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  1. Helicopter Joystick Support

    Sorry, its a bit offtopic... but does anyone know how to bind the Turret controll (Tank/APC/...) to a Joystick? i have tried AxisMappings=(AxisName="VehicleHeadLookUp",Scale=1.000000,Key=Joystick_Axis3) AxisMappings=(AxisName="VehicleHeadTurn",Scale=1.000000,Key=Joystick_Axis2) so far, but thats not working.
  2. SL and FTL suggestions

    But they are already ingame?... and there is already an option to disable them if you dont like them? All what would be changed is what you see and not how many. Actually i do agree with you on that, at least to some degree. But i think this feature (already ingame) wont go away, so i hopewe could at least have it so that it is more usefull to use with the Fireteams and thus maybe have a more realistic Fireteam use... because right now as you have said yourselfe Fireteams are (mostly) not usead in a realistic way, but only as makeshift Rangefinder.
  3. SL and FTL suggestions

    I dont know if i missunderstand you or you misread me. Right now everybody does have a magical range finder if the SL puts a marker down, right? Doesnt matter how far you are away from your SL. I would take that away so a.) you would need to ask your SL for the distance (more communication) and b.) would need to be at least somewhat next to him (more Squad cohesion) to make any use of this information. But i reckon that a distance marker would be usefull to know how far you are apart with our SL or FTL because so you can see how far it is if you want to rally up with our SL. To misuse this information as a magic rangefinder would need your SL/FTL to stand next to the enemy/climb onto the enemy Tank/etc...imho. But if you really just want to troll you can already. If you create a Squad it takes automaticly the lowest SQ number. So if you are already SQ1 named INF and SQ2 is named MBT and SQ1 is disbandet, the next Squad created would become SQ1 again. So if you disband SQ1 INF and immediately create a new Squad named MBT it would become SQ1. Havent seen this behavior so far.
  4. Just some QoL Ideas to make SLing a bit easier. This of course suits my playstile, so if something would hinder your playstile feel free to point it out. 1.If I create a new Squad can i get an option (like "show weapons" or not) to see my own Squad in Line 1/2/3 and not jump to the Top? 2.If i create a Squad can there be a possibility to rename it without disbanding it? If i want to change the Squads name from "Inf Mic" to "Mech inf Mic" because nobody is using the APC... or vice versa because every APC is taken, i have to disband the Squad and create a new one, giving everyone i the field "Recrute" kits. Of course you can run the Squad without proper naming but at least everybody know that to expect when Joining. 3.Can we get the Fireteam -dropbox thing next to our Squadmemberlist not over it? So i can see who and what Kit is in which Fireteam while im draging and droping. 4.Better FT Notofications instead of the just "Fireteam [Alpha] has been updated"? Like: You are now in Fireteam [Alpha] You have been promoted to Fireteamlead [Bravo] [Name] entered Fireteam [Charlie] [Name] has been promoted to Fireteamleader [Bravo] [Name] has left Fireteam [Alpha] 5.Can we get the option to give FTL Alpha to someone else other than the SL? It often hapens to me as SL (and others too) that im placing an [Alpha] Marker on the map when i wanted e.g. the SQMove... because (both are green) and wondering why no one can see the "move". I usualy put everybody in Bravo and Charlie and stay alone in Alpha because i want my FTL to aktually help Leading, but when I try to run Mech Inf there is one FT missing for the APCcrew. Alternative bring Delta back? 6.Any of your Sqads FTL should be marked on the map like a SL is marked, by a big fully FT-colored circle with the FT-Letter (instead of Number of course). 7.Every FTmember should be fully colored in there FT colour and not just the little dot. Way easier to see. 8.On the Map when you look at those blueberry you can see in wich Fireteam the are by there little Letter but to see in which SQ they are you have to highlight them and search through the Squads. I think there should not be the fireteam marked of your non Squad Teammates (i coulnd care less) but there Squad number. 9.Your Fireteamleader should also be visible like the SL is, in 3D view all over the map, when you look around: ->All FTmember should be able to see there FTLead ->The FTLlead should be able to see there SL ->The SL should be able to see all his FTLeader 10. Can we get a range indicator next to the SL/FTL 3D view to see how far i am from my SL/FTL maybe ? SL should be the only one to see distances on the marker. If you want to know the exact distance to an enemy/Tank/... you have to ask the SL and it would be only usefull if you are next to him. Just maybee an other incentive to keep the Squad together? 