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  1. Vehicle Reticles?

    So, after playing with vehicles at the launch of v12, and to right now, I noticed something weird that I wonder why was changed. Before v12.2, the digital reticle on the abrams gun, the CROWS .50 cal and maybe others had a translucent light reddish green, that looked realistic and had a digital look to it. Now, it seems that they are just straight red now, making it harder to use some of the reticles at least in my opinion.. Was there a reason for this?
  2. Ranking System?

    Lots of high hour players, (like above 1000) tend to be snobs that don't want to work with their team, and are usually the ones that lock a one-man squad and go for kills
  3. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    That video shows v11 or before gameplay. The error might have been presented early in v12, but you can clearly tell because of the lack of tube effect in the sight, along with the glass reflecting, its not v12.
  4. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    Are you sure he died? He could've just sprint proned Also, that clip is from v11. I can tell because of the scope reflection. I'm sure its still in v12, but you should probably clarify
  5. Vehicle damage in the future

    I thought shells did bounce in squad, or at least the angle matters a lot. I see the 30mm bounce all the time.

    Thinking about it, I can see something similar working even better. If they happen to add US Marine factions or similar branches for other factions, I think it would be great on maps like Fallujah to have a mix of Marines and Soldiers.

    I like that idea too! like maybe some maps get mostly US, and a squad or two of British troops.
  8. squad lead is MEH

