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  1. Sooo I had 8 GB of RAM and the game used 3-4GB of RAM memory.. The memory usage was on 70-80%. And for black friday I got myself another 8 GB... So I tried now with 16GB.. The game used 7 GB and the usage was again on 70-80% .. I mean WTF...The more you got the more will the game use... a performance update would be great...
  2. Game menu[GPU usage]

    turning ON vsync solved the problem
  3. So with v12 comes the new menu... I don't know if it's only me, but I have high GPU usage in game menu. I played v12 now for 3-4 days and I had high GPU usage in menu, but when I connected to a game server the GPU usage dropped and I could play with no problems... I tried today and the same thing happened... menu -> High usage... BUT this time when I connected to a game server the usage didn't drop...