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  1. Hi, Signed up looking for help to solve my issue. Currently I have no sound what so ever in game. No intro music, background music, sound effects, pleaople talking...nothing. The audio device I use is set to default, I know it works because it works in every other application/game other than squad. I have recently bought a new headset and sound card - sennheiser gsp 300 (wired 3.5mm jack) and sound blaster z, but was previously using some old turtle beaches and on board audio. The sound didnt work with either configuration and hasn't done for the past few updates or 4-6 months. Finally fed up of "hoping" for it to fix it up so coming on here to see if you guys can help. I have also reinstalled the game twice, verified integrity of game cache multple times and also deleted squad folder in appdata multiple times, to no avail. So has anyone got any other suggestions for what I can try? Thank you