11. If a FTL places a marker and the SL places his SQmarker on the map, i think currently all FTL marker are overwriten. But i would prefere if the SQ and the FT marker on the map work independently. 12. Can we Seperate the RadioComs to right SQradio and left SL/ComanderRadio(or vise versa, i dont care)? Of course atm there is no Radio discipline and often times i have to ask around if anybody in my Squad just said "this" or if it was an info from any fellow SL. 13.If I Speak on My SQComs could there be also a lokal output? Using lokal is much more efficent if you are next to each other. And often times you dont realise the person you are talking to is aktually near you and local would do it just fine, maybe cutting some SQRadio pollution. "enemy 370" or even "enemy on my position" is usualy a much more valuable information in lokal than SQcoms and every friendly near there position would be also warned. 14.Same goes with SLcoms let my SQ hear that i am not just standung somewhere AFK but actually with my fellow SL via radio. Atm the mouth is moving but you cant hear anything. And also just for imersion: can they also hear at maybe 20% Local if i receive something on the Commandcoms? Maybe with some static filter (like the Rally/Radio sound) they dont need to hear the message just that i am reciving something and just when they are near my Position. 15.Even if i would be at favor for not showing Kills at all, can we et least alter the order in wich the endstats are shown? Points first Kills last? Right now since most westerners read from left to right everyone is just comparing there K/D it gives the expression that Kills are the most importent things in Squad, more important than Defending/Capping/Buildung etc. I know those "Points" are also not necessary legally showing your true contribution to the teams effort but the K/D shows it even worse.
  5. Our only hope would be somebody to start a Kickstarter to make a "spiritual successor to Project Reality " that would "differ only in its Name", right?
  6. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    For me there are three main reason. 1.) PR supression was effective. In Squad it is not because in PR you cant see the enemy anymore but can guess your sourrounding well enought to get to cover. In Squad you can still see your enemy but get some extra sway. So you better shouldnt try it. But supression by reasoning is not working in a game. In reality if there is a 1% chance you may die everybody would get to cover, in a game if there is only a 1% chance you could survive everybody would take the risk. This doesnt stop anybody to at least try to get a lucky shot (on medium to short distances, so 90% of all firefights, its not even a lucky shot.) 2.) Spawntime is very short and there is always a FOB or Rally to spawn near action (because smaler overrun radius). Together with fast movement , running and sprinting most of the time its a good idea to instantly give up and respawn. Losing a ticket isnt that bad, if you can revenge your death because the enemy is still there (and now you know here he is). Or if you manage to take out an enemy FOB, or to conquer an objektive... thats basicly 60 tickets... its worth to die ...a lot. With spawnwaves on rallys everybody just gives up if somebody sceams "Rally in 10" because you dont want to miss the next wave. And sometimes if you are to slow, you miss it anyway and now you are 1 minute behind your Squad, because no one will ever wait. 3.) And lastly something i was originaly realy hoping for: proper balistic instead of PRs random deviation. Since there are technical limitations like resolution and FOV firefights usualy occour on a much smaler distance (in reality most of the times you can see further than you can reliably hit, in Squad as long as you can see it you can hit it). Now with a (semi)realistic Gun behavior it becomes way to deadly because hiting someone is not that difficult on this shorter distances. Realistic mechanics does not always mean realistic gameplay. in conclusion playing as SL (imho) is no fun anymore. To 1.) Tactics like supressing and flanking arent working (supressing element is long dead bevor Flanking is in position). Only tactic is Zergrush to 2.) If you try to keep your squad together and one or two goes down and you manage to fight the enemy of he will be back bevor you can patch up your wounded and move on. So let them respawn and carry on to keep the momentum. and to 3.) If i see an enemy first i kill him on my own, no need for teamwork and support of my squad. Nowadays a good SL is one who places the best glitched HAB and uses the Buddyrally intensive. Only order is "Run faster" and "Rush there".