    I would agree that the community has gone down hill in lots of areas. Ever since V12, and I don’t know why, I have seen the most annoying consistency, where players create a squad and leave. Nobody wants to SL anymore. About 90% of the time, unless I’m in vehicles, I have to squad lead. I really don’t want too, but you either get players that don’t want to SL, or other squad leads that are clueless. Also, people not using their mics is at an all time high. Many times, I’ll forget I’m a squad leader, (assuming I create the squad later in the game thinking people would not join) simply because nobody talks. Then I’ll hold tab and realize I have a whole squad just going on their own. It’s tough rn. I don’t blame new players though, we all were new, but the attitude towards some of the new players is annoying to deal with.
  9. Hi everyone, I'd like to start this by saying that I took heavy inspiration to make this from "Aragorn89," the creator of the forum "APC'S Guide For Dummies," go check him out. Instead of focusing on APC's and the basics, this will cover what I categorize as the "heavy vehicles," along with accompanying light APC's This thread will cover all of the basics, advanced tactics and pros, and cons of a variety of vehicles. The Following Vehicles will be covered: BTR-82A/BTR-80 MTLB (30mm IFV conversion) T72B3 M2 Bradley IFV M1A2 Abrams IAV Stryker APC To start, we'll begin with what I argue, is the most superior faction in terms of vehicular combat and effectiveness, which is the U.S. The US holds an overwhelming amount of vehicles, that vary from armored "mine resistant" vehicles to IFV's and tanks. Starting from the most basic APC, we have the Stryker. STRYKER APC (Intro) The Stryker while is real life is very versatile, in game it wields a CROWS .50 cal, not uncommon for lots of American vehicles. The Stryker is best used in fir support, that ferry's troops throughout the map. This is one of the biggest advantages the stryker has that unfortunately isn't used. It's very important that if you are using this vehicle, you should ferry your squad, or other infantry and cover advances or provide fire support. The Stryker also wields very decent armor, as compared to the Russian counterpart APC, the BTR. Pros of the Stryker: Armor succeeds the ones of most Russian vehicles Has the potential to kill any Russian vehicle besides a T72 Can ferry over a full squad Very fast for its size Available on almost all US layer maps Quick respawn and an expendable ticket vehicle Cons of the Stryker Gun does not succeed the Russian 30mm cannon on most of their APC's Somewhat bulky Cannot damage tanks Best Usage of the Styker: Since the stryker is an APC, it should be utilized that way, on big maps such as Yehorivka, its best to pick up troops from a point that has been captured or assist in a retreat to ferry troops to advance to another point or to a fallback point. You CAN use its gun against almost any vehicle, but be aware that it may take a while to kill something like a BTR. Avoid direct engagement with enemy vehicles unless you know you can win, such as a flank or direct engagement with a 14.5 BTR. Utilize CROW's built-in range finder and drop reticle for the most precise shots. 2. M2 BRADLEY IFV: IFV'S are the main crossover between Tanks and APC's. IFV's are best utilized in a multi-role scenario. While the Bradley a certainly haul many soldiers, it shouldn't be your sole intention. However, at any chance, you should ferry dismounts when going into a point. The Bradley is armed with a 25mm M242 gun, that fires HE and APFSDS rounds, capable of killing any vehicle in the game potentially. While also wielding a coaxial gun and 2 BGM TOW Anti Tank Missiles. (Picture Missing) https://www.baesystems.com/en-us/product/bradley-fighting-vehicle Pros of The M2 Bradley Very good armor against 30mm rounds and RPG-7's. Gun is very versatile and extremely powerful. Includes a third seat which is a commander seat Over 6 infantry dismounts Cons of the M2 Bradley Very slow, especially compared to even Tanks and other IFV's. Bulky target Sound and tracers make the vehicle very obvious to spot. Only wields 70 rounds 25mm APFSDS The engine is easy to hit, thus making it EVEN slower. Best Usage of the Bradley: While the Bradley does remain slow and bulky, it is one of the most capable and versatile vehicles in the game. The 25mm of the Bradley exceeds the capabilities of the 30mm placed on the BTR, most likely due to it probably firing Depleted Uranium rounds. Because of this, the vehicle is best used as a troop carrier especially at the start of the game, that once dismounts the squad can provide effective anti inf and anti vic fire. The Bradley also comes equipped with TOW missiles, capable of killing T72's. An experienced TOW user can kill a T72 in one shot if it is ammo racked. However, these missiles should not be used reliably in a range closer than 200m. DO NOT use the TOW against INF. The Bradley is best used in duality with another vehicle such as the M1 Abrams. With this combination, a variety of anti-infantry and anti-vehicle measures can be succeeded. The Bradley's front armor, not counting the engine hitbox can withstand all 30mm rounds and roughly 6 LAT hits. The Bradley wields a third "commander seat" which can designate targets for the gunner (lock gunner on to commander's view), by holding space. It is best to use the vehicle with a full three-person crew. Some small but IMPORTANT tips for the Bradley It is wise to not use TOW missiles against light vehicles such as transport trucks, unless very far. The 25mm AP is capable of killing a T72 with enough shots, IF and only shot in the rear. The Bradley can be one shotted from the Kornet, (not to be confused with the T72's Refleks ATGM). Always push into a FOB and points slowly scouting out for Kornets Since v12, the Bradley is nearly completely safe from any 30mm. 3. M1A2 Abrams: Tanks are where the real fun begins in vehicle combat. As a tank, you have the most advanced armor on the battlefield. Tanks can provide anti-vehicle support, Infantry cover, and as a vehicle, they provide the main fighting source on the battlefield. The M1A2 currently in squad has the best armor available out of all in-game vehicles This tank is equipped with a powerful 120mm cannon that fires APDSFS along HEAT, (High Explosive Anti-Tank) not to be confused with HE/fragmentation. The Abrams. Pros of The M1A2 Abrams Spectacular armor; is 100% lat resistant to the front/Half of the side armor Gun is immensely powerful Has 4 seats, including