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  1. Vehicle Reticles?

    That’s nice to hear.. I never had a problem with it, but optimization is relative. Thanks for the response though!
  2. Vehicle Reticles?

    So, after playing with vehicles at the launch of v12, and to right now, I noticed something weird that I wonder why was changed. Before v12.2, the digital reticle on the abrams gun, the CROWS .50 cal and maybe others had a translucent light reddish green, that looked realistic and had a digital look to it. Now, it seems that they are just straight red now, making it harder to use some of the reticles at least in my opinion.. Was there a reason for this?
  3. Ranking System?

    Lots of high hour players, (like above 1000) tend to be snobs that don't want to work with their team, and are usually the ones that lock a one-man squad and go for kills
  4. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    That video shows v11 or before gameplay. The error might have been presented early in v12, but you can clearly tell because of the lack of tube effect in the sight, along with the glass reflecting, its not v12.
  5. Bad hitreg and camera placement

    Are you sure he died? He could've just sprint proned Also, that clip is from v11. I can tell because of the scope reflection. I'm sure its still in v12, but you should probably clarify
  6. Vehicle damage in the future

    I thought shells did bounce in squad, or at least the angle matters a lot. I see the 30mm bounce all the time.

    Thinking about it, I can see something similar working even better. If they happen to add US Marine factions or similar branches for other factions, I think it would be great on maps like Fallujah to have a mix of Marines and Soldiers.

    I like that idea too! like maybe some maps get mostly US, and a squad or two of British troops.
  9. squad lead is MEH

    I would agree that the community has gone down hill in lots of areas. Ever since V12, and I don’t know why, I have seen the most annoying consistency, where players create a squad and leave. Nobody wants to SL anymore. About 90% of the time, unless I’m in vehicles, I have to squad lead. I really don’t want too, but you either get players that don’t want to SL, or other squad leads that are clueless. Also, people not using their mics is at an all time high. Many times, I’ll forget I’m a squad leader, (assuming I create the squad later in the game thinking people would not join) simply because nobody talks. Then I’ll hold tab and realize I have a whole squad just going on their own. It’s tough rn. I don’t blame new players though, we all were new, but the attitude towards some of the new players is annoying to deal with.

    Yeah I agree, I talked about overpenetration in another thread, but it’s to complex to implement. Why is rear tank armor so weak?
  11. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Also, just a few things I think need pointing out. When you compare the Abrams pro's and cons versus the T72's pro's and cons, they're virtually the same. "Good resistance against AT, immune to 30mm" I would recommend clarifying that the Abrams front armor is significantly better. It is completely LAT resistant from the front, which includes the upper hull, the lower hull and technically the first 1/2 on each side of the tank. The T72, on the other hand, can be destroyed in 8 shots in the lower hull, 11 shots to the side, and the same amount for the rear. Also, I think it should be mentioned that there are two types of warriors. The one displayed is an up-armored side skirts variant that was added in V12, but also there is the normal one with no additional side armor.
  12. APC's crew guide for Dummies

    Strange, tested it as well in v12. Must have been changed, Does it have enough ammo to destroy it? And does range alter the results? I say this because the Bradley can kill the engine on the T72 but it has to be ~50 meters.

    This has to be most definitely a glitch or gameplay flaw. A single RPG shouldn't take out the engine to zero health. This is weird because I have been hit in the back without my engine dying. If this engine is taken to zero, it still be repaired, correct? I'm not sure I agree with the gun being more deadly than the 120mm, just because the Bradley only has 70 APS versus 40 HEAT/SABOT which makes a kill potential between something like a BTR, 4 for a Bradley, and 20 for an Abrams. APC's should honestly just be destroyed in one shot by an Abrams regardless of the ammo type.
  14. British tank?

    IDK about OP, it would have the best armor out of the 4 tanks. It’s armor isn’t insanely better than an Abrams, but it’s objectively stronger in that regard. Does have some disadvantages. It’s rifled gun gives shots less punch with the way it hits, it also doesn’t have a .50 cal crows, but instead a hatched L37 (7.62) for the commander that if used makes him vulnerable. Also slightly slower than the other tanks.
  15. Shakeup Infantry Anti-Tank kits

    I don’t really like the idea of portable missiles coming to INF. When all these countermeasures and tank killers come in, it will make the tanks feel more like BF tanks, that aren’t really beefy. If they are going to add Javelins, then they should first add countermeasures for things like that. I don’t think javelins are a good thing in the first place. TOW’s and Kornets are plenty. I do agree with your LAT/MAT placement though. I think instead the M72 should just be an option for one of the Riflemen, so you can have a total of 4 M72 riflemen per squad, (and they would have no frags as a trade off, and only an aimpoint.) This a little bit more realistic. And the AT4’s you should have 3 per team, one per squad. This way it would balance out the need for an infantry missile system. For other factions it could be similar. For RU, just give the riflemen LATS a single RPG-26, and give the “MAT” a RPG 7 HEAT with frags.