    May i ask you, on which server you usualy play and base your impression on? For me, my squad not walking in formation is such a minor problem compared to the Clusterfk it becomes (as an SL) after the first 2 sec of enemy contact. Gameplay is way to fast to react any tactical. It´s always just run.gun.respawn.
  8. Improving Fireteams

    I have seen this sometimes, and also tried myself to use it as intendet (at least as I think it`s intendet). And I run in the exact same problems... for me this would be QoL: As SL I`m wasting my time searching for this little chevron on the map... I want just a big colored blob like the other SLs have, just instead the number with his letter. I dont think that I would confuse a purpel colored big point with an "B" for another SL. If I`m in a FT i want to se my FTL as a 3D Mark if i look around. ATM there is the message "Fireteam "XY" has been updated" Why not " You have been promoted to FTL "XY" or "You are now in Fireteam "XY" plus: when I try to organize my FTs via drag and drop i would apriciate if the drop window would open next to the list of Squadmember not on top, so i can see the FT composition while i drag.
  9. What does this game do better than PR?

    Imho in most parts squad is not on par with PR yet, but some game mechanics i like better atm 1. Persisten ammo. 2. Not accidentially squashing my Squadmates with placeables 3. working Bipods (if working ...)
  10. Is it likely we'll get the humvee's back?

    Well that is the case with every other game/FIlm they are not suing (there are tons of) Doesnt mean, that in future, if they succeed, they wouldnt think "well this was easy, lets make more money out of this"
  11. commander?

    i hope not. Even more lonewolfes running around behind enemy lines thinking they are "special" forces, trying to kill the commander.
  12. Is it likely we'll get the humvee's back?

    Well its not just about using the Humvee by activision heavily in some games its also about driving to Promotions in Humvees with there logo on the side and licensing humvee-toys to a third party and GM only sued after one year of negotiation with activision. Its more like if your neighbor borrow your car, without asking you, and starts to paint his name all over it, and eventually starting to rent it to his Friends for money, and if you ask him if he would at least give you some of this money, his respons would be just a F*U, well... can`t realy blame GM for suing ;).
  13. Wheel support for vehicles

    yes,... would be great to get analog input, just with a checkbox in the option to en/disable it, to use a wheel/Joystick/Gamepad etc.
  14. movement in ADS

    Do you have a video or something? I tried it the other day (in testrange only, not live, but dont know if it matters) and the movement (overshoot) felt the same with ADS and without. Or didnt I get the point?
  15. Unfortunaly i didnt made that experience, yet. Well in an ideal world where every SL allways gives this Order and where every squatmember allways follow these Order, i think you woulnd even need spawnwaves to stick together. Everybody just spawn in as soon as the SL gives the command. It works great if you just play in a Clan or with friends in your Squad, but not to well on public-server. With the suggestion in question you can still order your Squad to hold there spawn, (or wait at the Rally/FOB/Main) it wouldnt be any change, if they follow order. With RP you mean spawntime I assume? (otherwise i coulnd make a sense out of it) Well supposing that they all fight and died in close proximity, they will all have the same spawntime + time between first and last man downed right? If you dont wait for a squatmate and you die allone your own spawntime will increased by... lets say 10s (vs. with one mate nearby).. that means if you wait 10s for each Squatmate the time waiting (dead vs. for your mate) is equal. So if a whole Squad died within 100s (10 times 7 (for each other SM) and 30 for the SL) of each other they still are equal in total waiting time. (If your SL orders you to hold spawn and you end waiting 2 Waves its not that much faster) if there is more time between first and last downed hold on ...aktually you dont need to wait for the last guy to spawn, but the SL and two guys can move out and allways place a new rally (every 20s + 5s waiting Time) if the next guys spawntime is up and he will be there immediately (instead of up to 60s later with waves) after another 25s (as said arbitrairy numbers could be 15 or 10 if it doesnt get to spammy) the next rally is spawnable etc... (thats why i suggested both in the same thread) (as said numers are arbitrary ... 10s for each SM is not enought to encourage sticking together? ... make it 20 etc.)