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  1. Remove CALL MEDIC asap!!!!

    yeah its super usefull to fool some wannaby pros. We once kept a full enemy squad busy when i and a Squadmate died, slightly off objective, we both just kept screeming for medics and the enemy where busy searching to secure there precious kills. Rest of the Squad where Capping..easy rofl moment. so yeah... its useless if you realy need a medic use local. So he has even a chance to say to you that he is out of bandages, and you dont need to assume that he is just an a**.
  2. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    More stuff i would like to try out... 4. Small-arms a.) higher ADS Time for Scopes (like GPMGs) b.) Bullets not coming from the barrel but also flying in the direktion the barrel is pointing. c.) No reset of the "weapon lowered" after sprinting. And time to when "lower" decresed (15s) //Everybody wants to take scoped weappons because they are superior in every aspect. On longer ranges the scope are of course in a advantage but even on shorter ranges they are at no disadvantage. Target aquisition Scoped is as easy as with a Reddot. And even more so if you just "hip"fire. Ironsights/Reddot should be more usefull in closer ranges since they are at a disadvantage over longer. //to c.) Right now most weapons go to "lowered" after 30s after ADS / Firing or Sprinting. (never seen? yes there are rarely 30s you dont do on of these) It lookes strange (and BF like) if a soldier is pointing his rifle at his mates and superior. And should only apear if he suspects contact (e.g shortly after he scoped in) So you could still effective hipfire but only if you are prepared. If you are supprised (in CQC) a noscoped Rifle would be more handy. //But this would only work if b.) because right now they are coming from your barrel but shooting into the middle of your screen. If you are supprised in a sprint or otherwise you shouldnt just snap to "hipfire" and land those first shots on target in no time, if you shoot with your gun down you should pepper the ground while raising your gun. (tbh I dont know how it works exactly but if you fire your weapon while lowered it will snap to your "hip position" but even bevor it gets there the first shot can be seen (if its a tracer) flying from my left lower corner into the middle of my screen while my gun is pointing to my lower left, so its going somewhat 90° off of where my gun is pointing maybe its just a case of not matching animations) 5. Vehicles a.) No "one man Vehicles" for Crewman Vehicles // If it is a crewman-restricted vehicle you should not be able to lonewolf it. Just make a notification like you get if you try to enter a vehicle without crewman-kit. Driver enters first, then Commander and Gunner last. You can enter Gunner seat if all requirements (e.g Crewman-kit + driver and Commander are allready in) are fullfiled. (obviously only if there is a commander seat that requires a crewman-kit.) 8.Kits a.) Specialised Squads (Light Inf/Tanks/Mech.Inf/etc.) //I know, i know, this would take away some freedom but, so does the kit restriction or the loadout system anyways and its working finde. (No one can run a 9 Marksman squad and no one can take an MG+AT and 8 nades into battle, thats all restricted and for the good.) If you join a squad you know what to expect. (because everybody wants to be cool and original, named Squades are not always clear). 9. Map/3D-UI a.) Any of your Sqads FTL should be marked on the map like a SL is marked, by a big fully FT-colored circle with the FT-Letter b.) Your Fireteamleader should also be visible like the SL is, in 3D view all over the map, when you look around c.) Range indicator next to the SL/FTL 3D view to see how far i am from my SL/FTL but no range indicator to attackmarker (unless SL) d.) No Nametags beside your own Squads further out more than 20m // Nametags are important to recognise your squadmates and where you should be (with our FLT/SL). But seeing some blue chevron through walls 200m over is cheap. This would only work with some slower gameplay of course, because right now there is no time for proper target identification. 10. Other Gameplay a.) In RAAS if you have more boots on the ground you should cap faster (neutral flags) b.) Crewman and Pilots dont cap. //to a.): I think the "one guy caps only" rule was implementet because of the meta of rushing the enemys early caps to hold off there advance early on. Since in RAAS you cant see the enemys first flags, you can`t rush them like in AAS. Right now you only need one guy to cap a flag, and a second guy is a total waste, the rest of the team just rushes to some random places on the map, building fobs and hoping that they predicted the right spot. Then abandon there FOB and beeing out of place if the true flags are revealed. If everybody would count toward capping your team would have a strategical choice. Cap in full force one flag after another or dispatch some squads to secure keypoints, thus risking that the enemy can cap faster and get the intel on the new flag earlyer. //b.) While having all those fine and mighty vehicle, grunds still should matter. Just driving up in your Tanks should not secure you the point. Vehicle should be there to support the infantry not doing there job themselfes.
  3. Well i agree. See point 6. and 9.
  4. MG's

    Well its prettymuch what Dubs already said. But i think that would be the deviation without any user-error,recoil or wind... and even footage from the range cant depict a real combat. where you cant take minutes to carefully take your ideal prone position, with no real stress atm. (not only suppression) but shoting at a real human that may fire back is something different than plinging at some steelplates. so my subjective opinion would be: As long as there is no suppression keep it "laser beam". If somehow somewhere there will be effective suppression effect, efficiency should be lowered.
  5. Make a Good Game Better (WiP)