a commander seat and an extra 240b seat for the loader Very speedy and quick considering its 70-ton size Commander seat holds over 400 rounds, nearly twice the amount of the T72's Auxiallry sights make the gun extremely accurate when combined with the range finder Holds 40 rounds of sabot and HEAT, (20 each) which has the potential to take out an average of 20 enemy vehicles, (disregarding a scout car that takes 1 hit and the T72 that takes multiple sabots) This is more than nearly 7 times the amount of vehicles the Bradley can take out with its 25mm AP gun. Is completely resistant to any BTR/BDRM/MTLB, regardless of the type of gun. Cons of the M1A2 Abrams A very large target, especially compared to the T72B3's Size Loader seat is very exposed, even more than the open top .50 on an MRAP The turret is visibly separated from the hull, making it a vulnerability. Is very loud due to its Jet turbine engine, (Why it's so fast) Best Usage of the M1A2 Abrams Because of its amazing armor, combined with its fast speed and strong gun, this vehicle is arguably the strongest threat on the battlefield. However, because of its downsides, its very important you utilize this vehicle in the best way possible. Despite the gun of the M1A2 being so powerful, it still takes 2 hits to kill BTR's or MTLB's regardless of the Abrams ammo type. Speaking of the ammo type, it's a common mistake to confuse the HEAT with HE. While the 120mm HEAT can be used as anti-infantry with it's explosive radius, very similar to HE frag, it can also destroy any enemy vehicle besides the T72. For the T72, you must always use the AP Sabot rounds, but this is the only scenario where this would be relevant to use it over HEAT. Because the HEAT can destroy everything but tanks and is a very versatile weapon, it should almost ALWAYS be wielded unless the enemy tanks have not been destroyed, or they are close to respawning, which on average is 15 minutes. The commander seat of the Abrams, the same as the Bradley's functionality, has a .50 cal CROWS, that can lock the gunner onto a target by holding space. Alternatively, the gunner can alternate to the commander's designation by holding "E." The sighting of the Abrams is incredibly crucial for shooting accurately, especially under 200m and over 700m. Using the range finder, which is at the bottom of the screen displaying a number. While using this number, correctly adjust to the correct mildot with the corresponding number. For instance, if my range finder on an enemy tank displays 789m, and I have APFDS loaded I will correct the shot to the “800 or “8” mildot. This way, I can ensure my shot will hit. ARMOR: Its best to recognize your most vulnerable spots. First of all, when engaging enemy tanks from the front, your most vulnerable spot is your lower armor plate that sticks out slanted where the driver sits. Generally, enemy tanks can’t damage you from the front anywhere but there. Second, since you are invincible from LATS to the front, and pretty much the side, you should always watch your back, as LAT’s can seriously hinder your mobility if they hit your engine from the back. If you ARE fighting against a T72, always hit its lower plate. Under these circumstances, as long as he doesn’t hit you multiple times before you get a sabot in, you can guarantee a kill to the enemy tank. 4. T72B3: The T72, or the MBT of the RU faction in SQUAD is certainly a versatile and dangerous vehicle to deal with. With a overwhelming amount of weaponry, combined with its rather small stature, it can effectively deal with almost any vehicle on the battlefield. The T72 is equipped with a 125mm gun that fires APFSDS and HEAT, along with yes, HE frag. The 125mm is no stronger than the gun of the Abrams. The tank is also equipped with a Refleks Anti-Tank self-guided missile system, which sounds great, but is very difficult to use compared to something like the Bradley’s TOW missile, and it is also quite weak against enemy tanks. Pros of The T72B3 Fires a variety of ammo including HE and ATGM’s Is fast and maneuverable like the Abrams Holds a crew of 3 with “Hunter Killer” tech for the commander just like the Abrams. Good armor overall. Cons of the T72B3 ATGM’s are very hard to use at anything closer than 250m and do not do much damage against tanks. Unlike the Abrams, is vulnerable to LAT from the front in certain spots. Shitty rear armor can be destroyed by the Bradley’s 25mm Commander’s Kord MG only holds 200 rounds Kord MG cannot range find, nor have accurate mildots. Can be destroyed by the Abrams even if the T72 gets more shots on. No extra seat Only has 10 HEAT Best Usage of the T72B3: ALWAYS USE STABILITY BY PRESSING Z. Despite the T72’s flaws, its still an excellent vehicle, especially on bigger and open maps like Talil. If you are clever with the vehicle its certainly not impossible to kill enemy Abrams. The best thing to know for this tank is that your missiles are not best used against enemy tanks and at close range. For an accurate shot, you will need about 300m between you and your enemy. While its fragmentation is a nice upgrade compared to the Abrams, it means you will get less HEAT ammunition for enemy vehicles and only around 10 HE frag. The best use for the T72 it to always be beside your other T72 or with a 30mm BTR searching carefully for tanks, and wiping infantry with frag ammunition. Like the Abrams, its range finder will correct your shots at the range if used correctly. It's important to recognize your armor is weaker, and you will have to get a jump an Abrams hull to kill it. 5. BTR-82/A 30mm: A previously amazing and capable vehicle has been slightly toned down after V12. The 30mm is a fast and effective killing machine that can ferry troops while providing infantry cover. Pros of the BTR 30mm Very fast Effective infantry gun Fires HE and AP Can haul more than a squad of troops Very fast respawn time Expendable; 5 tickets EXTREMELY good turret stability Cons of the BTR 30mm is very hard to destroy enemy vehicles with Very loud gun Can’t damage enemy tanks Weak armor BEST USAGE: While the BTR is certainly not a bad vehicle, its lack of quality ammunition makes it hard to deal with enemy vehicles, and it also drains ammunition very fast. You should always use it as a troop carrier before you use it as a vehicle killer. You can’t damage enemy tanks so if you see one, run the **** away. That's it! Expect more from this thread in the future. I’m debating on opening a discord for vehicle tactics and usage, so if you are interested, PLEASE tell me. Thanks!

