isn’t crap in v12.. what?? Also, it’s not like on open maps that more LATS would be “OP” against tanks. LATS should basically just be used to antagonize tanks, and in the extremely planned out chance that you and your squad with (rifleman LATS) flank a tank from behind on a huge map like talil, and get off 4, 5 LATS to the back, killing the tank, that’s totally deserved. Instead currently, even if you flank some tank in the same way, with your at most, (2 LATS), you can’t even kill the tank, you can only hinder its engine. They should just limit the ammo bag thing and instead vary the LATS to different classes in squad.
  16. Although that would be cool, how often do you see insurgents running around in tanks or really any armored vehicles for that matter?
  17. I didn't even mean to post this, I literally said this yesterday, without posting it i thought, wow lol.
  18. having a "couple" lats hit the front of the tank wont do jack shit. In game, and for the most part in real life aswell. An abrams could absorb plenty of basic RPG heat rounds to the front no problem. i'm talking dozens of those things, which is why in game unless you hit the back with LAT, your not doing anything to a tank except pissing it off. My solution would be to, like said in the original forum, to give a few rifleman access to a LAW/RPG-26 and give the AT4 (THIS ONLY GOES FOR US, AS THE AT4 IS PRETTY SHIT COMPARED TO THE TANDEM WARHEAD HATS) give the AT4 kit 1 per squad, or like the marksmen system, 3 per team. From here, this fixes INF vs tanks without having to add OP missile assets such as Javelins, that could one-shot any vehicles from anywhere on the map. At this point, tanks would still be extremely capable, but individual squads, in the event they run up on a vic would have the chance to antagonize a tank or potentially disable it. I'm also a little opposed to the idea of having 1guy carrying more than a couple LAT's as especially for the US, those M72 LAWS are one time use that albeit, only weigh 5 pounds which is why in real life you see soldiers carrying 2, yet any more than 2 LAWs would become very clunky. For the AT4, that thing is 15 lbs, and carrying more than one would be a serious burden in real life. This is why I think the rifleman having access to LAT's is a superior idea.
  19. The ABRAMS in game is an M1A2, NOT AN M1A1.
  20. Right, what I am trying to say is that in game, (because I have no idea what the numbers mean in the damage models), a warrior and abrams are DRAMATICALLY different, just from personal gameplay experience. I've had times where 4 of us in an abrams were ambushed by over 15 RPG's in various places, and we seemed to only suffer minor engine damage from the few of the LAT's that managed to hit us in the back. I can't say I have the same armor confidence in IFV'S.
  21. Not necessarily, yes the M1A2's armor is undoubtedly better than the T72's armor, especially considering the modern one (B3) featured in SQUAD has reactive armor and lots of applique armor, while the Abrams armor is pretty stock for an A2. But still, a 120mm sabot to a modernized T72 front should not kill it in one-shot. In reality in might be capable of partially penetrating and fragmenting some of the crew, but it would not destroy the tank. Realistically, it would take around 3, maybe more, maybe less. On the other hand, the front armor of the abrams should be able to stop almost all T72 rounds. The armor values displayed are not that simple. They don't reflect the overall effectiveness, only the parts that can be penetrated, so while the front of the warrior might be penetrated by an RPG and do damage, the abrams, might take 5 hits to a place that is much smaller and hard to hit. For instance, LAT's do no damage to the front of the Abrams, and minimal, sometimes zero damage to the side.
  22. SQUAD wiki is extremely outdated, check the redcaps since July
  23. Mandatory tutorial on the shooting range

    Can totally agree with you about the TOW’s. Since V12, I’ve seen TONS of players using them against infantry with the Kornet and TOW, or shooting a T72 with a 240, or 50 cal. Most of these players don’t even use their mic for some reason
  24. It isn’t able to at all, clearly you have been testing this in the shooting range. In game it takes around 4, 5, 6, depends on where you hit it. Also, the in game Abrams is an M1A2 not M1A1, for some reason everybody thinks that the in game tank is an M1A1. It says in the recaps what it is.
  25. M1A2 wrong ammo type?

    The Abrams in game is an M1A2 not in M1A1.