    So some ideas for a more slower Hardcore gameplay... or mod. 1. Rally Spawning a.)Only Spawnable if the SL+1 is within 10m of the Rallypoint. Only placable (SL+2) if there is no enemy within 120m, overrun at 50m. // Rally point is just a "fall back to regroup point". If you got squadwiped, you have to start at main/fob again. SL is realy important if he goes down you //should better revive him otherwise your rally is useless. SL is a high value target und should not be pointman. Planing ahead is supportet hence SL+2 //and no enemys within 120m when you want to place a rally vs. SL+1and no enemy within 50m to actually spawn on it. 2. FOB Spawning a.)Overrun radius /1 in 5m /2 in 30m/ 4 in 50m/ 8 in 125m/, overrun for 30s. b.)Takedown only with C4 no shovel c.)HAB is 10 Points not the Radio d.)Register at the Radio to use HAB as your Squads spawnpoint. // with a.) it is easier to overrun a HAB but with b.) harder to remove. Compined with 8.a) Engeneer should not so much just run around lonewolfing but //have an actual task only they can performe. For c.) right now there is no point in not building a HAB even if you just want some HMG/TOW/Mortar to cover your advance. And d.) would change gameplay most. Basicly the SL has at least been there in Person before his Squad can use this Spawnpoint. Just driving around digging HABs everywhere (to teleport your whole team around) would be pointles. No "Quick there is a new HAB at the new Attack (halfe across the map)... everybody die (or worse: type in respawn)". There is more communication and teamwork to get a ride rather then to just spawn at the new Objective. 3. Suppression a.) bullets within 10m adds sway and darkens the edges (like now). within 5m adds PR style screenblur (and more sway). within 1m gets you unscoped (and everything befor) b.) No Suppression if the source is within CQC range (10m?), No Suppression if the source is friendly and within 50m //PR suppression is the only suppression that is effective, you will only stop shooting at someone if you cant see him. But in CQC it is quit ridiculous running around eachother not seeing anything. thats why b.) and friendlies should not irritate you if they are firing near you but getting shot at from a distance and immediately knowing its friendly because you dont get a effect is gamey. 4. Small-arms a.) Base Sway is based on your stance and can only be countered with a bipod. Breath sway (up and down) depends on your stamina can only countered with "focus" b.) Aim Punch if you get hit and also everytime you get the "bleed" effect. // There should be no easy one button deletes all sway solution. At least you need both: bipod and stamina (to hold your breath) to have minimal sway. // And b.) is some sort of pain. If you bleed you are not as combat-effective. Maybe with some soundcues of pain. 5. Vehicles Much to much to do here. But Damage and Armore are not the only values to consider for balance. You can give less FOV, or more minimum zoom to make it not so usefull without someone else spotting for them (Commander or Inf), you can make them use WASD(or gamepad once we have annalog input) only unless those where the gunner can be shot out. Or just add more damagable compartments. in a Tank i would like the Commander to get the damagestats and smokelauncher, so he can better deside when to engage and when to retreat. 6. Medic/Reviving a.)If you get revived you get the black&white screen and cant use or raise your weapon until Healed by a Medic. b.)To heal place down your "Unit One Pack" (like the ammobag of the Riffleman), Your Medicbag can only heal within 5m of your "Unit One Pack" on the ground. If ready pick it up again and move on. The Medics Unit One Pack contains also 10 Bandages for everyone to grab. c.) Give the Medic bandages the appearence of a combat application tourniquet (CAT), give the Medicbag the appearence of a IV Fluid (Saline), and give the medic nitrile gloves everytime he uses his medic equpment (pure esthetical) // a.) is an alternative to the 60s dead-dead. They are not combat-effective for some time (no zombie-soldiers) and have to get to a medic. I know BnW screen was not very popular in PR because for some it never worked (giving them a huge advantage), but i think it was engine related and could fully work in Unreal. I prefere this over dead-dead because imho with dead-dead if one hears that there is some reviving going on you encourage them suicide-charge in because they get at least on solid kill that cant be revived. // while b.) would make healing much more of a static action and slow gameplay down, but would only work with 1. and 2. to make spawning also slower. No more healing while running. //and c.) is just better than the magic "lay on hands" and showes why the Medic is quicker at stopping bleed. 7. Movement a.) If you jump down and would start to bleed you are ragdolled. b.) Sprint and pause to recover your stamina should be at least as fast as permanent sprinting. // b.) would still be easier to just run over longer distances, but at least you are not forced to also just hold Sprint to keep up with those, but could also execute some fire and movement without having to worry about beeing late. 8. Kits a.) Special Kits like HAT/Engeneer/GPMG and Sniper(CAN) the Kits are not takable again for 5 Minutes. b.) Special Kits like HAT and GPMG also take away a slot of there lighter variant. // If you loose a vehicle you are not only punished by tickets but also by respawntime but if you take out a special kit he can be back in aktion in no time. //Special Kits are also quite powerfull and should be punished for loosing it. // It would just be ocupied by a "gost" for 5 minuts. You can take another kit and spawn, and after 5 minutes you (or any other) can request it again from //a crate, or you can just wait 5 minuts to spawn with your special kit again. //(OK but why the GPMG? its not that special?... agreed but we could make it special if it would use a single long belt instead. Now you can at least suppress for some time)
  6. Please (Read!) Helicopter use.

