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  1. I'm giving up on this game.

    "Useless TOW'
  2. Russian IFV's?

    The bradley should and is better than the BTR-82/A they are dramatically different vehicles and the Bradley has better armor. Some vehicles though should easily be able to tank things like RPG's especially from the front, like tanks.
  3. Russian IFV's?

    Vehicle components were not even a thing in V11. The BTR-82A got nerfed to shit in V12. There's also no denying the bradley's gun is superior.
  4. helicopters

  5. Favorite Servers Don't Stay Error

    It also seems like my server order doesn't go in order of ping/location it used too, so l now I have to scramble and find low ping servers sandwiched by high ping
  6. Optical Lens Power Marksman vs Rifleman Class

    Is there a reason the GB ACOG is only a 2.8x, I have a similar ACOG with the same retical IRL and it’s a 4x just like most ACOGs. I always thought the marksmen optic for US was much more than 6x but I must be wrong then.
  7. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    For anyone who knows more than me about helicopters... What kind of role would the co-pilot have in terms of gameplay?
  8. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    So it looks like the side guns are just going to be 240's for the BlackHawk? no minguns or a 50?
  9. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    I would assume no, it isn't DCS. But if there was, I would lose my shit.
  10. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    The updates recently, (V13, V14, V15,) have been solid, and released so close to each other, so there are no complaints from me to wait a few more weeks for a complete update.
  11. British Faction Bulldog

    The armor is great for an APC. Its on par with he warrior, and can't be damaged from 30mm hardly. The biggest problem is it requires two crewmen for a vehicle that doesn't warrant crewman from a gameplay perspective.
  12. GTX 1080ti I77700k 16 GB RAM 1440p at Ultra Settings.. I generally see around 100+ frames, in heavy combat, it may dip to 90.
  13. Its an m1A2, NOT an M1A1
  14. Is recoil broken?

    Its less about the weight and more about the fact that magnification in a weapon dramatically effects the effect of recoil in real life.