    Yeah I agree, I talked about overpenetration in another thread, but it’s to complex to implement. Why is rear tank armor so weak?
  11. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Also, just a few things I think need pointing out. When you compare the Abrams pro's and cons versus the T72's pro's and cons, they're virtually the same. "Good resistance against AT, immune to 30mm" I would recommend clarifying that the Abrams front armor is significantly better. It is completely LAT resistant from the front, which includes the upper hull, the lower hull and technically the first 1/2 on each side of the tank. The T72, on the other hand, can be destroyed in 8 shots in the lower hull, 11 shots to the side, and the same amount for the rear. Also, I think it should be mentioned that there are two types of warriors. The one displayed is an up-armored side skirts variant that was added in V12, but also there is the normal one with no additional side armor.
  12. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Strange, tested it as well in v12. Must have been changed, Does it have enough ammo to destroy it? And does range alter the results? I say this because the Bradley can kill the engine on the T72 but it has to be ~50 meters.

    This has to be most definitely a glitch or gameplay flaw. A single RPG shouldn't take out the engine to zero health. This is weird because I have been hit in the back without my engine dying. If this engine is taken to zero, it still be repaired, correct? I'm not sure I agree with the gun being more deadly than the 120mm, just because the Bradley only has 70 APS versus 40 HEAT/SABOT which makes a kill potential between something like a BTR, 4 for a Bradley, and 20 for an Abrams. APC's should honestly just be destroyed in one shot by an Abrams regardless of the ammo type.
  14. British tank?

    IDK about OP, it would have the best armor out of the 4 tanks. It’s armor isn’t insanely better than an Abrams, but it’s objectively stronger in that regard. Does have some disadvantages. It’s rifled gun gives shots less punch with the way it hits, it also doesn’t have a .50 cal crows, but instead a hatched L37 (7.62) for the commander that if used makes him vulnerable. Also slightly slower than the other tanks.
  15. Shakeup Infantry Anti-Tank kits

    I don’t really like the idea of portable missiles coming to INF. When all these countermeasures and tank killers come in, it will make the tanks feel more like BF tanks, that aren’t really beefy. If they are going to add Javelins, then they should first add countermeasures for things like that. I don’t think javelins are a good thing in the first place. TOW’s and Kornets are plenty. I do agree with your LAT/MAT placement though. I think instead the M72 should just be an option for one of the Riflemen, so you can have a total of 4 M72 riflemen per squad, (and they would have no frags as a trade off, and only an aimpoint.) This a little bit more realistic. And the AT4’s you should have 3 per team, one per squad. This way it would balance out the need for an infantry missile system. For other factions it could be similar. For RU, just give the riflemen LATS a single RPG-26, and give the “MAT” a RPG 7 HEAT with frags.
  16. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    The 30mm can’t damage the Abrams from any side. And also, the Refleks AT missiles are very different from TOW missiles/Kornets. They are weaker and more difficult to control. If you want any testing for this, lmk.
  17. Banned From Discord

    It was by mistake. It’s not like I was spamming the admin, it was one time.
  18. Banned From Discord

    Hello, in August, I believe I was banned from the official discord, and I still cannot join. It would be nice to get unbanned since it has been nearly 5 months. Thanks!
  19. RU LAT - Major issue that should be addressed

    Well, you could say similar about the M72 LAW’s that they give to US/GB. Those things, even though they are still used today, aren’t used as AT weapons, but multi purpose anti structure/Anti Technical. So if they give whats an RPG that’s more powerful than the AT4 HAT, then they should update the GB/US factions.
  20. Snipers

    It’s important to recognize that these aren’t snipers. Getting over semantics, both DMR’s are extremely accurate and stable standing up, un realistically stable. I would like bi pods to be added as to nerf the stability of shooting accurately standing up, but making bipod shots extremely accurate.

    It is difficult to use. I assume you know that the bottom two are the correct lines for ranging. It takes some getting used to. It is strange how amazing the RPG-29’s sights and rocket overall is, vs the RU factions HAT.

    I have personally destroyed a T72 with the Bradley 25mm hitting the rear turret and the engine. I’m not sure what’s up, I don’t doubt your data, however squad can be inconsistent. Even in the v12 trailer though, oddly it shows a Bradley destroying a T72 with its 25mm. Also I believe the problem with the shooting range is shots to kill, however it does most times accurately represent (mostly) where something can penetrate, and if it does, it will one shot it in shooting range. Also, from my testing one RPG 26 in live will hinder it, not destroy its engine. Previously before 12.2, basically anything below 100 health on engine would make you super slow

    Hey, apologize for that.. I thought tanks were 15. I guess was wrong

    It is true that the LAT is very accurate, however 1-2 will not disable your engine; rather hinder it. It takes 4-6 to completely knock it out
  25. Banned From Discord

    Ok, so what now...