    true. Or if the Objective is not defendet at all (something not unheard of in Squad ) its a great idea to go in with a quick airdrop. But saying allways do this , never do that... disregarding all intel, well... bad play. (disclaimer: i dont think that this gameplay is the best, but its the one we have)
  7. Please (Read!) Helicopter use.

    And Helis are way noisier than Trucks and can be seen from faraway if and where they are landing... if you try to build your FOB to close to the objective they will swarm you in no time even befor your FOB is operational... and if you build it to far out you wont build enought pressure with the zergmeta. With a Truck you can sneek a hidden Fob in there way better. This game is all abut attaking from an unexpectet angle. Run`nGun, Lonewolfing, and sneekie/glitchie FOBs are all related to this. if you think you have superior tactics, just join/build your own clan and smash all the other lowlights in a tournament... will be easy with all your insight.
  8. Rally Point Changes Needed

  9. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Of course i like it, but I personaly would like it to be even more restricted. The Rally is only spawnable is long as the SL and at least one Sqmate are within 10m of the Rally. 60 seconds are quite some time and often times the SL just places a Rally and sprints on and eveybody trys to catch up... beeing up 60s of sprint apart is still some distance. A rallypoint should realy only be to rally the Squad. And I think this is even my most favorit part. No insta: you got them, its spawnable again. And it should be definitiv the more friends you bring the earlier the FOB is overrun.
  10. Coax on right mouse button.

    In reality you are not able to switch between KE and HEAT as soon as you loaded one of those rounds but only bevor loading a new one (at least not that easy)... but you would be able to freely switch between Maingun and Coax abd back... without loading the Maingun again. Switch from KE to Coax and back from KE fast without a new reloading delay. But switch from KE to HEAT not possible. and also KE to Coax and then to HEAT not possible. I think its a coding problem if this would be possible they would have programmed it already. oh and btw. i think on a T72 it would be possible to fire the maingun ad the coax at the same time.. they have two different trigger. I would support this for T72...
  11. Coax on right mouse button.

    AFAIK it is not possible to fire both at the same time... at least not in the M1A2 and not in the Leo2 you have to switch a switch... so for me it is 1.) not better for the balance... i think a Tank is pretty fine 1vs1 against Inf. 2.) not more realistic 3.) doesnt promote more Teamwork ...because you can just fend off this pescy Inf yourself...
  12. Add Named Points or Map Text

    The ingame Icons start to fade after 30sec and disapear after 60sec...not enough to mark a fallback point, LZ or whatever... but on the other side, no one in Squad would ever fall back anyways... or stick to a plan longer than 60 sec...
  13. Commander Role Squad Requirement

    But Not requiring to have a Squad with you would give you even more flexibility. And still.. at least those one ore two others in your CMD Squad will have no real SL and are thus less usefull. OR they just could create there own Logistic SQ. You would only need to communicate with the one extra SL and not with every individual Logistic SM. And so become just one of those "super SL" ...even if you try to be the commander of everyone you will end up favoring your own Squad and Objective or not keeping up with all your SL dutys (RP/Eyes on/etc.) because to call in Arty/UAV you need to stay at a HAB while the rest of your Squad will most likely push. As a CMD you still could lead your whole team from the front and call in arty etc. Why would you need a own Squad for that?
  14. Helicopter Joystick Support

    Sorry, its a bit offtopic... but does anyone know how to bind the Turret controll (Tank/APC/...) to a Joystick? i have tried AxisMappings=(AxisName="VehicleHeadLookUp",Scale=1.000000,Key=Joystick_Axis3) AxisMappings=(AxisName="VehicleHeadTurn",Scale=1.000000,Key=Joystick_Axis2) so far, but thats not working.
  15. SL and FTL suggestions

    But they are already ingame?... and there is already an option to disable them if you dont like them? All what would be changed is what you see and not how many. Actually i do agree with you on that, at least to some degree. But i think this feature (already ingame) wont go away, so i hopewe could at least have it so that it is more usefull to use with the Fireteams and thus maybe have a more realistic Fireteam use... because right now as you have said yourselfe Fireteams are (mostly) not usead in a realistic way, but only as makeshift Rangefinder.